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    My clio mk3 :D

    Sorry first image thread dunno how this will turn out :) Mods:Hid bulbs,cupra r splitter,alloys,lowered 45mm,induction,tinted lights,de wiper,front grilles changed,de badged,personal plate Thoughts on adding side skirts? Also i hate the alloys,any suggestions for new ones? And any...
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    Muffler VS Induction kit (1.4)

    Hi Im wanting to make the car sound a little bit louder,not chavy-just purr abit. Its got a K&N filter which adds a miniscule amount of noise. Im just wondering is it best to go for a sports muffler or an induction kit to achieve more noise but not silly. (Hence why not purchasing a exhaust...
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    Sport grille on standard

    Hi, Advice please; I want to put this lower grille; On a standard MK3. Is this possible? Thanks!
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    Bonnet Bra MK3

    Just wondering if anyones got one on & opinions if they look good or gash?
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    Lowered VS Alloys

    Hi, Im lowered 45mm on standard springs, whats the biggest alloys i can get away with? Currently on 15`s and they look gay. Thanks!
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    What the hell are spacers!?

    Hi, Ive searched and cant find much info, what are spacers!? Do they push the wheel outwards?And does this look good? Thanks! :)
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    Clio mk3 sport rear bumper question

    (Example) I want to go from a standard rear bumper; To the sport rear bumper; Is it a case of littlerally swapping bumpers? And how would i get round the dual exhaust problem? (Would look abit silly one exhaust tip) Thanks!
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    I have a cupra r splitter which shall be going on soon, instead of spraying black i was thinking of colour coding with the car... Good or bad idea looks wise? Thanks!
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    HID kit VS Xenon bulbs

    Hi Newbie here, As the title, im trying to decide wether i go for the £15 bulbs or the £45 HID`s? Is there a massive differernce? Any pics of the two would be great! Thanks in advance :D (clio mk3 1.4)