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  1. Fletcher

    Fletch’s BMW M2 Competition.

    Picked this up last Saturday from Barons Bedford to replace my mineral grey M2. It has pretty much every option bar the sunroof and big brake kit. Driven it around 140 miles, and is now in storage until my driveway is finished. Already ordered a new Restore44 front splitter (the same as...
  2. Fletcher

    Clio 172 radiator fan will not working.

    As above, even when the car starts to overheat. So it’s defiantly not working. What fuse is for the radiator fan?
  3. Fletcher

    Fletch's BMW M2.

    Back in April, I ordered my manual mineral grey M2 (with most option boxes ticked). It arrived Friday afternoon. Only done around 200 miles but so far am very impressed, the exhaust sounds great for stock system too A few pics, hopefully get some go pro footage in the week.
  4. Fletcher

    Nasty 172 engine noise.

    I noticed the other day a nasty noise from the engine, when you come off the throttle, and when revving the engine in neutral, or in gear when stationary. No warning lights on the dash and the engine pulls as normal. The car/ engine is on 157k. Idle sounds normal too. When given some revs :(...
  5. Fletcher

    Running lean.

    As above. Had the Clio 172 on Surrey Rolling road, a few weeks ago. Charlie stopped after two runs saying it was running very lean! Shame as it made good power. The 172 has a ITG Maxogen and PMS race exhaust system fitted, and is running a RS tuner 98 ron map. I have just had a new coilpack...
  6. Fletcher

    Ferodo DS1.11 and CL RC5 brake dust.

    I currently run CL RC6 pads in my 172, I really like the brake pedal feel, and braking power, but would like to run a pad that is kinder to wheels/ bodywork. How do the CL RC5, and Ferodo DS1.11 compare? Or the other alternative I have is run DS2500 daily and then run CL RC6 pads for track...
  7. Fletcher

    Silver 2118's fitted.

    Just a few pics taken with my iPhone. Untitled by Fletcher Cox, on Flickr Untitled by Fletcher Cox, on Flickr Untitled by Fletcher Cox, on Flickr Untitled by Fletcher Cox, on Flickr Untitled by Fletcher Cox, on Flickr Untitled by Fletcher Cox, on Flickr Untitled by Fletcher Cox, on Flickr...
  8. Fletcher

    Brembo 197/200 calipers behind 2118s.

    Just looking at going back to 4 pots on my 172, and have a couple of questions. Has anyone fitted 2118 wheels over Brembo 4 pots? and if so how much did you have to machine off the calipers, and secondly do you need to run spacers to get the required space between wheel and caliper. Thanks Fletch.
  9. Fletcher

    Changing Nearside driveshaft.

    As above. I am in the process of removing the NS driveshaft so far I have. Drained the gearbox Removed wheel and 30mm hub nut Removed the 3 13mm bolts that holding the gearbox seal. What next? I couldn't find decent guide on here. Cheers Fletch.
  10. Fletcher

    FAO anyone who has changed Compbrake discs.

    As above. I am trying to remove my discs, and cannot get these bolts to budge :( Untitled by fletcher10, on Flickr I have undone the 12mm bolts at the back without any problems. Cheers Fletch.
  11. Fletcher

    Clio 172 in the New Forest.

    Untitled by fletcher10, on Flickr Untitled by fletcher10, on Flickr Untitled by fletcher10, on Flickr url=][/url] Untitled by fletcher10, on Flickr Just ticked over 145k, so not long before she hits 150k!
  12. Fletcher

    FAO Pure Motorsport exhaust owners.

    I am thinking of changing my current ktec stealth system for one of these Are you happy with the system? And do you have any decent pics/ videos of said exhaust? Cheers Fletch.
  13. Fletcher

    Auto lights - Wipers have stopped working.

