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  1. dave120

    172 Cup cutting out when cold.

    Looking for some pointers please guys. I appreciate these things are difficult to diagnose but here goes anyway. My 172 Cup has started cutting out when cold. Basically, I’ll start it up in the morning with the intention of letting it warm up. After around minute or so the engine just stops...
  2. dave120

    Good seat covers for a 172 Cup

    Looking for recommendations for good seat covers for the front seats of my 172 Cup please. I do a lot of running and cycling in the Hills and regularly come back to the car wet and muddy. At present I’ve got some generic e bay specials which are actually ok for the £10 each they cost but I...
  3. dave120

    B Pillar trim clips

    Hi Folks. I have a few of these pop clips which have broken. They hold the interior B Pillar trim on. Ive had a quick look online and can’t seem to find them. Anyone got any sources ? cheers !
  4. dave120

    Rear seat belt removal

    Hi guys, I want to remove this seat belt temporarily. Is it safe for me to just undo the bolt ? It is connected to a red wire which I assume I need to unplug also. cheers.
  5. dave120

    Artic Blue 182 Cup, Renault, Grangemouth.

    182 Cup sitting outside the Renault Dealer in Grangemouth. I was in picking up a part. Anyone on here ?
  6. dave120

    Keyfob not locking or unlocking car

    Hi Folks, I bought my 172 Cup with only one key, which works perfectly. It locks and unlocks the car remotely (using the button on the fob). It starts the car etc. I wanted to get an additional key as a spare in case I lost the one I already have. So, I had a local auto locksmith round...
  7. dave120

    Giving a 172 Cup some TLC

    Hi Folks, Bought a 172 Cup earlier this year after taking the crazy notion that I wanted a Clio. Looked at all sorts of cars from 172s to 200s but never quite found the right car. In the end I decided to buy what I thought was a known quantity, a 172 Cup that although being far from perfect...
  8. dave120

    172 Cup seat information

    Hi Folks, One of the headrests in my Cup has become dislodged from the fixings so I’m trying to find a replacement. I have the headrest in at a local upholstery place but the guy is dragging his feet. I’m not having much luck in finding a replacement headrest from a Cup so, my question is...
  9. dave120

    Centre cap Diamonds

    Hi Folks, Im having my Turinis refurbed and although the centre caps are in perfect condition, the diamonds are extremely tired looking and tarnished. Does anyone have a link to somewhere I can buy new diamonds without having to pay 25 quid for centre caps? Thanks
  10. dave120

    172 Cup Headlights

    Hi folks. My 172 Cup has non OEM headlights and I want to change them for proper Renault ones. I’ve got a chance of a pair of OEM lights on eBay that the seller says are from a Cup but, how exactly do I determine if they are or not ? My question is, did the 172 Cup come with model specific...
  11. dave120

    New\ Old Member !

    Hi People, Thought it maybe wise I’d introduce myself on here as currently trying to get back into a Clio after many years away from them. I joined this forum a very long time ago when I owned a Ph1 172, which I loved. I gradually grew out of the car, sold it to my brother who is now on his...
  12. dave120

    Low idle on Ph1 172

    Hi guys! happy new year and all that! I wonder if its possible to adjust the idle on my Ph1 172 as when hot it idles at 750 rpm and below and its causing the oil light to flicker on in extreme cases I think its supposed to idle at 850 rpm +? Can this be adjusted back up? Cheers
  13. dave120

    rear brakes and hand brake not working on Phase 1 172

    hi guys! First of all can i wish you all a merry xmas! My problem is as follows.... a few months back i had new rear pads fitted as they were running low, a couple of weeks after this i noticed one of the back brakes locking on as the wheel was very hot during normal driving. The car was up...
  14. dave120

    Running slightly rough when cold and poor hot starting problems on mk1 172

    hey guys! My mk1 172 has gradually developed a running and starting issue. Starts perfectly from cold but then runs with slight miss fire until warm and has intermittent hot start problems. Would I be correct in guessing that the cause of this is faulty engine coolant temp sensor? If not...
  15. dave120

    How to DISARM phase one 172 alarm after key loss?

    hey guys! Im kinda struggling here so I hope you can help! I had a fully operational and working phase one 172 alarm( the after market kinda add on ones with the red LED by the gear stick) and I lost the only key fob I owned. When contacting renault I was offred two options 1. to pay the...
  16. dave120

    Am I allowed to ask how much you guys think this reg is worth??

