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  1. Sargara

    Mad Max

    Around 30 I think now, which seems about right. Threat level is still around 2, and I've only completed 1 of the strongholds the others still have a bunch of unfinished projects. I'm still working through side missions currently and im holding off progressing the Story mission now.
  2. Sargara

    Mad Max

    I'm with Darren on this, its a great game in my opinion. Reminds me of a Forza Horizon / Batman love child, and visually looks amazing. I think I'm getting close to the end, I just unlocked the V8.
  3. Sargara

    Dragon's Dogma: Arisen

    So its official: Jan 2016. @Brand86
  4. Sargara

    Northcoast 500 Roadtrip in the TVR T350C - loads of pictures

    I was eyeing this route up when PH also posted it, and then their following MX5 article. Good to see someone that has done it
  5. Sargara

    Pretensioner and buckets

    @FatRS If you are only fitting resistors to the airbag wiring then everything else will fire/work if still connected. The car doesnt know the airbags arent there, as far as the car is concerned the resistors ARE the airbags so it would still send them a fire command/pulse in an accident regardless.
  6. Sargara

    Laptop/Windows Help!!!!

    If you need data off that disk I recommend taking it out of the laptop and plugging it into a dock, use it like a USB HDD on another device and try to copy anything off. Otherwise Its format and reinstall Windows time looking at that. Does it have a recovery partition? some manufacturers ship...
  7. Sargara

    Was this anybody's on here?

    Probably fitted by a Renault dealer as an accessory then, Renaults whole approach to DRLs on the Clios seems very Halfords with the only attempts to incorporate them being in the Meganes blade.
  8. Sargara

    [PS4 Exclusive] Bloodbourne

    You might want to hold off on that "PS4 exclusive" title just yet. It could just be an error but this is often the way releases get leaked, retailers listing early.
  9. Sargara

    Dying Light

    Enjoying this currently in co-op. My main gripe is the weapons limited repair feature? Whats the point in using upgrades for my weapons if 4 repairs later they are worthless and have to be scrapped because I cant repair them anymore... WHY 😧
  10. Sargara

    CLIO IV RS - Trophy from page 111

    Was thinking the same. I dont agree with these changes being bundled into a Trophy edition they sound like improvements that should have been rolled out to all models, whats the point of the Cup model now?
  11. Sargara

    CLIO IV RS - Trophy from page 111

    So its basically the Megane 265 Trophy all over again, ie: remap and unique colour. I was hoping for Recaros, Ohlins etc (and manual) 😧
  12. Sargara

    ClioIV RS Trophy?

    A remap, colour change and a sticker. Could be worse, could be better.
  13. Sargara

    CLIO IV RS - Trophy from page 111

    Yeah Id love to be optimistic but theres a history of "special edition" let downs. Look at the Meg 265 Trophy....
  14. Sargara

    Clash of Clans - new clan members needed! Clan: Alpha Team One

    People only get kicked from the clan if they swear in chat or dont take their turns in wars. Getting 6 stars in 1 war is no guarantee if you are then absent on the next 2. I havent seen anyone get kicked for not attacking as a one off, its normally only repeat offenders who are booted. Im sure...
  15. Sargara

    Up to 80% off Xbox Games

    I spotted the -33% off Destiny and thought "great an opertunity to pick it up on the cheap" lol no. They list it as £53 reduced to £36 or whatever which is still no cheaper than it retails in most shops! These "deals" do nothing other than reduce the games from Microsofts inflated prices to...
  16. Sargara

    Can someone spec me the best gaming laptop :)

    I can sit on the sofa with it on my lap and use the arm of the sofa to rest a mouse on. I've also sat up on a bed with it on my lap and a mouse + mousepad wresting next to me. I'm not saying you have to but its useful having the option to. It's really not that big of a deal as you make it sound...
  17. Sargara

