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  1. Straw182

    Trophy Guildford

    YY55CYF spotted in Guildford today, going under the A3 towards Stoughton. Anybody off here?
  2. Straw182

    MK4 roof rack help

    I have a mk4 220 Trophy and wanted to carry our 2 bikes on the roof. I already have the bars and carriers from a previous car so just need new feet adaptors. Plenty of them around for a mk4 Clio. The manual says upto 80kg load for MK4 Clios, yet the RS specific manual says roof loads are...
  3. Straw182

    HK05 XAH blue 182

    Good friend of mine has just bought this, seems extremely clean! Noticed it had a cliosport sticker in the back so thought they should know it couldn't have gone to a better home [emoji2]
  4. Straw182

    Blue 182 Holbeach

    Seen this opposite the football pitch on park lane, looks super clean!