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    Does your epas setup do this??

    I don't get why you're having so many issues with the rack mate, as you know I've got the BRT rack. Honestly think your EPAS motor or controller is fudged as mines the same as @scruffydubber Have you tried a new motor on there yet?
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    clio 172 gearbox rebuild

    @NorthloopCup would be the man to speak to
  3. Filters

    Silver 182 - 172 cup spec

    That the PMS quick rack? Exact same failure as mine had so has to be a fault with the manufacturing process. They’re not fit for purpose one bit IMO, piss poor build quality as they fail so quickly. Send it back and get a refund. Buy a @BRT Motorsport quick rack and go EPAS, you won’t look back...
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    ## WARNING ## @ BLOKE

    Wait so, do you know the person that this happened to, or is it just that you've seen the facebook post that's going about? Any personal dealings with Carl?
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    ## WARNING ## @ BLOKE

    Let's hear his side first. @bloke
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    CSF20 ClioSport Festival 2020 - Book Tickets Now!

    Good luck with the last one. I’ve made it my duty to comatose him every year 🤣
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    Small favour from the clio collective.

    Will give you a follow in a mo mate. Doing a fair bit with the 750mc next year so our paths may cross (y)
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    Lowest mile Williams 2?!

    I think I just had a crisis and a cry w*nk over my lack of funds. Sweet mother of god, this thing is immaculate...
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    CSF20 ClioSport Festival 2020 - Book Tickets Now!

    Saturday night was tame as too. I really hope they come back next year :ROFLMAO: Not.
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    Stubby aerial or full length?!

    Have one from a honda s2000 on mine, works perfectly fine!
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    That slow build thread - Clio 172 Cup (Sprint/Track Car)

    Don't you f*cking dare sell it :ROFLMAO:...if you intend on selling it mate, let me know and I'll have it back without question! It's a good solid shell and I hated having to get rid of it but needed the cash at the time. Get the box in from the silver one and send the other to Nloop if I were...
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    CSF20 ClioSport Festival 2020 - Book Tickets Now!

    Were you?! Tbh mate I was that hungover from the night before that that’s the only memory I have of the morning 😂didn’t realise you were with me 🤣 @Dr Jekyll think it’s only fair moments like that stay with those that camped..miss the camping..miss the shenanigans! 😂 Safe to say after dealing...
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    CSF20 ClioSport Festival 2020 - Book Tickets Now!

    🤣 mate their faces when they were having a rant to staff the next morning and I popped my head in to see if I could make a brew.....priceless! Seething with rage 🤣 I’d of poked her in the bum for free though, no extension lead needed 🤣 She saw his S&M inspired helmet and wanted a piece for sure 🤣
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    CSF20 ClioSport Festival 2020 - Book Tickets Now!

    God knows how you didn't...most of us did! Almost as loud as Dons snoring :LOL:
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    CSF20 ClioSport Festival 2020 - Book Tickets Now!

    Oh you didn't hear of it? Or didn't hear them? :ROFLMAO: Don't know why, wasn't like I asked to have a go on his Mrs 🤣🤣