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  1. boultonn

    911 GT3

    Good restaturant that! Just far enough out of london to get a quick hoon in. Not sure why but always seem to be nice cars there.
  2. boultonn

    The New Phone Thread

    I tend to upgrade most years, but this years Pro blue is nowhere near as nice as last years midnight blue. Not to mention the complete absense of new features
  3. boultonn

    Bitcoins (and other crypto currencies)

    I use coinbase, safe and reliable also looks decent
  4. boultonn

    MS Flight Sim 2020

    Played it for a few hours after launch and it was amazing, GPU killer though. Would have liked a joystick though as controller/keyboard was challenging at times
  5. boultonn

    Lotus Emira

    Liked his vids back in the day but stopped after he got rid of his first 675LT, just got insane with the churn and he barely drove the more interesting ones.
  6. boultonn

    PC / Laptop Geeks Assemble - help for an idiot / me please!

    My two cents would be to get more flash storage than you think you’ll need. If they offer two M2 drives, just yolo it, saves the hassle down the line when you fill the first one after a week.
  7. boultonn

    M1 Mac's

    That was the main reason i got my 2019 MBP because they had the Touch Bar and a proper escape key. i just want them to release the iMac keyboards with built in TouchID to buy separately
  8. boultonn

    South Central Still going?

    Probably about time for another Surrey Rolling Road 😏
  9. boultonn

    M1 Mac's

    The missus' M1 iMac arrived yesterday and I've been converted by the design, when you're using it you forget about the chin because the screen is so good and it's proper quick. Coincidentally she also got an M1 MacBook Air from work which is also top notch. Think I'm gonna be in 2 minds when...
  10. boultonn

    Assetto Corsa modding (PC)

    Screw AC, get yourself on Euro Truck Simulator :LOL:
  11. boultonn

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    Yeah given their age the first two are still pretty good, think I need to play them again as some of the story in the third was lost on me a bit since I couldn’t remember some of the ins and outs of providence. I think Dartmoor is probably my favourite mission of the game, there’s so much more...
  12. boultonn

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    I’m just grateful Epic games doesn’t track time played (that I know of) as I’ve wasted a lot of hours on it. I always liked the Tom Clancy splinter cell games and hitman has definite splinter cell vibes. Played the last story mission today, sad that they’ve said it’s the last one, might play...
  13. boultonn

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    Been playing it for a month or so and bloody love it. Still only on the penultimate mission as some of them are so replayable and it’s addictive trying to get all the challenges done.
  14. boultonn

    Have sound-bars replaced the traditional 5.1 and 7.1 speaker setups for TVs?

    I’m kind of in the same boat, thinking about moving and not sure I’ll be able to have my existing wired 5.1 setup set up neatly in the new place, whereas a decent sound bar (potentially with nice stuff like AirPlay) could fill the gap nicely.
  15. boultonn

    M1 Mac's

    Ordered at 13:01, should be arriving in 3 weeks. Will be a big step up from her 2015 MBP. Given it’s Apple I’m expecting the green to look completely different irl so we’ll see. Features like magnetic power cable and thunderbolt ports are nice, and perhaps the screen will be good enough to...
  16. boultonn

    M1 Mac's

    Yeah I’m in the same position, use my work MacBook in clamshell mode and would love to be able to use touchID rather than typing in a 20 char pw all the time
  17. boultonn

    M1 Mac's

    The missus has decided she really likes the new M1 iMacs… in green… 🥴 Although if she’s paying and I get an M1 Mac to play with maybe I can’t complain… and I can’t wait for a wireless Magic Keyboard with TouchID
  18. boultonn

    Alpina D3 Bi Turbo F31 Touring

    Actual moon mileage, fair play.
  19. boultonn

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    Solid spec there, although Yorkshire pudding might have something to say about that RGB RAM :sneaky:
  20. boultonn

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    It’s just such a good game, from cinematics to the main story to all the side nonsense you can do. put about 30hrs in on PC and still only 40% completed
  21. boultonn

    Audi RS4 B9

    Hehe 69
  22. boultonn

    Apple "Spring Loaded" Event - 4th April 2021 - My Comprehensive Notes!

    You mean you don’t want a purple AIO with bang average specs for £2k??? I thought the iMac Pro was discontinued, which is a shame because a black one might redeem some of the design elements (and I want a black magic keyboard with TouchID)
  23. boultonn

    Apple "Spring Loaded" Event - 4th April 2021 - My Comprehensive Notes!

    Might pick up an AirTag or two tomorrow, but the eternal question... to engrave or not to engrave 🥴
  24. boultonn

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Having played it through at launch and found it relatively enjoyable, I think I'm about ready to give it a second play through given the amount of patches that have come out - might be even better now. Also, the changelog for patch 1.2 is hilariously long, like probably 400 lines
  25. boultonn

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    As Christopher said, its insanely immersive, having spent all my life looking at 16:9 its amazing how much more inside the game you feel. And then being able to use it for work and have a full 16:9 window then another vertical window alongside is really good. That said, you need some decent PC...
  26. boultonn

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    Everything I’ve played on 21:9 has supported it natively except Fall Guys. there’s a website that catalogues support for 21:9 and 32:9 and whether it’s native or has to be hacked. For CoD for example
  27. boultonn

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    I’m kind of amazed more people don’t have ultra wides, they’re a game changer. Where is the desk from? I’ve been searching for a simple super wide one but drawn a blank with IKEA, JL etc.
  28. boultonn

    The Power PC Thread [f*ck off consoles]

    This was genuinely the worst part about installing a second M2 drive, mobo didn’t come with one and neither did the drive, had to bodge it (bodge worked and haven’t got round to order a proper screw yet haha)