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  1. massivewangers

    Twingo GT banger

    So, as per the bangernomics thread, I've joined @Adeyspec on planet Twingo. Obviously mine is s**t and his isn't, but what can you do. I sold my 197 a couple of months ago in preparation for a dramatic change in circumstances. That's all dragging on a bit, so I was in need of another car. I'd...
  2. massivewangers

    Twingo GT TCe Timing Belt Cost?

    Anyone got any experience with this? I'm about to pick up a very cheap 58 plate Twingo GT with the little turbo engine. It might need a timing belt. Any idea on what sort of money it would be to have this done? The belt kit is only about £60 from ECP with their endless discount codes, but I...
  3. massivewangers

    London Concours 2021

    Went to this yesterday with a friend who got some tickets through Alpine UK. Was quite enjoyable, even though I'm not a massive supercar/classic car addict. Lots and lots of very nice cars, and lots of very rich old men :ROFLMAO: Harry Metcalfe of Evo fame had loads of cars and bikes there...
  4. massivewangers

    Anyone have issues with Android?

    I've noticed in the last day or so, since my phone did some updates, that it's behaving a bit oddly. The Gmail app has stopped working, as has the BBC Sport app. Tried the usual troubleshooting stuff, but no luck, so wondered if it might be a bug.
  5. massivewangers

    182 Cup Norwich

    Saw this while I was working today, anyone on here?
  6. massivewangers

    25 Years Ago Today...

    ...Colin McRae made history, becoming the first British driver to win the World Rally Championship. He remains the youngest driver ever to win the title. Worth some videos I reckon:
  7. massivewangers

    How closely related are the Clio and Dacia Sandero?

    Well, we're back in lockdown, so I have been having random thoughts 😂 Am I right in thinking that the 2012-2020 Dacia Sandero is based on the MK2 Clio? Does anyone know how closely related they are? A few years ago, they did a Renault Sandero R.S. for some South American markets, and it had a...
  8. massivewangers

    White 200 Cup - Norwich

    Spotted this today - anyone on here?
  9. massivewangers

    My RB 197

    Not sure how much of a project this is, but thought I would put something on here. Bought it last August as I needed a new daily. I wasn't particularly in need of another hot hatch, but I was bored of the dreary Vectra estate that had been performing tow car duties for a while, and when it shat...
  10. massivewangers

    Console/wheel recommendations

    As above really. Thinking of buying a console and wheel, mostly to play Dirt 2.0 to be honest. I'm leading towards an Xbox, purely because that's what most of my mates have, but is one particularly better than the other? What wheels do people use? I'd really like one that you can add bits to...
  11. massivewangers

    Drive shaft?

    Got a bit of an issue with my 197 and wanted some advice... I'm getting a vibration through the car under acceleration, from around 45-70mph. It seems worse if you're in a higher gear when the engine is labouring more. If you sit at a steady speed in that range, it's not nearly so severe, but...
  12. massivewangers

    The New Clio Cup Car...

    ...was on display at Autosport International. Thought people might like to see it, so took a few snaps. It's a decent looking thing, though perhaps fairly mild in terms of spec compared to the MK4. A shame they only had the race version though. I'd like to have seen the rally one too.
  13. massivewangers

    Show us your decade of motoring

    I shamelessly stole this idea after seeing @Ricardos do it on here and Instagram. It made me think what I was driving 10 years ago, and everything I've had since which, as it turns out, is quite a lot! I had loads of cars while I was at uni but, on this day in 2010, I was driving a modified...
  14. massivewangers

    MK1 Clio from new Clio 30 years ad

    Just stumbled across this. No pictures yet, but they're claiming it's the car used in the add running for the new Clio. They appear to have a couple of others listed too.
  15. massivewangers

    Can I buy a Racing Blue aerosol from anywhere?

    To cut a long story short, the keyless buttons on my door handles aren't working properly, so I'm going to replace them. I've bought some spare handles and new buttons but, before I fit them, I have been wondering about painting the door handles in blue to match the car, rather than the standard...
  16. massivewangers

    Clio 197 suspension refresh - where to get bits?

