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    182 Trophy won't start, any ideas?

    This is an intermittent fault which has existed for well over a year now. Most times the car starts fine and runs great, however while driving the battery and stop light will occasionally flicker on for a second or two then go out. Sometimes when trying to start the car it just won't turn...
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    Stolen Trophy? T800PHY

    I've had a very quick search to try to make sure I'm not duplicating a thread here but if I am and I've just not spotted it please delete this thread mods. A photo of a 182 Trophy reg: T800PHY has been circulating, the car is seemingly abandoned in a boarded up industrial area, believed to be...
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    New project - Clio Williams 2.

    A few years ago I bought one of the highest mileage and cheapest 182 Trophys around. Cosmetically it was great but mechanically it needed some TLC. The project is now complete with a rebuilt engine and gearbox, it makes a very healthy 195bhp at the wheels (thanks to some K-tec go faster bits...
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    Failed MOT on CO2, LAMBDA is marginal.

    Hi all, As the title says my 182 has failed MOT on CO2 emissions, the LAMBDA reading has not caused it to fail, but is apparently high, the HC level is apparently normal. Background on the car - Engine rebuilt last year, 428 Catcams KTR port matched inlet manifold KTR sportcat (which says...
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    Dealer caused damage & tried to wriggle out of responsibility!

    Hello all! Had my little 182 for about six months now, absolutely love it, so much I decided it's worth putting all the tiny niggles right as I intend to keep it for a long time. Made a massive snag list and took it to Sutton Park Renault in Coventry, just off the A45. Dealt with a great guy...
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    New Clio 182 Owner in Coventry/Warks

    Hello all, last week I purchased a Renault Sport Clio 182 and although I've had lots of cars over the years, this is my first venture into small french hatchback territory and it normally pays to be on a forum with lots of knowledgable owners and experts so here I am! The car will be maintained...