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  1. Twingo 1??

    Inferno 182 Callendar.

    Inferno 182 with dark alloys on the main road through Callendar.
  2. Twingo 1??

    Motorsport Dilemma

    So my Twingo is sat in a shed and hasn't realy moved for years. I was building the car to continue rallying after I had sold my Puma but after 4 years I have fallen out of love with rallying due to the realisation that I won't be able to rally again because of the financial side of going stage...
  3. Twingo 1??

    Good practices before mapping.

    I have the Twingo rally car booked to go in for mapping at efi in a few months time. The car basically has cat cams ktec manifold and exhaust. I have never had a car mapped as all my previous rally cars have had standard engines. I was going to give it a oil service, plugs were done less than a...
  4. Twingo 1??

    Zoom Zoom Mazda 3 Shed

    So after selling the scenic that I used to use and replacing it with a Biante I needed a car as the Biante is to nice to ruin. Set a budget of 1k back in September but found nothing I liked or wasn't fucked in some way. Looked at a puma as I have had a few but it was bodged beyond belief, a...
  5. Twingo 1??

    An Fuel Fittings

    Hoping someone can help. I am going to be doing the fuel lines on the Twingo as they need to run on the inside of the car. I need a contractor for the fuel rail and the tank. Am I correct in thinking this is the correct one for both?
  6. Twingo 1??

    LY Clio 182 Hartlepool

    LY 182 with white speedlines Asda car park Thursday morning. Looked realy nice in the morning sun.
  7. Twingo 1??

    34 years ago Rallying lost a big talent.

    34 years ago today Henri Toivonen lost his life on the road from Corte to Taverna on the Tour de Corse. Toivonen and American co-driver Sergio Cresto died when their Lancia Delta S4 failed to make a left-hander, went off the road and burst into flames. In the blink of an eye, one of – if not the...
  8. Twingo 1??

    Anyone fancy giving Rally Navigation a crack?

    Hope this is an OK place for this if not please move to a more relevant place. I am in need of someone to navigate on rallys and I didn't know if any of the Cs people fancied giving it ago. Looking to start once motorsport is up and running again with potentially first rally being Mull. I...
  9. Twingo 1??

    Weight Reduction.

    Where can you lose weight from the front end? Car is a Twingo 133 so not a clio but similar. Bonnet is all ready mostly done and it's a cup so no aircon and also has electric ps. Needs to remain road legal as its a rally car. Not looked but is there anything behind the bumpers that's not needed?
  10. Twingo 1??

    Workshop Day (Please Help)

    A while ago @massivewangers suggested a workshop day to help me out so I thought it was time I would ask the forum members to help if they can. I am not going to bore you with a sob story but a lot has gone on in my life the last few years hence the dream of building the Twingo has always been...
  11. Twingo 1??

    Clio Williams, Sedgefield

    L Reg Clio Williams in front of a nice house in Sedgefield in Co Durham. Looked nice apart from a flat rear tyre.
  12. Twingo 1??

    Gearbox Oil Twingo 133

    Am I correct in thinking that the Twingo will be selective as the clio for its gearbox oil? I have a load of Rock Oil 75w80 left from a joblot a purchased ages ago. Would this be any good in the Twingo box? Also it's in a rally car so would it be an idea to run other stuff, recommendations...
  13. Twingo 1??

    Are Twingo 133 Rear Dampers same Size As 172\182?

    I know it's not technically a Clio question but didn't know where else to post! I am struggling to find decent rear coilovers for the Twingo rally car so I was wondering if the rear Dampers are of similar size to a 172/182 as avalibility is straight off the shelf for the Clio where as nothing...
  14. Twingo 1??

    What's your favourite Motorsport video?

    Just bored so though I would have a look online for some of my favourite videos. Mine is Peter Taylors Griburn stage. I know the local postie was clocked at 152mph in his 2.5 mk2 Escort but this was some going to break the stage record. Having driven the stage competitive and seeing over a...
  15. Twingo 1??

    Autolec master switch wiring.