    Brand New Dell laptop and connection issues to BT homehub

    How are you connecting to the Homehub? Are you using the Windows wireless software or has Dell pre-loaded some kind of Wireless software on? I've seen similiar issues with Lenovo laptops defaulting to the pre-loaded Lenovo Wireless Hotspot software.
  18. Sargara

    Help with buying a gaming laptop

    Cant say I have but from the looks of that they are a Clevo reseller. Basically theres a Chinese/HK company that produce bare-bone laptops that resellers then configure to their desire and sell on. You get good hardware spec for the money but the build quality is often lacking. What you've...
  19. Sargara

    Help with buying a gaming laptop

    @Alex5 Have a look at: To give you an idea of how it stacks up against the competition. That website will categorise graphic cards into "classes" and that one you have found is the 15th up from the bottom of Class 3. You can see...
  20. Sargara

    Help with buying a gaming laptop

    Id echo any of this. Im on my 5th "gaming" laptop and I quickly learned to avoid anything 17" due to size/bulk. I now stick to 15". I dont use them out of choice its purely so I can transport it with me when im away and when im home I just sit on the sofa with it on my lap without the need for...
  21. Sargara

    Help with buying a gaming laptop

    Not sure what/where you are basing the Dell comment on, they are one of the biggest out there for a reason. Dells outlet would give you the opertunity of buying a nearly new device with some kind of warranty/reassurance = cheaper prices. If you go the 2nd hand route just bare in mind if it...
  22. Sargara

    Help with buying a gaming laptop

    Basically you need to up your budget ideally to around <£500 if you want to use it for gaming. The biggest obsticle is to avoid anything without a dedicated graphics card (GPU). So if ever the laptop you look at says "on-board graphics card" or "Intel HD graphics" etc disregard it. Id have a...
  23. Sargara

    Dragon Age Inquisition - all platforms

    @Scutch I spent the majority of my skills in Lightning with some in Spirit (Barrier related spells only). Later on when you get to choose a Specialisation to unlock a 5th spell tree I went with Necromancy but I regret this. From the name I imagined being able to summon skeletons and stuff like...
  24. Sargara

    Dragon Age Inquisition - all platforms

    Finished this last night after 67hours. I'd done all war board missions available (the repeatable resource ones at least once), romanced a character (josephine) and killed 6 of the 10 dragons as the remainder had the same elemental property as my main character (mage) and were too difficult...
  25. Sargara

    Dragon Age Inquisition - all platforms

    Yep your main character (the one you made) has to ALWAYS be there; the other 3 are optional and you can pick and chose who you like. Not to mention your main character is present for all the cutscenes/dialogue so it pays to have spent some time on the character creator getting it just right! (In...
  26. Sargara

    Your favourite map of all time?

    CoD2 was amazing, the first FPS game where I really get into multiplayer. I prefered the Normady multiplayer map though for being able to run through the houses with a Thompson :D
  27. Sargara

    Dragon Age Inquisition - all platforms

    He said he was at 35hrs back on Friday so around that I imagine. Im on 60hrs+ and just doing my last unexplored area now; Hissing Wastes. Its massive!
  28. Sargara

    Dragon Age Inquisition - all platforms

    I've found this game plateau's as well though, difficulty wise. The zones dont scale and are fixed so if like me when you get around lvl20 there isn't much short of Dragons that pose a challenge anymore from a combat perspective. But as Brand pointed out, that doesnt mean im left with nothing...
  29. Sargara

    Dragon Age Inquisition - all platforms

    Yeah I wont spoil it but keep going with the story missions until you end up at Skyhold (castle) that replaces Haven the town you start off with. If you've done the story bit about chosing either the Mages or Templars to side with you arent far off now. If you havent figured it out when you...
  30. Sargara

    Dragon Age Inquisition - all platforms

    Im almost 60hrs in now, deliberately avoided progressing the main story line so I can concentrate on the companions, side missions and war table stuff. Theres still 2 zones I havent even visited yet (Hissing Wastes and another, i forget). The rarity scale you posted seems correct, all the items...