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  1. -Simon

    Classic Car Show NEC

    Just got back from prepping my dads car on display at the Classic Car Show, starting tomorrow at the NEC Birmingham. Brilliant to walk round before the hoards arrive tomorrow. Car looking great so i took a few pictures: He has owned the car since 1994 and it has had a full respray about 10...
  2. -Simon’s a Rover

    So the time came to return my company Audi A4 and for 12 months I would need to run my own car again. So, in theory I needed something diesel, German with all the mod cons. However........ I have been wanting this car for over 5 years. My dad used to work for Rover for over 30 years and in...
  3. -Simon

    BMW 650i

    Link to my dads Beemer on Auto Trader. Car is absolutely mint.
  4. -Simon

    J555 CUP - Brackmills

    Blue 172 cup in Brackmills industrial estate in Northampton on Friday afternoon. Looked well looked after, OZ F1's and lowered
  5. -Simon

    Rad fan not kicking in

    Hi all, Just replaced the coolant bottle and now the fan doesn't kick in at all resulting in boiling fluid. Have bled the system of air and when I take the temp sensor off the fan it still doesn't kick in.... I have looked at a few similar threads with no joy. Can anyone help please?? Si
  6. -Simon

    BMW 520d novice detail

    Just spent half the day detailing my daily driver. Bodywork is pretty shocking tbh with scratches and stone chips all over the car. The wheels are all shot and need a full refurb but apart from all that I think it came out rather well. Below is a list of the products I used: Carpro PH...
  7. -Simon

    Civic Type R on steroids

    Been looking at these for a while and even test drove one about 6 months ago. Been keeping an eye on the tuners but found this picture the other day and thought I'd put it out there as I think it looks awesome. Photoshopped I'm guessing but oozing aggression. Comments welcome:
  8. -Simon

    Twingo 133 Help!!

    Hi All, My sister's twingo 133 has just failed its MOT on account of the Cat being fooked. A replacement is nearly a grand as per typical Renault comedy prices. I have looked around for a sports cat but can't find any. Does anyone know if there is a place that does one please?? Cheers
  9. -Simon

    M Factory Lsd

    Has anyone got any experience of these diffs?? How do they compare with the Quaife unit as I am looking to get one this year to go with more boost.
  10. -Simon

    Few pics of my turbo'd cup

    First of all apologies for the quality of the pictures as they're off a BB. Quick spec of the car: 03 plate 172 cup, owned since 2008 Engine Clio-turbo low boost turbo conversion (235bhp 227lbs ft) Vibra technics engine mounts Paddle clutch Supersprint full exhaust and decat Power flex...