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    Clio 200 exhaust heat shield rattling

    Hi guys This is probably straight forward as not had time to get under my car but the exhaust heat shield round rear suspension where mid bit meets tail section is loose.... Where does it bolt to and is there an easy way to attach it to somewhere without getting it into the garage to get it up...
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    Newbie on 200s little advice please....

    Hi guys I have just sold my 197 to finance a 200 and thought I would ask for any advice....... Im keen on a proper cup model as these seem to be the ones people want eventually when people sell them on...... Can you give me any tips on what to look for? I had the 197 so usual cambelt gearbox...
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    182 Handbrake cable snapped, easy to replace or expensive at a garage???

    Hi guys my 182 handbrake cable just snapped today and was wondering how hard is it to do? Or will a garage charge me a lot? Any tips links etc is appreciated..... Steve
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    Manifold to Cat front exhaust clamp,

    Hi guys my 182 recently had a funny little rattle under certain revs, upon investigation one of the springy bolts off the manifold to cat had sheared, I bought some more with a gasket as well but how easy are they to replace? Can I just replace one? Bear in mind its bloody hard to get under...
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    ABS + SERVICE + OTHER LIGHT..... Found guide but h=just checking.....

    Hi guys, had a few lights come on the dash today and this looks like the problem But it says adjust the brake light switch 1 click at a time on the guide but mine just slips in and out..... Is it goosed then? Or Do i...
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    Scorpion De-cat that is off a 192 system, will it fit onto my Powerflow with no mods?

    Hi guys looking at getting a de-cat and wondered if the Scorpion de-cat will fit straight onto my power flow? It has standard cat on at the moment, will it throw any warnings up etc or do I need to do anything else? Is it easy with just a set of ramps to do? Steve
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    Rear wiper plastic snapped so not wiping...... Any one got a cheap good one??

    Hi guys just been to Tescos(exciting) and thought where is me rear wiper, the plastic has split round the splune so it was cleaning the boot...... Anyone got a cheap one for sale and is this quite common??? Steve
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    Pioneer patch lead to use stslk controls, Help with fitting!!!!

    Hi guys bought this off e bay for my 182 as was told it will fit, it does but I have no idea where or how to plug the steering wheel control plug or how to make them work!!!! Any tips on fitting as im...
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    ITG panel filter, benefits? Also difference between 172 + 182 air filter housings???

    Hi guys ok won a ITG panel filter for £10 off flea bay, what difference will I get? Not expecting miracles but surely will help her breathe better?? Also read things on get a 172 air filter housing as they are better, how? My mate has one and I can have it for £10, is it a straight swop? So...
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    Help bought OBD 2 scanner but cannot connect with car, ideas???

    Hi guys I bought this but it just says error connecting all the time, my port behind ashtray seems very loose, is there any advice on how do I know it works? Helping it connect(followed instructions)...
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    Rear plate light what bloody bulb called????? Ordered one only one point on base.....

    Hi guys ordered a rear LED number plate bulb but it has one connector on bottom if that makes sense but my 182 has 2 so the pins on side fitted but not the bottom arghhh..... What is the bulb with the 2 base points things called so I can order one???? Steve
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    Best engine fault diagnostic tool off e bay???? Just for fault finding

    Hi guys ok under £50 what is the best OBD2 tool I could get off e bay for finding and resetting the engine management light thing? Car is going in to garage for camblet, dephaser pulley etc in 2 weeks but I recall my Impreza kept coming on and annoying me when it had a misfire........ Which...
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    Drivers light washer leaking, common? Easy fix to get to???

    Hi guys noticed a little bit of water on floor and when checked the drivers light washer was leaking, how do I fix it and how easy is it to get to or is it full bumper off? Steve
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    Dpehaser rattle so full cambelt and dephaser change, Cumbria any good garages???

    Hi guys My dephaser is rattling on my 182 so going to get it done and cambelt etc... Anyone know anyone who will do it in Cumbria for a fair price or mobile people????? Just dont want to be ripped off.... Want full camblet and rollers, dephaser pulley and aux belt while they are doing...
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    Sorry cant work out from sticky which colour mine is!!!! 2004 182 in meatallic blue?

    Hi guys sorry for posting this but I just want to make sure I order the correct touch up paint for my 04 182 clio. Its metallic blue not the lighter one which I think is French blue??? Thank you. Steve
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    New(well looking to buy) member from Cumbria, Heloooo

    Hi guys im looking at buying a 182 today, bit short notice but quick guide as to what to look for when viewing? My car knowledge is pretty good and had 2 Williams Clios but with Phase 2 no idea what should look for? Thanks and look forward to getting to know you guys a lot better and thank you...