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    Loads of Clio 172 and Williams parts on e bay!
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    Bonnet Bra's

    Dunno if people are interested or not but the Mk1 clio bonnet bra's are £34.99 at the moment, are normally £65. I have them on my website here: Also have the mk2 phase 1 bra's...
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    Bolt in circlip in phase 1 172 gearbox?

    got this box with a phase 1 172 engine. This is the bolt in circlip right? I thought they were only int the later 172 and 182 boxes?
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    Phase 1 172 key problem

    done a search and found quite a bit out. But not sure if mines same prob. Key unlocks and starts car but remote central locking isnt working, light not flashing on it, even when fitting a new battery. I've bought a second hand key which is in working order I think as the light is flashing...
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    Naples Red colour code?

    Anyone got this handy? Need to order some paint at dinner but not in the clio so can't get it unless i go home first.
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    Back in a clio 16v

    some of you old skool clio sporters probably remember I had a valver about 4 years ago, with a williams lump in it. Sold it to buy my evo 2. Still have the evo but i like to have a daily car thats a bit better on fuel, had a nissan micra, corsa gsi, laguna 2.0 and now got another 16v to run...
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    Anyone good with Vauxhalls?

    My corsa Gsi will not pass the emissions test on low idle no matter what. on fast idle emissions are fine, but as soon as revs drop emissions are sky high. Anyone know what this could be? have had a new lambda fitted and cat and still gettin this problem its a pre ecotex c16xe engine...
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    Few new piccies of my evo

    Got Evo 3 spoiler on it earlier this week. Looks a bit meaner. Quality of pics not come out so good in the street light. I'll get some more tomorrow. Shes fuckin flyin since I got it back. cant floor it in this weather, just wants to spin all 4!
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    Decent Digital camera for Under £100?

    Anyone recommend one? WOuldnt mind gettin the mrs one for xmas. Not somethin that does magical things, just takes decent photo's basically. Preferably one that takes SD cards as I have a 256 one here to put in it. Cheers :)
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    Making the evo lighter!

    I cant believe how much weight i have just taken out of the evo. the rear speakers weighed 5kg each! must have taken about 30-40kg out altogether so far just the rear seats and stuff in boot etc. gonna tidy all the wiring up and give it a good clean out. wanna start removing all the aircon...
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    Fancying another valver!

    Some of you know i used to have a valver/williams hybrid before the evo. Have been looking about and is some valvers dirt cheap, so am tempted to get one and tidy it up for the mrs. If anyone sees any cheap ones, like a few hundred quid let me know!
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    Yellow Williams
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    Anyone fit em an alarm Sheffield Area.

    Anyone fit em an alarm? Sheffield Area. Really need a new alarm as mine just goes off randomly. Fancy a toad as I have had one before on my old car and it was spot on.
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    can a 16v manifold fit on a williams

    I know it can cos it did on mine, just wanna prove a point hehe.
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    Anyone fit me a car tracker

    Need one for the evo when i get it. anyone know of anywhere or fits them on here? Best price i have seen so far is 270 quid.
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    Anybody want there 16v or willy resprayin

    Just wondered if anyone is interested in gettin there car resprayed. Might be able to get a good deal if 2 cars are done at once. If same colour also it would probably be cheaper. My cars 449 sports blue and Ive had a price of £450 to spray the outside of the car in same colour. Is £100 ish...
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    abs problem (16v)

    wondering if anyone can help. changed the rear disk and wheel bearing today. sorted that out and everything seems to be ok. only problem is now my abs wont seem to work. the lights on and when tested it the brakes locked up/. bled the rear caliper and wondering if i need to bleed all the...
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    Recent pic of my car

    cars changed a bit since the pics i last showed. got some willy wheels on now and sold the 17s!
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    FAO: Roamer

    Roamer u still want this williams Cat i got? lost ur numba. Saved the cat for u if u still want it.
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    URGENT, Santa pod

    Im driving down after work. i live nr junction 31 M1, anyone gonna be having a cruise down too? either from further up north or further down the M1? Ill be settin off about 6-6.30pm ish i think. soon as im ready. If anyone wants to meet up text me on 07753333709 and we can arrange somethin!
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    FAO: K Chun

    anyone know who he is? sent me a cheque for somethin but didnt put what it was hehe. think its a steering wheel or fog lights but i think i said they were the same price! lol
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    You know the score ;) (pic) Not just the badge either hehe. Big thanks to Ben AKA Red16 for fittin the beast for me. its runnin like a gooden. Id recommend him to anyone if they need an engine fitting or anything at all. He made a damn good job and worked...
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    If you are gonna do a job do it right! If youre gonna change an engine. may as well do just about everythin you can (or afford) £222 of stuff there. want more yet too :(. Cant afford it but a Mr. Barclays was kind enough to give me a...
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    My Goodness I have been busy! (pics) Just need the tyres fitting now.
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    Valver/willy 5th injector

    I know that the valver and willy engines have a 5th injector for cold start yeah. Just someone said something today about using the 5th injector so it works all the time to increase performance. Sounds like bullsh*t to me, thought I would ask though. Anyone know?
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    Bit of pipe off Renault £52 Na lol

    the small pipe underneath the distributor cap kinda next to the thermostat housing kinda developed a small hole in it yesterday so though id ring renault to see how much it;d be. After about 5 mins on the fone he told me that its £52!! Its a u shaped bit of 25mm hose. Dont think im paying...
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    Make your own coilovers

    My dad bought a copy of practical classics this week and noticed a free magazine with it this week called RPM. Mainly based at classic cars but has modified cars in there. Is a pretty good mag actually. Anyway noticed this about making your own coilovers. Looks pretty good. Might have a bash...
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    Few pics of the old girl (BIG PICS)

    Just got these developed today. so thought id stick em on here. Was a few months ago but was actually sunny (in february. surely not! lol)
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    Phase 1 16v, monaco blue

    Thinking of gettin my car resparayed in monaco blue. Can get a really good job done at a place near me. I really like monaco blue. Mine is sports blue at the moment. Do you think I should have ti done in Monaco? My car isn;t particularily tatty but has the odd chip, imperfection here and...
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    how to recondition williams wheels

    Started this earlier, gettin the tyres taken of tomorrow so i can do it better, The wheels were pretty corroded, where i took of the paint they were peeling. Will post more pics when i can. Painted 1 with primer and...