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  1. Sargara

    Clearout - DS2500, Powerflex, Xenons and more

    After selling my last Renaultsport at the weekend (4th in a row) and moving away from the brand for the first time I've got the following bits left over that I'm trying to get rid of, hence the 99p starts where applicable. Roll up roll up! :) Xenon 172...
  2. Sargara

    Dragon Age Inquisition - all platforms

    I haven't seen a topic for this yet and its due out later this month so i figured why not. Due out on November 21st for us it will be coming out on all consoles and PC. Inquisition builds on the first 2 Dragon Age games so the choices you made in them will have an influence on this new one...
  3. Sargara

    Project Trophy #393.

    Well after owning this for almost 3 months now I thought it was time I put up some details on what's happened with 393 so far since I picked it up from York on the 8th May. To summarise the eBay listing: On the surface It seems a bit of a bargain however the work involved so far says...
  4. Sargara

    Saints Row 3rd, Dead Island + more = £3

    Its that time again! Saints Row 3rd Saints Row 2 Risen 2: Dark Waters Sacred 2: Gold + Dead Island GOTY SR3 Full Package = £3 Or if you are feeling generous All of the above + Dead Island Riptide = £16 The games will be sent via keys you add to your Steam library...
  5. Sargara

    Steam Stats - Cost per hour breakdown

    I haven't seen this mentioned here yet so figured I would share it. View your Steam profile > Rclick > "Copy Page URL" and put the long number in as your Steam ID#. Unfortunately its in $ but it gives you an idea. 62 Games - 1585.3 Hours - $1163.40 Dollars (:quiet:)...
  6. Sargara

    Snooper Tigre (speed camera detector) I think Snooper have discontinued this model now but ive had it less than a year. Any questions let me know. Cheers.
  7. Sargara

    Decent Rolling Road?

    Just a general question really. What are the names of some reliable Rolling Roads in our neck of the woods and has anyone used them? I've done a quick search on here and cant seem to find anything posted for the East Mids section and Google only seems to bring up
  8. Sargara

    Americans dont like bends

    I know they get flak for having poor handling cars but when you see videos like this you cant help but feel perhaps theres a little truth in it? The guy has some equally nice videos on his channel however....
  9. Sargara

    What to look for when collecting a car from a bodyshop

    Im after alittle advice here please. Im about to go and collect my car from the bodyshop following an accident repair pretty much down the entire side of the car (new door, new rear quater, both bumpers sprayed and wing etc) and id like some pointers on any tell tale signs i should be looking...
  10. Sargara

    200 Cup accident with a lorry :(

    (sorry if the images are messed up, im essentially writing this post blind as my work blocks imagehosting websites lol) Morning all, Well what a s**t way to start the day with a lorry deciding he wanted to merge into my lane dispite the fact i was still in my lane. :mad:I have never had an...
  11. Sargara

    Dark Souls - Xbox/PS3 Is anyone else playing this? Its a sequel to a PS3 exclusive that i never played but i decided to pickup a copy at the weekend to fill the gap while awaiting Battlefield 3. HARDEST GAME EVER! :mad: I think ive spent more time dieing and running back to...
  12. Sargara

    When are tickets being posted?

    Sorry wasnt sure where else to ask this. I purchased a ticket and recieved the invoice on the 15th March (Order Number: 2453) but i still haven't had anything turn up to the address listed on the invoice. Have tickets even been posted out yet? Or is it possible this could have been lost in...
  13. Sargara

    172 Flamer - A52 Nottingham - HN51 CGE

    Spotted this morning (Friday 27th May) on the way into Nottingham past Wollaton Park. I didnt thumbs up or wave due to not spotting a sticker, only a Renault sticker and Nurburgring ones.
  14. Sargara

    The Witcher 2 - PC

    Cant recommend this game highly enough! Id heard bad things about it running poor on peoples systems and not being optimized etc so i downloaded a "copy" first to prevent parting with £30 for something i was unable to play. Turned out it ran perfectly so i uninstalled it and reinstalled a...
  15. Sargara

