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  1. Struggler

    Seized Rear Hub (again)

    I know this thread has come up before, but one of the rear hubs on my girlfriends car has seized, and i cannot for the life of me get it to free up, ive tried smashing it with a hammer and rocking the car back and forth but nothing seems to be able to make it budge. I'm starting to this it may...
  2. Struggler

    Rooby Clio 172

    how have i only just found this?!
  3. Struggler

    Cup Racer Engine Mounts

    Wow its been a long time since i posted on here!! mainly because my track project was put into my nans garage and forgotten while i was at uni and couldnt afford to do much with it. I know the cup racers are fully subframe mounted. a lot of people subframe mounted their engines in mk1 clios...
  4. Struggler

    My Poo whipp. Subtle was the idea

    this thread has made my night!! it looks like exactly what id have done to my clio when i was 18 if i had the money!! thankfully i could never afford to have paintwork done so i never got a body kit. but the interior looks similar to how mine looked! :D i now look back and laugh at what i was...
  5. Struggler

    10 Things You Didn't Know About The Clio 182

    i always dump my keys straight on the roof! and ill probs never get out of that habit! :(
  6. Struggler

    has any one lowered 60mm on a 1.2 is a horrible and what do i need ?

    i thought it said "anyone who has lowered 60mm on a 1.2 is a horrible person"
  7. Struggler

    Dr Jekyll's Ph1 172 Progress Thread

    log on for the first time in ages to find you have a ph1 now!! good choice ;) looks great man, ill have to keep an eye, hoping youll be making is as nice and clean as your 182! :)
  8. Struggler

    Mk1 widetrack vs. Mk2

    mk2, shocks and springs rear suspension is better than torsion bar and most mk1 shells need saving from rust! lol mk1s look better though
  9. Struggler

    What have you done to your car today ???

    considered insuring it!
  10. Struggler

    182 inlet manifold top part

    there wont be any gain from swapping between them, they are the same bore. im pretty certain theyre all the same but there may be extra hose fittings on some.
  11. Struggler

    my clio 1.2

    I think the 172 rear bumpers need skirts on the side to make them look more at home! other than that, it look superb from the back, front is getting massively let down by the jap plate and white grills imo!
  12. Struggler

    Newbie from Essex

    4 page welcome thread!! had to be a female joining!! Welcome to CS, I used to live in Leigh-on-sea, not far from yourself :)!
  13. Struggler

    High RPM blast

    try changing the thermostat, they can stop them from warming up properly and keep the car on cold map
  14. Struggler

    Project Not Sure

    didn't realise how far you had gone with it, bay looks really good so far!!
  15. Struggler

    Falling out of love with Clio...

    you can add me to that list too!! i spend so long building my track car and quite a bit of money on it. 6 months after finishing it and im considering what i would swap it for... maybe 3series BMW or a bike of some kind. For now ive cancelled the insurance policy and garaged it until the summer...
  16. Struggler

    Show us your track cars!

    my 172 my mk1
  17. Struggler

    The PH1 172 Appreciation Thread.

  18. Struggler

    172 ph1 mod/upgrades

    pics of the induction kit?? how do you know the previous owners didnt treat it that well?
  19. Struggler

    My 172 Replica

    good start! needs some kind of stance work!! and wheel!! lol
  20. Struggler

    First Car - Five Door 1.2 16V

    please make the second picture happen!! lol nice first car, not a fan of the current alloys atm, but plans sound good!
  21. Struggler

    Borrowed the new Clio 4!

    take of some of those horrible shiney plastic bits inside and itll look half decent, hate the wheels, they look like something a chav would put on his 1991 cosra 1.2!! and the wingmirrors are the fugly stepsister of a cave troll! other than that, i quite like the exterior styling, <1L turbo...
  22. Struggler

    Mot seats and belt question.

    does the cup still have 5 seater on the logbook?? or is it sold as a 4 seater?! afaik, all seats need belts and all belts need seats. and REMOVED safety equitment will definately make complications!
  23. Struggler

    Mk2 Ph1, going low

    needs turinis and silvervisions!
  24. Struggler

    Jetwash my engine?

    fair enough, ill just use a degrease it instead, and ye its got to be this time of year cz the cars getting layed up and id kind of like it to be clean!
  25. Struggler

    Jetwash my engine?

    i want to jet wash the front and back of my engine, and the subframe, if i remove the alternator, inlet mani, tape up the inlets and dont wash the rocker cover..... what problems might i make for myself?? and should i just NOT do it??
  26. Struggler

    rear drum brake upgrade.

    someones binned it and bent the rear beam at some point, then bodge fixed it by slapping a cheap rear beam on and not bothered changing any of the brakes over?? or someone got fed up of pads falling out of the rear callipers?!/thought drums would be better Either way, its not right!! id defs...
  27. Struggler

    My PH1 Euro'd up - Photoshop

    As above, never call you car euro!! It demands hate straight away regardless of how it looks!! As for the car you could have saved some time and stole a pic of mine, looks the same just with smaller wheels. Feel free to find my old threads and have a look! As for the look, its been done quite...
  28. Struggler

    Part numbers please!

    theyre pretty much the same as the garbled shite i managed to decipher off the rotten cats i had!! thankyou soo much for your help mate! credit to cliosport!!
  29. Struggler

    EURO clio 182 let me know what you guy's think?

    very generic euro mods imo, other than the wheels and stance theres nothing really euro about it, dont like the stickers and bonnet bra at all.
  30. Struggler

    Williams Air Filters

    i have an ITG pannel somewhere in the garage! yours for £20+postage, will even throw in a K&N cone filter for free so you can make your own mind up what you prefer! lol (its a bit old though)