    As above, any ideas? The fuses seem fine.
  14. Fletcher

    New parts fitted to the FletchBus (Recaro SPG, Roll cage etc)

    Following on from my project thread, some better pics .Untitled by fletcher10, on Flickr Untitled by fletcher10, on Flickr Untitled by fletcher10, on Flickr Untitled by fletcher10, on Flickr Untitled by fletcher10, on Flickr Untitled by fletcher10, on Flickr Untitled by...
  15. Fletcher

    Recaro SPG ,Pole Position side mount bolt size?

    As above. I am in the process of ordering some side mounts for my Recaro SPG's and need some bolts. Anyone know what size I need? Cheers Fletch.
  16. Fletcher

    RenaultSport Sabelt Harnesses. Can you still buy them?

    I am after a Renault sport Sabelt harness ( like below) Untitled by fletcher10, on Flickr Are these still available, if so where from. Cheers Fletch.
  17. Fletcher

    Subframe options.

    I am currently running a Cobra X-low (rep) subframe with with a Corbeau Revolution seat. The seat/ subframe is a bit low for my liking, and as a result my steering wheel is too high for me. I had a OMP subframe before that was ok, but didn't sit level without spacers. Does anyone else make a...
  18. Fletcher

    Happy 140k.

    The shed ticked over 140k the other day... [/url] Untitled by fletcher10, on Flickr [/url] Untitled by fletcher10, on Flickr After todays B road blast. [/url] Untitled by fletcher10, on Flickr [/url] Untitled by fletcher10, on Flickr [/url] Untitled by fletcher10, on F
  19. Fletcher

    Recaro Subframes and Pole Postions.

    I am looking at getting a passenger Recaro PP and would like it on sliders.
  20. Fletcher

    The FletchBus is back...

    After spending 16 months sat on the driveway SORN it's up and running again. A few quick pics taking in a nearby industrial estate. Hopefully get some better pics/ location at re -fit the anthracite 2118s before the bad weather sets in. Untitled by fletcher10, on Flickr Untitled by...
  21. Fletcher

    Custom Cages Roll cage.

    Does anyone have a custom cages roll cage fitted, or have dealt with the company? I quite like the look of this cage.. Cheers Fletch.
  22. Fletcher

    Port Solent Krispy Kreme meet Wednesday 18th Sep 7.00pm.

    Well overdue a KK meet guys :coffee: 1. Fletch. 2. Sam 3. Christopher
  23. Fletcher

    Running 421-438 catcams in a high mileage standard engine.

    I am due a cambelt change and have been thinking about fitting some cams, and ARP bolts. The engine is now on 139,200. Thoughts?
  24. Fletcher

    Pure Motorsport Stud kit.

    I am thinking about getting this stud kit. Anyone on here have this stud kit fitted to their Clio? Cheers Fletch.
  25. Fletcher

    Silver Ph1 172 ( with CS sticker) Primrose Way Needham Market Ipswich

    As above I spotter this yesterday, it looked great. Very track focused :)
  26. Fletcher

    Holesaw question.

    I am after some holesaw advice. How many can you safely have in and around the rear door card/ boot area? Pics would be even better, cheers Fletch.
  27. Fletcher

    EA Servers down?

    As above I can't seem to play FIFA 12 online . Anyone else having issues?
  28. Fletcher

    Oh dear... aux belt looks like it's had better days!

    IMG_7904 by fletcher10, on Flickr IMG_7903 by fletcher10, on Flickr Bad burning rubber smell opened up the bonnet to see the above. It's due a aux/cambelt change anyway :dapprove: Would a oil leak eventaully rot the belt?
  29. Fletcher

    Pure Motorsport Aircon Delete kit (lightweight)

    Has anyone on here fitted the lightweight version? And is it worth the extra money over the cheaper kit? Thanks Fletch.
  30. Fletcher

    Fitting Aerocatches. How hard, what tools do I need.

    I am thinking of fitting a set of Aerocatches to the 172. I am having problems with the standard bonnet ( it won't close property ATM) and I will eventaully have some ITBs fitted, so would need some aerocatches then. Any advice of a decent guide would be great, cheers Fletch. :)