    Clio 182 - Locko Road, Spondon

    Spotted yesturday evening 5th May, around 5pm. Hi Dave126 :) Looking clean as always, is your exhaust standard?
  16. Sargara

    Chav 182 Baked Bean with xenons (dave88)

    Spotted today around 2:30pm on the A52 from Ashbourne towards Derby. This particular 182 stood out because it was rolling with xenons in the middle of day...... O hai Dave88 (Me and my mate were on our way to Dovedale Valley out the back of Ashbourne) :rasp:
  17. Sargara

    GW Clio 200 Cup - Update

    I havent really taken any pictures of my Clio since the initial detail done by a fellow member (JP). So i figured i would take some phone pics (sorry) following some updates ive made to the 200. First the big update for me, is the projector headlights that Fred@BTM fitted and...
  18. Sargara

    A list of insurers for renewal.

    Its renewal time coming up at the end of the month and im currently in the process of phoning around the usual suspects for quotes. Im not wasting my time with and other such comparison websites but instead im opting to go direct. So far my list consists of: Greenlight -...
  19. Sargara

    New car paint protection

    Sorry if this has been asked lots before, i did a quick search and didnt really find any deffinate answers. Basically i want to protect my new 200's paint work to help with cleaning and hopefully scratches/chips if at all possible. I've got Autoglym Extra Gloss and then was thinking about a...
  20. Sargara

    200 Cup MPG from new

    Well thanks to reading the various doom sayers on here i was surprised with what i found. I collected my 200 cup yesturday from Crawley Down Renault (cheers Richard1) with roughly 9 miles on the clock. A tank full of Shell Vpower and 180 miles later to get it home this is what ive found...
  21. Sargara

    60 plate GW 200 broken down!

    Spotted last night off the M42 slip road towards Birmingham Airport around 00:15 (Sunday 26th) in the morning. GW 200 BE60 *** i think getting loaded onto the back of a recovery truck. Not a good omen when the first 60 plate 200 i have ever seen in the flesh is being recovered :(
  22. Sargara

    Donnington track day

    Incase anyone has missed it due to being in a different section. *link*
  23. Sargara

    Notts - Flamer HN51 CGE

    Driving to work this morning 14th @ 7:45am and i noticed you behind me, heading down the A52 past the university towards the QMC roundabout. I did a thumbs up when you were directly behind me in traffic. Im not a fan of the aftermarket alloys im affraid :nono:
  24. Sargara

    Notts - Silver 182 YN54 ***

    Driving along Clifton Bulivard towards QMC. I passed you, spotted the sticker in the rear window so gave you the thumbs up as i passed. You looked startled lol either that or i had just woken you up :sleepy:
  25. Sargara

    Braided brake lines... ballache

    So i picked up a set of unusued braided brake lines off a member on here, ordered 1.5L worth of replacement fluid from Opieoils and asked a mate with a flat drive to help me fit them. But this being a Renault nothing was ever going to be straight forward right? Managed to fit 3 out of the 4...
  26. Sargara

    Vodafone contract loophole - possible

    This isnt 100% yet as Vodafone could still change their mind. But if things stay on course then as of June 1st a loophole will open and basically allow you to cancel early much in the same way as what happened to Orange...
  27. Sargara

    New Dell slim laptop charger.

    Hi all, Ive got a spare one of these new never used. Its the new style laptop charger that ships with Dells thats slimer than the old and has an LED light around the cord where it plugs into your laptops socket. *link* Or drop me a message on here and i will cancel the auction :) Cheers.
  28. Sargara

    Starcraft 2

    Not that i condone this or anything but for those of you who maybe waiting for this title the Closed Beta that kicked off 2 weeks ago has already been cracked so you can play offline against the AI. :evil: The game is solid in terms of balance between the races as you would expect and theres...
  29. Sargara

    Black ph2 172 - Derby

    Turning into Stephenson Way on the Wyvern Business Park around 12:40. Jun i assume :rasp:
  30. Sargara

    Alien Vs Predator - Multiplayer demo

    Im shocked there hasnt been a topic on this yet They have released a multiplayer demo which has access to all the races (Alien, Predator and Marines) in a Deathmatch game setting. I finished downloading it last night via Steam for the PC. My...