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  1. lsdzig

    Black gold 182 Danbury

    Saw you leaving Danbury heading towards the a12 I was going into Danbury in my Rb 182
  2. lsdzig

    2 clios at pitsea flyover

  3. lsdzig

    Arctic Blue 182 colchester

    I'm pretty sure you flashed me (I did nod back) but if you did I'm sorry I didn't acknowledge you better! It was going along the road where Texaco garage and the big CO-OP is I was in a RB 182.
  4. lsdzig

    Does anyone else get talking to these utter drivellers.

    lol The amount of people I meet randomly who try to tell me rubbish, 2 examples here, 1st is a guy in a petrol station. Him: Is that a 182? (This is racing blue btw) me: yea it is Him: Nice I've got a silver 172 me: cool him I've recently just had it off the dyno actually running at 208 BHP me...
  5. lsdzig

    RB 182 driving like a penis

    My mate saw you driving back towards bristol and you over took 4 cars in a 60 and then overtook another car on a junction......... Was you running from the police or something.
  6. lsdzig

    Black gold 182 abberton reservoir

    Parked up in the car park, mines the racing blue one opposite you :p
  7. lsdzig

    blue megane sport

    you had your blonde gf in the car, gave it a little boot off of the notley rounderbout :P I hit the rev limiter twice with a slow reaction to change gear haha (cold engine) :( Looked very nice though!
  8. lsdzig

    Black gold at notley tesco

    Saw you parked up with your trophy wheels :) looked tidy! I was parked over the road in my rb 182
  9. lsdzig

    Rb 182 m11

    Just saw you heading south i was in the traffic you did look at me to be fair... I'm on the way to 519
  10. lsdzig

    Headlights not working :(

    Hi guys I noticed tonight that my headlights are not working, well 2 of the 3 bulbs that is.. I've checked the fuses but as its on both sides I've not checked the bulbs yet as I think it's too much of a coincidence for both sides to go at the exact same time lol. Anyone had an issue like this...
  11. lsdzig

    Photos of my RB 182

    Hi guys, I picked my car up about 3 weeks ago now and I'm absolutely loving it! What do ya think of it? Any Ideas on what sort of modifications I could do to improve it?
  12. lsdzig

    Yellow wheels on a RB 182?

    Hi guys, I'm planning on getting some new wheels for my RB 182 BUT I'd like to be a bit unique as the most popular colour is white or black. What are peoples thoughts on yellow? Or is that completely ridiculous for RB.
  13. lsdzig

    RB 182 Braintree

    Just saw you about to join the A120 from braintree :)
  14. lsdzig

    New to the forums

    Hi guys, my names Liam just thought I'd introduce myself as I'm completely new to these forums, I'm going to be purchasing my first 182 clio sport with in the next couple of weeks :)