    OK so I really don't have a clue when it comes to wiring at all. I have an autolec master switch to put into the car before the car can pass its motorsport passport. I know it's for a Twingo 133 but I imagine it is similar to a Clio. I have the standard ecu. Any good advice or know of anyone...
  16. Twingo 1??

    Proline Motorsport Brake Line kits.

    Been looking at the proline internal brake line kit for the Twingo. Have any of you guys used there kits and what is there quality like? Also is there massive difference between using the kit that uses gromits and the bulkhead kit? Any info/help would be appreciated.
  17. Twingo 1??

    Towing Rules & Regs

    Am I correct in thinking that I can tow a car trailer with a car on aslong as the total weight is less than 3500kg on a B licence? Just looking at ways of transporting the rally car round next year. Thanks for any advice.
  18. Twingo 1??

    Question for the Rally guys!

    OK so the last few years I have done very little rallying and I have struggled to get a navigator when I have been able to do an event. I don't know if my lack of events puts people off but for Mull in 2016 I could not find anyone, luckily one of my son's wanted to give it a go. Surprisingly...
  19. Twingo 1??

    The Baby Renault Sport Twingo 1??

    Don't really know where to start with this project ! I have owned this Twingo for over 5 years now with her doing a good daily runabout until I started needing 5 seats and as we know the Twingo has 4 seats . She has mainly been garaged for around the last 18 months. Then this time last year the...
  20. Twingo 1??

    Advice Needed On Rear Suspension For Rally Car

    I am looking for advice on a rear coil overs set up for the rear of the rally car I am in the process of finishing . After something to be used on bumpy tarmac and that won't cost the earth. Not a fan of gaz and have used avo and bilstein on other cars. I need 172/182 fitment but its not for a...
  21. Twingo 1??

    Returning Member.

    Not been on the forum for quite a while but returning to maybe join up for some run outs later in the year and to gather info and looking for parts. I joined when I had a MK1 Clio 1.8 8v track car and then went on to buy a Twingo 133 cup that is now nothing like a standard 133 (cams...
  22. Twingo 1??

    Renault clip diagnostic questions .

    Looking to get all my airbags turned off . Any body know of anyone who has clip in the Durham area and could travel to where the car is ? When they are turned off can I remove all the wires and airbag ECU ? I am just building a new project so all info and help would be appreciated. Graeme
  23. Twingo 1??

    JR5 Gearbox lsd

    Anybody know if there is a LSD to fit the JR5 gearbox as I can't find one and didn't know if the JC5 one Would fit . Thanks for any help .
  24. Twingo 1??

    Who do you guys use garage wise around Durham?

    I know I don't own a clio now but do have a Twingo rs. My belts are due and I am looking for someone to do the belts and fit some cams at the same time. Any recommendations? Cheers
  25. Twingo 1??

    Bye vrs Hello rs cup!

    Got this little asbo hair dryer now lots more fun than the Octavia
  26. Twingo 1??

    Photo meet/Drive out

    After having such a good day at the last photo meet/drive out I fancy doing it again. No date as yet as I want to see who is interested. Drive would be round the Durham dales and was thinking of doing it one evening as the roads are less busy than at a w eekend for those who like to drive in a...
  27. Twingo 1??

    Advice on building a mk1 Rally Car

    Can anyone give me some advice/help building a clio mk1 rally car. I have the car and has lots of good stuff on it I need a cage,seats,belts all safety equipment suspention,brakes, engine ect have all been dun. Graeme
  28. Twingo 1??

    Will a 106/saxo cage fit a mk1 clio?

    Will a 106/saxo cage fit a mk1 clio? There is loads about as I am after a second hand one.
  29. Twingo 1??

    Clio Road Rally Car

    Thought I should take the clio out today and take some pix as my 2nd post was my Avenger lol Anyway this is my Rsi I got as it was cheap and looked like a lot of fun the lad I got it off could be a member but I dont know!
  30. Twingo 1??

    Hillman Avenger !

    This is my 73 Hillman Avenger I have had her 4 years and have changed quite a lot in the years.