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  1. Richyy182

    Clio 172 cup at Brands

    Hi all, Forgot to put these up of my cup a couple of weeks back on an evening track day at Brands. Loved it and now want a 182 track car 😬
  2. Richyy182

    My new car!

    Terrible pictures I know!! The car is amazing! Anyone thinking of getting one, do it. More pics at the weekend
  3. Richyy182

    Issue with the 182

    Hi all Wondering if anyone can guide me in the right direction. I was up in Telford this weekend for business and drove back from there yesterday. I got about 45 miles into the drive to Kent and I noticed the temperature gauge was dropping when I hit traffic, then the car felt like it went into...
  4. Richyy182

    172 Exclusive - today in Tunbridge Wells

    Spotted it today - looked brand new!!! Anyone on here ?
  5. Richyy182

    Tunbridge wells - 2 182s

    Saw two nice 182's today One mint silver one and a nice BG one [emoji7]
  6. Richyy182

    Gave the BG a once over....

    At the folks house Back home
  7. Richyy182

    F.a.o Daniel - Ford Orion

    @Daniel I'm tempted
  8. Richyy182

    Brands today. My first track day

    Sorry didn't get many good pics as was to interested in not stacking it. Saw lots of clios there [emoji106] My mate had the E30
  9. Richyy182

    LY182 tunbridge wells

    Saw you tonight - looked good
  10. Richyy182

    Anyone know what the graph light is ?

    Mine came on earlier and the car felt very weird! What's the one in the middle that looks like a graph ? Sorry stole the pic
  11. Richyy182

    Code reader. Is this the exhaust ?

    Any ideas what fault this is?
  12. Richyy182

    182 yesterday in London (pic)

    Outside my work. Looked good
  13. Richyy182

    Couple of the BG

    Going to take some more this Sunday after a proper cleaning session. The only thing I hate about living in a flat is having to drive to my folks to clean it :(
  14. Richyy182

    Made the error of going to the pols

    Don't know why I did it but I've learnt my lesson. My immaculate BG now has a faint scratch on the front wing after they cleaned it. What's the best thing get rid of it ? Also, going to use the Hydro2 stuff today - I spray it on and hose it off ? Then dry. Cheers
  15. Richyy182


    Hi all - I did a search but couldn't find anything on this. What's the best way to keep the lights in good condition so the glass doesn't start to go funny - should I just polish them often ??? Cheers
  16. Richyy182

    Good head unit - ideas

    I'm a bit out of it at the moment with stereos - can anyone suggest a good one for the 182 that allows my iPhone music to be played. Cheers
  17. Richyy182

    The new one / crap pics I'm sorry

    I'll get some better ones tomorrow - the car is unreal.
  18. Richyy182

    Refreshing the suspension

    I'm going to get the 182s suspension sorted as it feels like it needs a change. Anyone know a place in tunbridge wells area ? Or shall I go ren7oaks? How much will it cost to get all the front suspension parts changed ?? Cheers all
  19. Richyy182

    Oh god help

    Been at work today and the missus calls up and says the car is running funny and making a weird noise and juddering etc - the engine management light has come on also. The car has been fine, got oil and belts done about a year ago. Any ideas? This could be the end for the 182 I feel as I can't...
  20. Richyy182

    I need some ideas for my interior

    What shall I do to give it a freshen up? New mats ? New gear knob as mine is rubbed off? What colour shall I get the silver dash inserts ? Any ideas would be good.
  21. Richyy182

    Arctic blue - what bullets shall I go for?

    Want to crack on with the 182 now and get it back to mint. What colour shall I get the bullets done ? Any ideas ? Cheers
  22. Richyy182

    Things to do list....

    I've got to spend some dollar on the 182 to make it back to a nice condition, the list is: Have a small dent sorted get new RS mats Have alloys refurbished Small scratch on rear bumper done Wing mirror restrayed Get car detailed after paint sorted Get a new fog lamp after one smashed...
  23. Richyy182

    BG182 outside my house - Good Station Rd - T wells

    Looks :cool:
  24. Richyy182

    Two spotted in t wells this evening

    1. Black 182 FF with silver cup wheels 2. 172 FF Silver by the traffic lights in town anyones??
  25. Richyy182

    White 200 tunbridge Wells

    Spotted last night down good station road - looked awesome
  26. Richyy182

    Mint 172 cup tunbridge wells

    Lovely car
  27. Richyy182

    How do I get the wing mirror cover off ?

    Got to send it off to sprayshack for painting. Before I go down and break it, how do I take the cover off ?? Many thanks
  28. Richyy182

    AB 182 Tunbridge Wells

    Looked good - saw it earlier going through town. Lowered and exhaust. Might of gone a bit quick though through a 30 :S