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    Age old cleaning question.

    Afternoon people, Im getting rather fed up now of my car always being covered in sh*te coz of the dirt at this time of year, and as ive finished my bottle of meguires (sp) Gold class shampoo i can clean it very well. So before i order some more meguires is there any other make/product i...
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    Is this any good Looks ok to me with 300 watt RMS, so do you reconm it would be any good or does the price reflect the quality? Cheers Phil
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    Is this Amp any good

    Just been looking for a 2 channel amp and found this just wandering if anyone has any experience of it or weather you know if its any good?? might use it to power some front comps or bridged for a sub. Cheers Phil
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    Recommend some 6.5 comps

    Ok then people i need some 6.5" (16.5cm) components for the front of my car. I will run them off the HU for now but plan to amp them soon as the £££ comes in. So what would you recommend within budget of about £150. May be able to go slightly higher for a perfect set. Would considder some...
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    Whoever can supply ICE!!

    Im after a new HU, Alpine CDA 9815 to be precise. Who can supply this for me and for what price?? Cheers Phil
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    Bloody w**ker scum

    Why the f**k cant people just leave other poeples things alone. Some stupic f**k wit has decided to snap off the G and I off my 206 GTi so now i have a special edition 206 T I know its not the end of the world or anything but Why the f**k do it?? If i find out who it was they will be wishing...
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    Xtant stuff.

    Hi, just wandering if any of this stuff is good? I have been offered some different things, coaxials, amp and sub that are new but old if you know what i mean. Old stock but brand new not used. Should i buy some or is it crap? Can i get better with some new items? Cheers Phil
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    FAO Merlincancan

    Hi, clear your PMs mate i need to ask you a few Qs on some prices for some ICE. Cheers Phil
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    New install for new car.

    Ok then people now ive got my new car, i need a new system for it. Would like to spend £800 max might stretch a weee bit but only if i HAVE to. I want to run: Headunit: Alpine/pioneer 17cm Components up front 10"or 8" sub, not sure which and an amp to run sub and comps. So what...
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    Meguiars Car Care Products

    Just looking to get the Meguiars 3 stage kit, just wandering what the stage 1 is? is it like a shampoo or something different? says "Stage 1 of the Deep Crystal System This non-abrasive cleaner" should i buy some gold class wash/conditioner aswell? Oh and some gold class bug and tar remover...
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    Lightweight alloys

    What makes do lightweight alloys? I know some of the OZ wheels are, the Oz racing range i think. But who else do them? Cheers
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    Spax suspension

    Ok just wandering if they are a good make as the 206 drivers only recommend eibach but spax are £45 and eibach are £105. So are spax any good or should i stump up the money for the eibach. In general i mean not on about the 206 springs as you wouldnt know. Cheers Phil
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    Which headunit

    Ok now ive sold my MD headunit i need a new one, this time im going for a CD one so which of these would you reccomend or is there a different one you think i should considder for the same money? http:// or...
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    Good insurance for once!!!

    Well we are always reading about how much peoples insurance is and that its a rip off. Well i just want to say i am very happy with mine. Im 20 and have just part-xed my 1.4 RT (gr 5) for a 206 Gti (gr14) AND MY INSURANCE HAS GONE UP £300 TO £800 PER YEAR. That is what i would call good value...
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    Help with renault

    Ok then people i need some help. My imobiliser has buggered up and the car is in a local autoelectrics, but they cannot do anything more with it as the imobiliser signal that goes throught the car is encripted so has to be delt with by renault. My problem is the nearest dealer is 45miles away...
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    Urgent - Imobiliser

    HELP my f**king sunroof has leaked again today and the water must have got to my central locking and imobiliser sensor. So now the bloody thing doesnt work so my car is not working. Is there any way to disable the imobiliser as my car is stuck at work in the car park and i need it. It did it...
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    Bargain 172

    Went looking for a car yesterday up to birmingham so thought we would go in to Carcraft, one of those car supermarkets as we were near there. Well what can i say, bloody bargain place they had a 03 plate 172 with 6k on the clock for only £12,995 or £17,800on finance. I was so very tempted...
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    HIC insurance

    Ok i see peolpe saying they are good but they say to ask for Phil, do you have to speak to this bloke or can all of their people give you a good quote? If its best to speak to Phil, do you wait to go to the reception/switchboard or ask the opperator you get connected to? (sorry for the Q but...
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    Cup or 172

    Mmmm well thats the question really. Ive decided that i am going to get a nice new clio. Well not quite new but a 02 plate. The main problem is i will be 20 this wednesday so the insurance will be a f**ker but hey, it worth it. What im wandering is what are the main differences in the cup and...
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    1.6 16v Owners.

    Ok so i am looking into probably getting a Clio 1.6 16v dynamique or a new shape saxo VTS. What is the performance of the clio like? is it easy to gain a few extra bhp with exhaust, induction and chip? Also what sort of spec/features does the car have like electric sunroof? or what else. So...
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    Anyone from Bristol want to help me

    Ok ive seen a valver in Bristol that i want to go and see but i dont know much about the mechanics. I will go with my dad but he only really knows the basics so wouldnt be able to tell of any major problems i doubt. So i was wandering if there was anyone on here who would be willing to come...
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    Sub watts - How many RMS

    Ok im looking into getting a sub and amp so was wandering what RMS rating sub i should go for? I want it to be loud but i want that sharp edge to the bass. I dont want it distorting. The ones iv looked at are about 500 watts RMS. Does this seem to high, it seems quite high to me. Also what...
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    Everyone should get....

    A decat. Thats it, plain and simple! I cant believe the difference in response, so OK i didnt buy a decat, mine just exploded out of my exhaust on the way home today. Anyways i just thought i would share with you all. Phil
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    What the f**k happened

    Ok so i was driving home from town today and i go to overtake a slow car, i dropped it down from 5th to 4th pull out and floor it then the car pulls as normal (not much) then wooosshhh my car flys off. I hear a small pop sort of noise and look in my mirror so see a big cloud of dust and feathers...
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    I need an Amp and sub!

    Ok then people, i have decided i will buy an amp and sub to go in my car now even tho i am saving for a new car, then i can just transfer it over when the new car comes. I have got components up front and 6x9s in the shelf at the mo. So what i plan on doing is chucking out the 6x9s and getting...
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    Where’s Nick Read

    Just wandering if you lot know where Nick is these days? Havnt seen him post on here for a while. Any news on if his car is finished? I cant wait to see some pics and hopfully some vids of the beast. Anyways just wandering. Phil
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    Where’s clean16v

    Anyone know where this chappy is these days? Ive been trying to get hold of him to find out more about his car as im interested in buying it. If anyone knows any info about it or knows of any pics then let me know. Cheers Phil
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    Car’s to rival valvers

    Ok then people. Im currently looking for a new car i like the valver alot but am wary of the repair costs as they always seem to be breaking down. I need to think of some other options but im only 19 so they need to be about the same insurance group as the valver (no more then 13). I have...
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    Main Valver problems

    Ok i might be buying a valver but what i want to know is what are the main problems to look out for on ones with about 100K + mileage???? Cheers for any info Phil
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    Brake pads - which ones and how much

    Ok then my front brake pads are knackered so which ones would you recommend getting and how much are they. Or should i stick with some cheap pads as its only an RT so doesnt have loads of power. Cheers