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    Clio 200 wheels

    Could someone advise me as to the value of Clio 200 wheels please? With/without tyres. Many thanks.
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    rb 182 cup stourbridge

    Parked in Norton about 2.15pm
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    Black 182 booting it penn road wolves

    sat mornin about 8.40 am heading into town
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    Pressure washer advice needed!!

    Looking to spend a max of £180 literally no more! Parents (mother) used my Karcher and left it pressurised, had a few hard frosts and it's gone pop :( Water is pi$$ing out from inside the unit. So narrowed it down to these two if anyone has any thoughts? Nilfisk ALTO E130.2-9S...
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    BG V6 - M6 FEZ***

    Last night about 12am you overtook me at a hasty pace ;)
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    182 Trophy A449 stourbrdge-k'ford 28/08/12

    Gave you a flash and a wave, I was in a LY R26 Chris.
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    Black 182 on the kiddy/stourbridge road

    Flashed you and waved nice and friendly like and think you gave me the finger/w@nker sign out the window, how rude! lol
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    Trophy Stourbridge rugby club ish

    Gave you a flash, looked epic mate!
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    Flocking in the west midlands?

    Want to get my glovebox done and a few other bits anywhere decent in the Mids? Close to Stourbridge if possible? Cheers!
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    Blue 172 The Broadway, Norton Stourbridge

    Yesterday, I was in the LY meggy.
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    LY 200 Merry hill

    Gave you a wave I was in the meggy.
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    LY kimmy 182 merry hill multi

    I parked next to you :) thanks for the flyer :)
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    My New LY 230 F1 Team

    Following on from my other thread I picked this cracker up on saturday, spent the day getting familiar with it and gave it its first proper wash today. It still had the plastic protector sticker stuff on things from new...
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    Blue 172 with cup packs Stourbridge Norton road

    This morning about 11.45am I was behind you in the megane.
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    My New Daily Hack....

    Hi guys, well the 172 drove off into the sunset yesterday with it's new owner grinning from ear to ear! I've got to say I was a little sad to see such a tidy car go :( But moving on I have this arriving on saturday. Will get more pics when I get it!! Specs are usual stuff. 2 owners 25k...
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    LY color match?

    Hi all been looking at R26's and none are perfect, second hand cars aren't.... But I only want LY so how hard is it to match the color on them? Impossible?
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    Silver sport Hagley specialist cars.

    Today :)
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    My clio on Pistonheads :)

    As above really chaps :) Time has come to sell and move onto a R26, most likely only to return to a clio but I want to have a go with boost ;)
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    Goodbye 172 :(

    So the time has come to part ways with my Renault Sport 172....But on good terms. I dont do messy break ups so the 172 is off to find a new home somewhere amongst the fraternity of car enthusiasts, or more likely some ding bat that will rag it round a car park somewhere. Either way my parting...
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    Picture of 172 complete strut?

    Anyone any idea? Been years since I had standard suspension on and can't remember the order that it goes on in! Cheers.
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    Stourbridge town center

    Cup with a gash exhaust followed me round the ring road and a nice cup paced 182 parked behind waitrose. Chris
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    naughty inferno and a bg 182 stourbridge junction

    The inferno will have a nice notice on it when you get back :p parked in a disabled space with all your audio on display lol Bg parked properly on the overflow carpark ;) well done.
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    Silver 182 Dudley TESCO

    Gloss black wheels. Owner had a lovely cap on....
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    White 197 a449 last night

    Right up my back bottom, anyone off here? Private plate on it something like HM4WE or something.
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    Opinions going from 172 -> R27 197?

    As above folks really, after thinking about bits I wanted to buy for the 172, brembo's, recaro's, cams etc etc I suddenly realised that if I sold all my bits and bobs on with my works bonus in Feb I could just buy a nicer car (R27) seen them for around £8K ish mark. Anyone made this move? Whats...
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    BG/PB 1*2 Stewpony Traffic lights A449 about 6/7pm

    As above :) I was turning right up towards K'ford from S'bridge
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    Werkstat Acrylic or Carnauba kit?

    As above, I want to try something differant, any opinions on these kits? Cheers, Chris.
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    Inferno penn road blockbuster

    Well near there on Xmas eve eve.
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    RB 182 birmingham. BG 182 M6 & 182 black country route.

    Heading towards aston expressway. Others as described, all looked standard. :)
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    FAO: Cisco/Network Guru's help needed!!!!!!!

    Hi guys i Have this network: and I need to: -On R3 advertise suitable summaries of the OSPF loopback interfaces into BGP. So what are suitable summaries? How do I advertise them? -On R4 advertise loopback 0 into BGP and also inject a default route into the network. Not a clue how to do...