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Recent content by R3k1355

  1. R3k1355

    Tyre Options - 225/45/17

    Have you looked at the Goodyear Eagle 5? Looks to be on par with the PS4 on tests.
  2. R3k1355

    Cheap eBay turbos - A review

    Shamelessly stolen from another forum, but might be of interest to some: Originally posted by jay1017 Some of you on here might know me and the fact that I professionally recondition turbos as a side hobby for the 200sx community going by the name JK Fab. Throughout my time of doing that I've...
  3. R3k1355

    The VR thread

    So it'll be s**t?? For alot of sports the TV footage is so much better to actually watch than being there in person.
  4. R3k1355

    My first yellow car - Leon FR

    Ha I bet it will ride a fair bit lower now! I wouldn't delete the EGR unless you've got a smart solution, most of the time the kits are so totally obvious that you've got no chance of slipping it past an MOT man. The DPF can be removed and gutted relatively easily, it's tough to spot if they've...
  5. R3k1355

    The Cars Spotted Appreciation Thread

    Also for the numberplate Also for driving a Modus.
  6. R3k1355

    1.2 16v massive oil leak!

    Give the engine a good wash, degreaser and paint brush and some brake cleaner, then rinse it down with water. Run the car to the end of the road and back, you'll see where the leak is.
  7. R3k1355

    Dumb question

    Fun times. Book it into an exhaust place, decat needs chopping out and a sports cat needs fitting.
  8. R3k1355

    Dumb question

    And maybe a mid-pipe. Show us the rest, if they've butchered more of the exhaust to make the decat you're in for fun and games.
  9. R3k1355

    Clio with Rotrex super charger

    What with all the turbo kits floating around now it's probably not the cheapest option.
  10. R3k1355

    The New Phone Thread

    I thought OnePlus was all about making a really good phone at a decent price? Now they want to follow Apple and Samsung by making luxury phones for the rich?
  11. R3k1355

    Hey guys

    Peak power is quite before the rev limiter, so you're completely wasting your time revving the engine that far. Also you sound like a monumental t**t hitting the limiter then changing gear.
  12. R3k1355

    My first yellow car - Leon FR

    The EGR looks nice and clean (y) Mine's leaked from that gasket twice already :mad:
  13. R3k1355

    Always use Type D Coolant...!

    Quick Google shows loads of Forums all saying the same thing. Yet not a single thing from an actual racetrack or a motorsport governing body?
  14. R3k1355

    Always use Type D Coolant...!

    Isn't it banned on some tracks because it's flammable?
  15. R3k1355

    My first yellow car - Leon FR

    Thats been steam cleaned, both thoroughly and quite recently. Looks like they even dressed the plastics? Ain't no engine bay thats done those miles looking like that naturally, especially a diesel one.