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Speedy300's Recent Activity

  1. Speedy300 liked Christopher.'s post in the thread Chris' Petrol Blue Project.

    The PB has now had a full Suspension refresh :smile: New Shocks and Gram Racing Springs PMS Top Mounts and Strut Brace New ARB Inner...

    36297252850_7d9ae2e754_z.jpg 36554391141_6338fcfae4_z.jpg Aug 20, 2017 at 8:03 PM
  2. Speedy300 liked mr bognor's post in the thread Nurburgring 2017.

    On Monday me and the G/F set off on our third trip to the Nurburgring and took my stage 4 Fiesta ST and the Saxo VTS track car ( see...

    36163218800_860b1038a0_z.jpg 35750693653_65e5e89be8_z.jpg 36392124862_802be420f6_z.jpg 36392166572_f40975a3be_z.jpg 36514174176_c4bd6605af_z.jpg 35725508814_ba73ea6330_z.jpg 35725488324_15d9fe71f8_z.jpg 36514194396_f9f1125ce2_z.jpg 36514198146_591b818a6e_z.jpg 36163715690_1085616e8d_z.jpg 36514206066_0fb91eb8e0_z.jpg 36560506115_521801d99f_z.jpg 36422347041_9285e7a23d_z.jpg 36422341091_a6c322a3fa_z.jpg Aug 14, 2017