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Recent content by jp_lcr

  1. jp_lcr

    Detailing Chat & Questions Thread

    Its a running joke in our house, wide is always asking why do you need so many chuffing buckets??? Big yellow it my favourite annoys her even more
  2. jp_lcr

    172 CUP Track Car

    I can't take the suspense, put us out of our misery 🤣 every time there's a comment I check to see what the engine news is. A lot of guesses on K swap, my PMS engine theory has gone when you sold manifold, latest Clio or Megane engine?
  3. jp_lcr

    1 owner clio cup 172 -21k miles - whats it worth

    Ask for price advice and then add 50%. I'd take £7500 for mine then 🤣 and mines got much better history 😉
  4. jp_lcr

    Gaming headphones

    I've been really happy with PlayStation Gold headset, wireless, decent quality and sound. Hidden microphone is good too. Used on PS4 and on laptop too was about £60.
  5. jp_lcr

    All Racing Blue 182's on the Forum...

    Agree. That first one would get my vote for calender, stick it in that thread 👍
  6. jp_lcr

    building the fastest clio in the country #buildingthefastest

    Looked well setup and sounds great, Cadwell Park is brilliant.
  7. jp_lcr

    Project Unicorn - 172 Cup Hillclimb / Sprint Car

    @Drabble1981 have you joined cliosport? This is my project thread, get yourself a clio you know you want to 😂
  8. jp_lcr

    The plan and the reality

    I bought mine standard deliberately to race in MSUK sprints in standard class. All suspension and brakes refreshed, off to Diamond Motors for belts, dephaser, water pump, big service PS3s and full pro detail. 18 months later best car related decision I ever made. Its great fun, I take kids to...
  9. jp_lcr

    Makita/DeWalt perverts

    Can anyone recommend a first budget 1/2 inch impact gun please? I've managed to do full suspension refresh and brakes with hand tools and breaker bar but still want one especially if getting second set of wheels for swapping at track. I don't want to buy cheap buy twice but also its not going to...
  10. jp_lcr

    2005 RB 182 Cup

    Gutting pal, shouldn't need to lock up belongings at events like that. Hope you get them back.
  11. jp_lcr

    £5k Trackcar.....

    I'd love one was my first car but not seen anything decent for years! Where do you seen them?
  12. jp_lcr

    building the fastest clio in the country #buildingthefastest

    Been watching the videos too really enjoyed them but of all the dates to pick for first track day 🤣 not bonfire night, take some extra fire extinguishers with you please!!! 🚒
  13. jp_lcr

    JDM import advice and experience

    Plan b I've bought tickets for this 😂
  14. jp_lcr

    JDM import advice and experience

    And thanks everyone for advice on here, cliosport still the best forum around. (y)
  15. jp_lcr

    JDM import advice and experience

    That looks stunning but think I'm starting to realise the more I read up I may have missed the boat on values for these.