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    Look into smart DNS. I use
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    OnePlus One, anyone got one?

    Anyone on Lollypop yet?
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    OnePlus One, anyone got one?

    I can recommend the oneplus one. For the price nothing can touch it. Initially I thought it was on the large size but now 5 days in its fine.
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    HTC ONE M8

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    Moto X announcement

    Picked one up for 350€ from Amazon. Liking it so far. Fantastic battery life and the size is perfect.
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    Moto X announcement

    Anyone else hoping this gets announced on Tuesday. I have been waiting for this phone for a long time! HTC One will be up for sale if we get it over here.
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    Connecting Phone/Tablet to TV

    Get a Chromecast
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    Shell V-Power Nitro+

    Aral (BP) Ultimate is 102
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    Android users - Road Awareness App

    Germany, I do a lot of miles driving from Hamburg to Amsterdam. Hamburg to Bremen etc
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    Which VPN ?

    I use
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    Which Media Player ?

    I have a boxee box which is okay. For local content it is amazing, for streaming it's not so good for the UK market. I use it as I can modify the DNS address's so as to watch UK content and USA Netflix abroad.
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    Mobiles Phone Upgradings

    DO NOT get a windows phone 7. Wait for the new Windows handsets that will be on the market very soon. The current batch of windows phones can not be upgraded to Windows phone 8.
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    ATV/Roku/Any other for Plex?

    I have a boxes box, plays anything you throw at it. New hardware may be coming out later this year though......
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    Upgrade time... Galaxy s3 or Galaxy note

    I have just purchased an S3 after toying with a Nokia Lumia 800. The screen size is good and its not too bulky in the pocket.
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    New Ainol Tablets

    Wow. Very interesting. What is the build quality like?
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    Mac Media Players - XBMC vs. Plex vs. VLC

    I use a Boxee Box.
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    Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7.5

    Update, the phone is starting to bore me now. Initially I loved this phone and in some respects I do i.e twitter an fb integration and the calender but as a complete phone. Not too sure now.
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    Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7.5

    Just updated my 800 to the latest firmware 12072. Seems to have given it a boost in speed and the battery lasts over a full day with heavy use. Really recommend this phone and OS
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    Upgrade time - Apple -v- Samsung

    To me IOS is boring now. It needs a revamp. I bet hand on heart most people will agree with me.
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    Nokia - on the brink of self destruction?

    I am seriously thinking about buying shares in Nokia. 3,15 at the moment.
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    Nokia - on the brink of self destruction?

    But the hardware is upto the job of running the operating system. Why have a quadcore processor when it is not required and may have a decremental effect on the battery life.
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    Nokia - on the brink of self destruction?

    I am quite impressed at my Nokia Lumia 800. From what I can see the Lumia 900 is flying off the shelves in the US. Nokia may be taking a hit on each handset though......
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    Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7.5

    I feel IOS needs a massive revamp. You can not rest on your laurels with 'an aint broke so dont fix it attitude'. I for one am bored of IOS. WP7 is a breath of fresh air
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    Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7.5

    I think its got potential. I like the tiles and I think WP will be a big player. I have found plenty of Apps and the way the work is quite unique. People should give them a try. The build quality of the Nokia is amazing.
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    Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone 7.5

    Hello Guys, I have been playing around with a Nokia Lumia 800 WP7. So far its quite new and different to any Andorid or IOS5 device I have used. I am unsure if I like it, only tome will tell. Any CS peeps have a Windows Phone? Any tips or App recomendations??? SD
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    Rooted Galaxy S2?

    Hello mate, I am wondering if you could help me. I have the ICS rom above on my phone and its very unstable. I have installed the 3 zip files and the ROM and the google apps ie mail and Messaging do not work. Its very laggy. Can you give me a guide as to what you did?
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    UK VPN?

    Overplay has
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    UK VPN?

    I use overplay Heard good things about Strong VPN too.