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  1. ldubl

    Driver Side Engine Mount Bracket Bolts. Sizing?

    I got them from RPD item number 7703019198 £5.12 each (I don't know if they're special or not!)
  2. ldubl

    182 driveshafts

    GKN for o/s from ECP Avoid J&R
  3. ldubl

    J&R Driveshafts * Don't do it! *

    Similar for me bud, one of the reasons I listed the others parts I was also fitting at the same time. Agree though, I was in two minds as they seemed a bit cheap for a whole driveshaft, live & learn, hopefully others will read this before suffering the same fate!
  4. ldubl

    J&R Driveshafts * Don't do it! *

    I read some reviews on here saying they were fine, their ebay listings have 100% positive feedback and time was running out, so I decided to replace both original shafts with J&R ones whilst fitting a refurbished gearbox from @NorthloopCup , Renault clutch, PMS lightened flywheel (same one...
  5. ldubl

    Boot lid/door plastic trim popper clip

    No way; hopefully my one that broke will be keen to move!
  6. ldubl

    Boot lid/door plastic trim popper clip

    Amazing there's a company just for clips, easy to navigate & free 1st class postage too!
  7. ldubl

    Boot lid/door plastic trim popper clip

    Could anyone please help me find one?! For the plastic trim you take the one screw out of then pull off to get to the rear wiper motor I've bought several but they weren't the right ones
  8. ldubl

    Trophy Sachs Dampers

    Enquired re these at BG, was told I have to supply them myself as they can't endorse them as not original specification
  9. ldubl

    O/s driveshaft sleeve

    I ordered these, quick delivery Few others have run them without issues for a few years
  10. ldubl

    Uprated gear selector bush?

    Yep, that's the part. Ball metal on mine, meant it went in the plastic white bush. If it's a genuine one then I guess a new long gear linkage (from bottom of the shifter to the small linkage we've been discussing) would be an option as there is potential for wear here. Yanoo does a metal...
  11. ldubl

    Momo boss wiring 182 - Help!

    Thanks @Louis! Everything looks a bit grey with my camera phone flash as it was dark; it's black really!
  12. ldubl

    Momo boss wiring 182 - Help!

    All fitted! Thank you for your help @Louis and @jameswrx Resistors fitted to both yellow airbag plugs, horn terminals connected to grey plug with the corresponding red and black wires supplied with the boss. Needed the metal ring and circlip to get horn button to stay in. All warning...
  13. ldubl

    Momo boss wiring 182 - Help!

    Thanks bud, will leave the ring off & check now re circlip & try to get finished!