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  1. Tin cup

    Help Fitted brembo calipers now a problem

    There's a bad thund noise when the wheel is spinning on the pass side, I took the disc and caliper off it looked ok so I cleaned the hub to make sure it's not that to it for a test drive and still there I took it all back off and the disc was very hot for a once round the block could it be a...
  2. Tin cup

    Motex 406 brackets help

    Are the Allen-key bolt ment to be touching on the hub ?
  3. Tin cup


    Euros sell magneti marelli injectors are these as good as the Weber IWP-042 that come in the Clio's ?
  4. Tin cup

    172 cup alarm keeps going off

    If I unplug the Central locking fuse it's fine when I plug it back in it go's off, ive tried unplugging the door sensors no luck, so I've takes out the siren and the car works fine any clues the car was sat for 8 days but the battery is only 2 months old
  5. Tin cup

    My nitro Thunder Tiger
  6. Tin cup

    M271 going north blue 172 or 182

    I'm 100% it was a 53 plate I'm sure it was a 172 cup and it was a blonde girl driving
  7. Tin cup

    Ktr top mounts fitting

    Is there a fitting guide ? As I can't find one if not does the bottom of the ktr top mount fit straight to the suspension top plate or do you used the bearing type washer in between them ? Thanks
  8. Tin cup

    Few clio 's Totton

    My son said there was a number of Clio's going off rushington round about going into town? He was a 100% sure they were clio 's but I think he ' stalking crap lol
  9. Tin cup

    Wow Ktec 182 240bhp lol

    Wonder if he has the R/R print out lol
  10. Tin cup

    B&M shifter

    I've gotba garage to fit my b&m shifter tomorrow and fit my decat, looking at the b&m which is all ready made up but how does the reverse gear cable fit on the new one ? Thanks
  11. Tin cup

    Trophy Rumbridge st Totton

    Yesterday about 11.30am I was in the cup
  12. Tin cup

    Uprated injectors

    From a lancia delta integrale but can be used infiat coupe 16v turbo ford escort/fiesta rs with 2.0 zetec turbo vw g60/ gti turbo audi turbo vauxhall c20let saab turbo 384cc @ 2.5 bar 410cc @ 3 bar
  13. Tin cup

    Inferno Orange 182 Southampton /marchwood 4.30pm

    Girl driving going to Marchwood I think was about 4.30pm today
  14. Tin cup

    Clip experts! Needed

    I think my battery is on its way out so I put a jump pack on there got it started but I though some thing else is wrong so I put my clip on there and it came up with a few faults like: Ring> Decoder connection
  15. Tin cup

    172 alarm and fobs not working

    My battery went flat so I put my jump pack on it then it started fine, i switched it then went to start it with out the jump pack, it just turned over and didn't start, then the alarm went off and I couldn't switch it off the key fob wouldn't work ill try again tomorrow when neighbours are out...
  16. Tin cup

    My kicker amp, alpine amp Mtx sub Southampton

    There's a pic of my alpine amp and Mtx sub £50 eash
  17. Tin cup

    182 seatbelt's

    Can the 182 seatbelt's (grey ) be cleaned as I've tried and the drivers side is still dirty
  18. Tin cup

    Clio 172 sports cat

    Finishing soon Look at this on eBay: Clio 172 2.0 sports cat (Not Decat ) Renault Cup K-tec
  19. Tin cup

    Part numbers

    Any one got part numbers for the bolts that hold the airbox into place I've search but no luck
  20. Tin cup


    Is there any way you can link your ipad to your iPhone and use like the 3G off you phone :S know its a long shot
  21. Tin cup

    Can't be a cup

  22. Tin cup

    Old vid of my old fiesta rs turbo

    This was on a cheap phone over 6 years ago lol
  23. Tin cup


    Hi how much is it to unlock an rstuner on top of the maps
  24. Tin cup

    Does the 172cup have

    A fuel cut off switch ? Thank's
  25. Tin cup

    2 Small black relays

    Am I right by saying there's 2 under the bonnet next to each other as mine has one and next it someone has bypassed it with clips/fuse/wire contraption I brought 2 and replace mine it wouldn't start, I put the wire/fuse back in (right hand one as you look at it) and it starts any one know why...
  26. Tin cup

    Clio ph2 ecu

    Hi are they tide in with the key's. What I mean can you swap the ecu over and just start it on the original key?
  27. Tin cup

    Just dropped my clio cup off to have the gearbox done

    At Transgear in southampton fingers crossed the box can be saved and I make it to the French car day at this weekend
  28. Tin cup

    Gearbox type please

    Would a gearbox from a clio 172 (51) fit a Clio 172 cup (52) thank you
  29. Tin cup

    squeaky noise

    Squeaky noise coming from the front left side only when you pull away at low speed do you think it's a wheel bearing doesnt have any movement up and down but it feels like its got left and right wheel move (not just the normal) L/R