    So, picked up my 197 and, while it's "ok", I am going to work through the usual suspension joints and bushes in the coming months, just because I am fussy and want it perfect. On my 172, I used mostly Lemforder for track rod ends etc, with genuine Renault lower arms and the odd Powerflex bush...
  17. massivewangers

    Back in a Clio - RB 197

    Not really intentional, but it's happened :ROFLMAO: As some of you know, I had been running about in a Vectra wagon for the last year or so. It was pretty much the most boring car in the world, but was deeply practical, acting as a tow car and a van for carrying rally-related crap about...
  18. massivewangers

    Ypres Rally 2019

    Bit delayed, but a mate and I went over to Belgium last week for the Ypres Rally. This is probably one of the biggest rallies in Europe and was for a long time part of the European Rally Championship. However, it now makes up part of the Belgian championship, the British Rally Championship and...
  19. massivewangers

    2019 Corbeau Seats Rally

    Went down to this last Sunday, so thought I would share a couple of pictures and videos. For those who don't know, legislation was passed a couple of years back to allow public roads to be closed for sporting events, without the need for an act of parliament. This means that local authorities...
  20. massivewangers

    X65 Cup Race Car Wishbones

    What's the difference between these and the ones fitted to the road car? Been doing some searching but struggling to find a definitive answer. I know the outer joints are different, but are the arms/bushes any different? Got a set sitting here and was wondering.
  21. massivewangers

    Anyone got any experience with speccing master cylinder size?

    Does anyone have access to a good calculator for this, or able to give me some guidance? A couple of drives in my car have revealed that the brake pedal is pretty long. I need to bed the pads in, so the brakes aren't brilliant obviously, but there seems to be a lot of pedal travel regardless...
  22. massivewangers

    Anyone got OZ Super Turismo GT?

    Need a bit of help.... Are they marked with an offset? If so, where? Looking at a used set, but the seller doesn't seem to understand what offset is. Trying to guide him as to where to look...
  23. massivewangers

    Bluetooth kits? Parrot etc

    Anyone got any experience of anything like this? Have just bought a cheap Vectra C as a daily/tow car and obviously it doesn't have Bluetooth or anything that fancy. I don't really want to change the factory head unit, but would like Bluetooth for my phone and, if possible, music. Has anyone...
  24. massivewangers

    Best Free (or Cheap) Website Builder?

    Looking to build a website and just wondered if anyone had any suggestions? To begin with, I just want a simple holding page, but will look to build something a bit more complex later. I have hosting capability, so ideally want a desktop tool where I can put a page together and then host it.
  25. massivewangers

    Lightening Standard Bonnet

    I am sure a few people have done this, so was wondering if anyone had any pictures or could run through how/what they did? Appreciate it!
  26. massivewangers

    1*2 broken down on the A12 near Ipswich tonight

    Anyone on here want to own up? Think it was silver. I really appreciated the police closing a lane and ruining rush hour traffic instead of towing it the quarter of a mile to the next junction :neutral:
  27. massivewangers

    Yet another Safety Devices update coming?

    This week, I have received the following email from Safety Devices: "The October 2017 MSA bulletin details new requirements for Roof and Windscreen Pillar Reinforcement in vehicles competing in Stage Rallying. The full amendment can be downloaded from our website. We have also produced a...
  28. massivewangers

    Petrol Blue 182 on Williams wheels - Chelmsford

    Parked outside the Riverside Leisure Centre this afternoon.
  29. massivewangers

    Clio Cup MOT Failure (rear brakes)

    Yes, that topic again. Before I go back to the test station with the printed notice in hand, I just wanted to check-in on this issue to ensure that I am talking sense. My car failed the MOT on the following: "003 Brake load sensing valve linkage seized rear (3.6.E.3)" Before I took the car...
  30. massivewangers

    Different 1*2 suspension arrangements

    I've been doing some searching but not come up with much. Has anyone ever measured the differences between 172, 172 Cup, 182 and 182 Cup suspension parts? What are the actual differences? I know the damper bolt spacing is different on the 182 Cup, but what about the actual hub dimensions? Am I...