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    3 Guys 1 Cup

    So me and two friends for a while ran a 206gti180 as a track and hillclimb car - after an unfortunate incident with a tyre barrier at Croft, we decided to move on from the 206. Broke the 70s barrier at Harewood which for a completely standard 206 i'm pretty pleased with, I previously had a...
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    Clio 182 for 1p!

    I had a fair bit of interest on the 182 I listed for sale, but no offers, so listed it on eBay for a 1p start. Whatever it sells for it sells for - have at it!
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    AlexH's 182

    Acquired this 182FF from a friend last May, intending to replace my 306 as a track/hillclimb car as I was running out of patience with it. In the end, I kept the 306 so started to run the Clio as a daily. It had a wonky, blowy exhaust - so that was replaced with a stainless Milltek. Also...
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    Injectors £26 £26 delivered - genuine Magneti Marelli IWP042. Cheapest I could find when I needed some!
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    Anyone had a go on this? Looks to have been released fairly recently, survival type like Day-Z, seen a few streamers play, looks quite in-depth and fun if you're in a squad - horrendous if you're on your own!
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    Tried a new line in the 'RWD' 306

    Got a power problem in the 306, supposed to be 167bhp, feels more like 137. Also, turns out it's not a great idea to lift in the spot I lifted at. Got away with it...
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    AlexH's Next Racing Adventure (of sorts..)

    Some of you may remember back about six/seven years ago, I bought myself an XR2 and went racing, see: I sold the car in 2012 and for various reasons didn't...
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    Own up..

    Who was driving like a billy at Oulton last week?
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    No man's sky

    Looks epic. Space exploration game. Well worth a watch..
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    Hard drive help

    I've acquired some Seagate Constellation ES 2Tb drives from the IT guy at work, they were previously used in an HP server. He said something about needing the firmware changing so they could be used for general storage - anyone able to provide an idiot proof guide on what I need to do? Model...
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    I bought a Rover

    The Focus served its purpose well, but I fancied something a little different. Went off to look at MX5s, Mk2.5s, as the Mk1 doesn't really light me up. Sub-£1k budget - test drove five - all dogs. So, bought this instead. Headgasket jokes etc etc etc. Bodywork is fairly messy, lots of...
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    Brands Hatch in a Polo

    Who needs to pay for trackdays, just head out on track during a race.
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    Antichamber (steam)

    Downloaded this yesterday as a change from what I'm currently playing. Awesome little game, it reminds me of Portal in the way it makes you think. Good little review.
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    Excel query

    I have a large spreadsheet covering data from six years. Is there a quick way to show the data from each month? By that I mean all the data from January of each year (not just Jan 2007, or Jan 2008). My dates are formatted as dates, in order of newest to oldest in Column A. Long winded way...
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    Bike Project

    I used to have one of these bikes as a mid-teenager that I basically used as a field bike. Got bored (of no power) eventually and sold it. One was up on eBay the other day, so I stuck a very low bid in and won it. Got it delivered on a pallet and here it is! Haven't done a lot to Keith...
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    MSA Track Limits

    In case some of you don't know - the MSA has changed the rules this year on what is acceptable in terms of running wide. Previous to 2014, if you kept one wheel in contact with the track (or kerb) you were fine. From this year, you must keep them all in contact! You're allowed to use the...
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    PC Upgrade time

    I've had my PC since 2007 - getting a bit long in the tooth now, although it's had a few upgrades along the way. The motherboard was a £30 Socket 775 jobby, fairly basic, ran a Q6600 quad-core, with 4gb of ram. Later added a Radeon HD 6870 graphics card. In current guise it runs all the games...
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    Wifi for cottages

    I've been asked by a website client how they could offer their holidaymakers WiFi. I've never put Wifi in anywhere other than a home wifi using one router, so calling on the tech-heads of CS for some advice. There's 6 cottages, as shown in the pic, the BT phone line comes into the office which...
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    Indy Crash

    This was a fairly big one... Driver suffered broken ankle, two fractured vertebrae & concussion. 13 injured spectators and one official.
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    2x R888s

    Need to shift these on. 16"s, but may be a touch wide for a Clio - 225/45/16.
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    iOS7 Not Safe At All

    Problems since iOs7. Upgraded to ios7 last week on my 5, now Siri doesn't work, just tells me he can't look anything up and I can't get onto the AppStore - keeps telling me it can't connect. Any ideas?
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    Anyone want some Calipers?
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    No Handed Burnout

    The guy is a proper legend. Wins in every category, does burnouts hanging out the car. BOSS.
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    Excel Query

    I'm normally ok with Excel, but been working through a spreadsheet tonight and can't do what I want to - the data below is a small sample. I want to post the average attendance to a Cell, when the Home team is specified and the result is specified, so AVERAGE IF A2:A11 = "Bolton" AND C2:C11 =...
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    Talk about slamming the door in his face...

    Love how he just carried on. ​
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    New Daily

    So, the Black Turd didn't last long - decided to move it on when had the chance to buy this. Wasn't dirt cheap, but it's solid, 2 owners from new, one being Ford. Best condition car I've ever owned inside and out, 1.6 SE - drives really well. Not going to light up the world, but cheap...
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    Porsche 917K

    Never mind that it's one of the most sexual looking cars ever - the engine... 4500cc FLAT-12 580bhp @8300rpm. The noise of the downshifts - made something dribble out of many orifices...
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    The Black Turd

    So, the cup has gone and the van I was due to buy was a rotter, so I thought I'd scratch an itch. I know how much Christopher loves his Jap crap, so thought I'd tease him with this.... Its a 1.4 with a massive 85ps. Drives like a steak bake. Body roll is comedy.
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    Harrogate - Knaresborough Rd

    A ph1 172 parked up at about 8:45 this morning and a Cup this evening at 6pm. I was in the Cupshed.