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    Rubbing noise under light brake pressure

    Any ideas what might be causing a slight rubbing noise when applying light brake pressure. Noise isnt there when not braking and also disappears under heavier braking. Sounds like its coming from the front left only. Seems weird to me that the noise isnt there without braking. Dont wanna start...
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    Arch Liner Clip Tool

    What tools are we all using to remove the fir tree clips holding arch liners in. I'm fed up of breaking them by using pliers and brute force Are those pliers sort of thing any good or are the levers better ? Help...
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    Incident with HGV curbed my alloys - what can i do ?

    This happened on Monday. You can see from the video he just indicated and pulled straight over into my lane. Luckily i managed to scrub enough speed off to avoid getting wiped out. But i did bump the curb in the process and its taken some nasty digs out of my alloys. What can i do about this ...
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    Clio 2.0 Front wheel bearing

    Ive got a 2.0 mk3 non sport. Its the 139hp version or whatever it is The front wheel bearing is gone. Ive watched the videos on youtube and it seems like a lot of work especially if it goes wrong. Ive got all the basic tools (spanner, sockets etc) and a massive impact wrench but no special...
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    Mk3 2.0vvt 138bhp Brakes

    Can someone please confirm the disc size for the Clio mk3 2.0 vvt 138bhp. Its the dynamique s spec with the lyria 16" wheels if that helps jog a memory. Europarts dont stock them and everywhere else says either 260 or 280mm. Help please ...
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    Mk3 dci Injector Noise

    Ive just replaced all 4 of my injectors in my 56 plate dci mk3 because 2 were leaking back badly and causing starting issues. So while i was at it i did the other 2 for safe measure. However, when i rev the engine and allow it to return to idle i hear a strange almost beeping sound coming from...
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    Amplifier power cable guage

    I'm in need of some help figuring out what gauge cable i'm going to need to power the amplifier i intend to buy. I was looking at this one because its the right price range for me. I also have a active sub box already installed using 8 awg cable. I don't know whether to run another cable from...
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    Headlights wont turn off - Mk3

    Ive read countless threads online about possible solutions to this but all of them seem to lead to the Mk2. I have a mk3 dci and the dipped beams stay on even when the switch is off and the ignition is off and key out. I stupidly spent the money for a new column switch only to realize i was...
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    Anybody seen this thread ??

    I was reading through a thread a few weeks back about a crazy dude who has made his own rally buggy sorta thing. Im looking at doing something similar and im in need of inspiration. Anybody remember where the thread was. I cant find it for the life of me. If it helps i remember the thing was red...
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    Dynamique VS Dynamique S

    I've got a Mk3 1.5 dci pre-facelift. Its a dynamique , not an S tho. I prefer the look of the S and was wondering what actual differences there are between them. i know the s has better looking wheels. I also noticed that they run discs on the back. Anybody know how hard it would be to convert...