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  1. jamesd1263

    What Clio's have people owned?

    94 1.2 be bop red 93 1.8 8v rsi white 92 1.8 16v ectrusian red 95 1.8 16v Naples (hybrid) 91 1.8 16v 93 williams 96 williams 94 1.8 16v black 92 1.8 16v grey 94 1.8 16v grey 2001 172 ph1 exclusive (green) 94 1.8 16v brooklands (hybrid)
  2. jamesd1263

    Being 30 and in a 182

    You certainly have
  3. jamesd1263

    Being 30 and in a 182

    After getting rid of my 172 in 2012. I've had a few boring cars. Diesel mondeos for example. Now at 29 I've decided to go back to what I know best. Mk1 1.8 16v clios. pick her up tomorrow
  4. jamesd1263

    lol - skoda splitter

    These have been listed like that for years
  5. jamesd1263

    Phase 1 sticky idle

    Could also be routed wrong
  6. jamesd1263

    Phase 1 sticky idle

    Try a new idle valve, common on these I think mate
  7. jamesd1263

    Still have a misfire

    Plugs leads and coil now changed for my spares. Engine light is back on solid runs like a sack of s**t. All the faults say are coil 1 and coil 2 misfire
  8. jamesd1263

    Still have a misfire

    Plugs changed and its much better, not cutting out, but it does judder if you put your foot down in 4th at low revs.
  9. jamesd1263

    Russ says oops

    Sell me some oz rims? Or swap for original bbs
  10. jamesd1263

    Still have a misfire

    Ill have a proper butchers 2moro
  11. jamesd1263

    Still have a misfire

    Unburnt fuel coming through the exhaust it smells like
  12. jamesd1263


    Fits well
  13. jamesd1263

    Still have a misfire

    Cars still running like a sack of s**t. Eml is still on (solid now) it idles fine but under load starts to misfire, turn it off and start her up again and it idles normal again.. Changed coil pack and leads.. Had it plugge in and the codes were ignition coil 1 and ignition coil 2
  14. jamesd1263

    Engine light

    Changed coil pack and leads and its still doing it
  15. jamesd1263

    Engine light

    Haha no worries dan, didnt realise you was busy today The codes that came up were 0351 and 0352 ignition coils 1+2 :(
  16. jamesd1263

    Engine light

    Any ideas guys?
  17. jamesd1263

    Engine light

    Ok so after last night (car conking out and not staring) the car now starts. and idles ok as soon as you give it any revs its revs up fine but wont idle properly (splutters) again, or it just cuts out, restart it and its ok on odle and does the same again. Engine light is flashing Help please
  18. jamesd1263

    Blocked cat?

    Driving home tonight driving at 70 slowed down to take my turning and the car cut out, all the electrics stayed on. Car was cranking but not firing, left it 20 mins and it fired up engine light was on but the rac bloke turned it off. Drove it about 4 miles and managed to get home but 200 yard...
  19. jamesd1263

    Restoration Man; Mk1 Naples Valver.

    Looks like its going to be a v nice car indeed. Miss my mk1 naples. Best colour imo
  20. jamesd1263

    WHY !!

    The silver one isbt that bad, theres worse on here. The blue one is pure lol
  21. jamesd1263

    Clio 200 Red "Raider" - Woodbridge Suffolk

    Seen this aswell
  22. jamesd1263

    Fitted this until for a weeks

    Dan any ideas on when the rollers maybe ready ?
  23. jamesd1263

    Fitted this until for a weeks

    You simply cannoy beat that ^^^^ Im ashamed of mine now lol... Wonder what that one sounds like at a touch over 5k
  24. jamesd1263

    THE 172 exclusive project

    Haha lets se how she goes!! I may end up selling them ;)
  25. jamesd1263

    Cutting After market springs?

    Nooooo never do it
  26. jamesd1263

    Fitted this until for a weeks

    Cheers ;) Not yet auckY
  27. jamesd1263

    Fitted this until for a weeks

    I might do, but it will probs still be the ktec one though