    X172DBF Any Ideas?? Thanks
  17. dave120

    Snapped timing belt!! Advice Pls!

    Timing belt snapped on my Ph1 172 and im really just looking for advice as to what to do next. My mates garage has confirmed its def the belt thats failed and is taking the head off as we speak. Now, Am I best just to get any any bent valves replaced (or whole 16?) and put a Timing belt...
  18. dave120

    Camber on a Ph1

    Quick question, My Ph 1 172 is totally standard. Is there any way of adjusting the camber on the front?? I know you cant do it via the shocks but is the hub its self adjustable?? or the wishbone like a VW?? Cheers!
  19. dave120

    Backbox rubber hanger/mount has perished.

    As title and my exhaust is now rattling off the rear beam. Anyone know off the top of their head how much a new rubber mount costs?? Cheers!
  20. dave120

    Goodyear Efficient grip tyres

    Does anyone have any experience of these?? Seemingly they replaced the eagle F1 that is on my car atm. Im really struggling to get tyres and these seem to be the only ones any of the local places have in stock!! Im getting quoted a wait of over a week for PE2s Cheers!!!
  21. dave120

    Looking for new wheels for my Black Ph1 (Ideas Please!)

    Alright folks, Gonna get some new wheels for my PB Phase 1 172 and really looking for some ideas and opinions. Car is currently on the standard F1s which are kerbed to hell(previous owner!) I was thinkking of just getting the F1s refurbed and painted black or dark grey but Im also thinking...
  22. dave120

    Y*** MCA Exclusive, Edinburgh Bypass

    Today about 11:30, pulled off at Dreghorn, pretty sure you saw me. Looked low! And Dirty! Nice to see another Ph1 ! A rare sight!!
  23. dave120

    55 plate, Black 182 Edinburgh

    This morning near the Dreghorn Army Barracks about 0845, Plate ended MAO or WAO I think. Blonde girl driving, Cliosport sticker in the rear window. I was behind you in a Ph1 172
  24. dave120

    Electric Window problems

    Alright folks. My Drivers side window failed last night and after taking the door car off today there were a few snapped wires lying at the bottom of the door. Do I need a new regulator?? If so, are they all the same? Cheers
  25. dave120

    What Oil do you guys recommend??

    As above really, Doing a service and just wondering what Oil is best for the Ph1 172?? Same goes for plugs etc?? Just use renault ones?? Cheers!!!
  26. dave120

    Rear Suspension Advice/Opinions

    As i've mentioned on here previously i recently changed the back shocks and springs on my newly acquired Ph1 172. Now, This has fixed the problem that I originally had (the back end feeling very unstable, even in a straight line). What we found was the drivers side shock had almost completley...
  27. dave120

    Phase 1 172 exhausts HELP!

    Alright folks, I know this has been discussed before but I cant really find any definative answers. My standard system has now seen better days and is blowing pretty badly at the centre section. Its starting to affect my MPG so I'll need to do something about this sooner rather than...
  28. dave120

    ph1 172 rear suspension problems

    Hi There I've had the above car for about 2 weeks now and the rear suspension just doesnt feel right. One of the rear springs was broken so I changed that and its only really made a slight improvement. The car is fine at slow speeds but at motorway speeds it just doesnt feel safe!! When...
  29. dave120

    radio code

    Im trying to re enter the code for the radio in my Ph1 172 and im sure im doing it correctly!! Im following the manual and entering the code written in my service book. After I enter the code and it beeps the display just sits at CODE and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?? Thanks!!
  30. dave120

    Phase 1 172 passenger airbag

    Can you switch it off at all?? If so how?? Thanks!