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  1. baysthebest

    Platinum Renault 120 Year Celebration

    Not strictly just Clio but I thought some people may appreciate these pictures from Platinum Renault Trowbridge 120 Year Celebration over the last week. The cars will be on display over the BH weekend too if anyone wants to take a look!
  2. baysthebest

    £8k Clio 182!

    Just came across this....
  3. baysthebest

    2001 Audi A2 1.4 SE For Sale £2000. Low Miles with full history

    Hi. Tried posting this on the "For Sale" section on CS but it kept being taken down and I couldnt work out why until a moderator finally explained that I am not able to advertise my Mrs car even though I have explained I own the car?! Crazy but it is now for sale on eBay for anyone that may be...
  4. baysthebest

    Road/Track day Insurance

    Hi i have phoned Adrian Flux and green light Insurance today to get some insurance sorted for my 05 182 Track day car. Is there any other companies that people could recommend before I go ahead with the green light quote? They have quoted £340 for a limited mileage policy for 2 drivers 28 and...
  5. baysthebest

    Track day 182 Brake setup

    Hi. One of the next jobs on our 182 Track day project is Brakes. Can anyone suggest a decent brake setup. So far I am thinking braided brake lines, new pads, new racing brake fluid already have a set of Brembo discs that will probably be used. Any other suggestions? Pad recommendations...
  6. baysthebest

    Clio 182 Track Project - fitting bucket seats.. Help please!

    Hi. Please can I have some advice, I have just purchased a standard FF 182 and together with a friend we are looking at turning the car into a fun road legal track day car. I am looking at purchasing a set of spar co seats and harnesses. I am looking at purchasing OMP Subframes for the Clio...
  7. baysthebest

    Newbie.... here's my Clio ;-)

    Hi there im new to all this! My Brother AliBailey88 is on here. Thought i'd share a pic of my new Clio RS 200 with ALL options except folding mirrors (i think)