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    Moto X announcement

    Anyone else hoping this gets announced on Tuesday. I have been waiting for this phone for a long time! HTC One will be up for sale if we get it over here.
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    Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7.5

    Hello Guys, I have been playing around with a Nokia Lumia 800 WP7. So far its quite new and different to any Andorid or IOS5 device I have used. I am unsure if I like it, only tome will tell. Any CS peeps have a Windows Phone? Any tips or App recomendations??? SD
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    Samsung Galaxy S2 and android newb

    Hello all, I have recently moved from IPhone 4 to the samsung but I am a totally new to all this. Would it be possible for someone to point write me or show me a total idiots guide to flashing the firmware to UK stock? It is currently onT mobile Germany. I have been on xda forums but it seems...
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    Rugged Camera (Waterproof?)

    I am in the market for a rugged camera and water proof would be a bonus. Whats the best? I hear the new cannon is getting good marks!
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    Blackberry App World

    This does not seems to be working on my curve........ Just says searching.......................... Any ideas?
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    BB Curve 8900 200meg enough?

    Hello all, I am getting a the above phone sent to me and I have opted for o2's unlimited roaming data bundle as I work away. The fair usage police says 200meg max. My question is....... Is this enough? TIA
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    Upgrading Dell Laptop

    I have a basic dell inspiron 1300 laptop that I use for the internet, MP3, Photos and wordprocessing ect. I have a 40GB hard drive which is rapidly filling up. So How easy is it to install say a 120GB hard drive and while I am at it upgrade the ram to 1024meg. Is it easy to back up the...
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    USA Nintendo DS work in Europe?

    My uncle lives in Holland and wants to buy his daughter a DS lite whilst over there. Will it be compatable over here? Are the games region locked to the console? Scott
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    xbox 360 OWNER!

    Got the xbox this aft from GAME 1 xbox 360 2 wireless controllers 4 Games GRAW PGR3 Just cause The outfit For £340.00 I have been having ago at GRAW today seems a bit hard should get the hang of the controls soon, if I dont like any of these games I will swap them or ebay them...
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    Xbox 360

    Im thinking of getting one of these badboys. A few questions Do they look good on a CRT TV. I have a 100HZ Philips that cost me an arm and a leg 3 years ago. I have heard that they are bringing a 100gb hard drive version out soon? True/False? Will they bring the Xbox 360 have the...
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    Bluetooth ear piece

    I need a bluetooth ear peice to work with an Nokia N70 or N80 ypu guys got any recomendations? I dont fancy somthing too big and it needs a good battery life? Cheres Scott
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    Nokia N80 life blog

    What is this all about then? Im a bit new to all this blogging stuff and when I launched the app on my phne it updated all my messeges and photos ect into a blogg. Now I think I will have to udload this to my computer but I ask why? What is it all for and is it any good, I cant really...
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    Memory cards

    Im looking to find the cheapest place to but a 2GB Mini SD memory card for an Nokia N80 and a 2GB DV RS-MMC for a Nokia N70. Any ideas apart from ebay? Scott
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    O2 N80 Release date?

    So its the 5th of June, unfortunatly im abroad so I wont be calling o2 for an upgarde anyone else on here going for it? What N80 deals are there to be had? Spill the beans!
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    Mp3 Torrents?

    I have just got myself an ipod, but most of the torrent sites I go on are not that good for MP3. I have downloaded some however they do not go in the right genre ect. Are there any torrent sites that are Ipod friendly? Just to add that I own the music im trying to download Scott
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    Ipod nano alternatives for the gym running ect

    I need a robust music device that I can listen to on the move. I would like 2 GIG plus, for it to be small and a nice to have would be for it to fit into my car stereo. How do you lot who use your music devices for the gym and running attach it to yourself? I have seen the Ipods armband and I...
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    Mobile phone internet connection

    Im going on a course in the middle of nowhere soon, I will be taking my laptop and mobile phone. What is the best and cheapest way to access the internet on a laptop via a mobile phone. The phone I have is a Nokia N70 on o2 and I have the Nokia PC suit. TIA
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    Netorking! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #1 Right bear with me on this please:- Im have a netgear router with a switch that sits alone (not connected to the PC with wires) near my phone line and broadcasts a wirelss internet signal...
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    Del Laptops

    I have managed to get a cheap laptop out of dell, here are the specs Pentium celron M 370 (1.50 GHz, 1MB L2 Cache, 400 MHz FSB) 512 meg RAM 40GB (5.400rpm) Hard Drive 15.4inch WXGA (1280x800) LCD Panel 6 Cell 56Whr Battery 8X DVD+/-RW with Software Dell Wireless 1370 802.11b/g Mini...
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    Freeveiw Box

    Im going to get my old man a free veiw reciever as he has cancelled his sky TV. So can anyone recomend a good reciever circa 50.00 GBP? Nothing too flashy. TIA Scott
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    WIFI netgear and radio stream

    I have recently upgraded to wireless in my house, all is going fine exept I can not stream radio through real player or media player 10 any ideas folks? The Router is a netgear 54mbps an the usb reciever is a netgear 111 (?) Im also having trouble with the netgrear software on the reciever...
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    Laptop 600 quid??

    Right I have 600 quid of heard earned crust to spend on a laptop. Im not the most upto date computer man so I need one recomending please or I will no doubt get a shi*ter. TIA Scott
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    BT GPS reciever

    I have a BT GPS reciever that I use for tom tom mobile, the other day I truned it on to do a journy and it would not find any satellites. I though the battery must be low so I charged it up at home and tested it again, same thing. My phone can see the reciever but the reciever can not see any...
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    Wireless problem!

    I have my wireless network working at home, all is ok when looking at web pages but as soon as you try and download a largeish file (10 meg+) or torrents it looses the internet/network connection. I have a Netgear router and a Netgear USB wireless reciever. I secure my network via mac...
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    Dv Rs-mmc?

    Anyone know of a good cheap place to get one of the above (1GB) apart from ebay? Scott
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    WIFI but no MSN messenger??

    Got my wireless network working. No WEP but only accepts devices whose mac addreses I have typed in. BUT, when I try to log on msn messenger it wont connnect, it then runs the msn connection trouble shooter, all is ok exept for the key ports? Any ideas folks? Scott
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    Wirelss Internet Problem

    I have just put in a Netgear wireless internet on to my computer. After sacking netgears software because it could not see the connection windows on its own had an exelent signal from the router. I typed into my browser inputed the password and username and set up my internet...
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    Wireless PCI card not working

    Im currently trying to put wireless internet into my house. I have the router all going no problems, my next step was to install the PCI network card into my PC I read the instructions which told me to install the software first then the hardware which I did. When I turned my compuer on...
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    Wireless router

    Im putting in a wireless router in at home, I have a wireless Netgear router with wired network capabilitys and a netgear pci wireless card on its way to me on Wednesday. However im a bit unsure how to set it up. All I want it to do is sit in the corner of my living room so I dont have a wire...
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    Which laptop?

    I going to buy a laptop soon and I was wondering if you people knew of any deals? I have approx £500.00 to spend on one, it will be used for word, exel and surfing the net (wireless). I quite like the widescreen models. Any recomendations? Scott