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  1. Reev

    Sim City Build It

    I've got it on my iPhone/iPad but got a bit bored so haven't played it for a while because it takes so long to upgrade buildings now. Think I'm about level 30, ~300k population.
  2. Reev

    Problem after updating iphone to IOS 9

    Yup. Safari for normal web browsing, Incognito Chrome tab when "shopping for the mrs".
  3. Reev

    Cookie's (wife's) new Nissan Juke

    That f**king clio 😂
  4. Reev

    Far Cry Primal

    FarCry 3 was my favourite, I had huge expectations for 4 but it turned out to be virtually identical to the previous game with very little extras. They're decent enough games though, worth a play if you can pick them up cheap.
  5. Reev

    Fallout 4

    This game will be the reason I finally get round to buying an Xbox One.
  6. Reev

    Games you hope they bring to next gen

    Black 106 + shopping list down the doors + blue neons + nitrous purge = :cool:
  7. Reev

    Lapiz Blue Mk7 Golf R vs CarPro's Finest & Reload - New Car Detail

    Those first two afters shots where the car is still indoors look incredible. Good stuff.
  8. Reev

    IOS 8

    I had the phone randomly turning on/off at 30-35% or so on my 5. I couldn't find a way to fix it so I just bought a £7 kit from eBay and replaced the battery myself, worked a treat then.
  9. Reev

    Nurburgring 8:22BTG in my old Honda...

    Looks like it was absolutely flying in the first vid, what work has it had done?
  10. Reev

    BMW M3 Show Car

    TWENTY EIGHT BIDS?! Doubt I'll ever see another spoiler like that. I hope.
  11. Reev

    Clarkeys Fiesta ST-2 (Thanks Cliosport)

    May have been mine, mine's TUO :smile:
  12. Reev

    Games With Gold [XBOX]

    Yeah I've been pretty impressed with the 360 games recently, think I've still got about 5 of them that I've downloaded but haven't got round to playing yet. Can't knock a free game!
  13. Reev

    Games With Gold [XBOX]

    Double games in April, some of them aren't bad (for the 360 at least). Pool Nation FX and Child of Light - available all month on Xbox One Gears of War Judgement and Terraria - April 1 to April 15 on Xbox 360 Assassin's Creed - Black Flag and Army of Two - The Devil's Cartel - April 16-30 on...
  14. Reev

    2005 E46 M3

    Yup, I still think this is probably the best M3 I've seen.
  15. Reev


    Been playing this a bit more recently, trying to grind out Tiger Strikes to get some Vanguard marks to buy a legendary helmet and/or chest piece. Currently a smidgen off lvl 27 but ascendant materials are hard to come by to upgrade my gauntlets/leg armour. The only two legendary drops I've got...
  16. Reev


    The main difference between liking and not liking the game is whether you play on your own or not. Unfortunately none of my mates are gamers so I'm usually solo, which gets boring really quickly. I fired this up last night for the first time in weeks. Managed to get my hands on a legendary...
  17. Reev

    Aucky's Maroon-5 [more CS Mx-5 content]

    :openmouth: Shame, it's one of the nicest MX5s I've seen!
  18. Reev

    Scott Smith - 2 tone clio ; )

    That's horrendous.
  19. Reev


    Bounties were the quickest way for me, I got to 24 in less than 2 days. Then after about another 20 hours of play without a single f**king legendary engram/weapon/piece of armour I got bored and haven't played since.
  20. Reev

    What TV? 42"

    I've got this 40" Samsung and I'm chuffed to bits with it (although I bought it for £80 less on Black Friday). Picture quality is really good, has all the features I need and gets pretty decent reviews across the board.
  21. Reev

    Alfa 147 GTA

    That looks really smart for £3k. I've always had a soft spot for the GTAs.
  22. Reev

    Imola Red E46 330ci

    That is lovely.
  23. Reev

    Gone Retro... Sort of!

    I'm not a fan of the roundels either but the rest of the car looks spot on, especially the wheels and interior.
  24. Reev

    The Bad Car Advert Thread...

    Now that's what I call an in-depth description. Also apparently one of those rare, 4-seater MX5s.
  25. Reev

    The Chris Harris thread

    That Bloodhound video is incredible. Some of the numbers are completely mind-boggling.
  26. Reev

    Cookie's 2003 M3

  27. Reev

    Nickw88's 430D M Sport

    Not a fan of the spoiler as it looks very obviously aftermarket, I'm a big believer in OEM+. That said, I think the splitter looks great and this is coming from someone who hates them on the vast majority of cars.
  28. Reev

    Cookie's 2003 M3

    I must admit I'm a big fan of those wheels in solid silver.
  29. Reev

    Your favourite map of all time?

    Facility on GoldenEye was the first map that came to mind when I read the thread title, good to see it getting some love. The Italy arcade stage on Colin McRae Rally 2 is probably my most driven track of any racing game, ever. I used to love Beaver Creek and Midship on Halo 2 when I was a kid...