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Recent content by R3k1355

  1. R3k1355

    I wamt to buy somethong right now

    Lowering Springs next?
  2. R3k1355

    Ph1 Clio V6 - being sold through Auction

    It's not got the correct seats IIRC?
  3. R3k1355

    Impreza fans...what's this?

    Sounds like a mix of the two to me? It's not Impressa and it's not quite Impre-za
  4. R3k1355

    Volvo 740 D24tic

    You you gunna see if the brown drivers carpet can be made red again?
  5. R3k1355

    My first yellow car - Leon FR

    Cupra R also had really nice seats, not cheap mind. You can get the FR heated seats?
  6. R3k1355

    Volvo 740 D24tic

    Did you show her a graph?
  7. R3k1355

    My first yellow car - Leon FR

    but now you've got holes in both bumpers? Decent mods for the FR's is getting the metal pedals if you don't already have em.
  8. R3k1355

    Volvo 740 D24tic

    That interior is something else alright.
  9. R3k1355

    Alpina D3 Bi Turbo F31 Touring

    They might have nicked that idea from VW? Pretty sure the rear shocks in a Golf/Leon are similar.
  10. R3k1355


    General release is mid-November. I'd imagine they'd have more than enough stock for Xmas.
  11. R3k1355

    My New Forester Sti

    Back to clapped out old Volvos for the time being, looking forward to see what you buy in a couple of days (y)
  12. R3k1355

    My mates just found out his car is cat c

    Yea if it's insurance repaired then it won't show up on a check as it's not declared. Repairs are usually done to a decent standard, so it's not a massive issue. Cars that have been smashed up, sold at auction and put back together in some sweaty back-street garage, then sold as perfect...
  13. R3k1355

    My mates just found out his car is cat c

    Hold a record but nothing serious?
  14. R3k1355

    What VPN do you recommend ?

    Is it an old one? Maybe it's having trouble running the VPN app and your IPTV app at the same time?
  15. R3k1355

    My mates just found out his car is cat c

    New owner casually googling their numberplate for a laugh: