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  1. sugbug

    ED Low boost conversion advice

    113k had converson last year october.... only drive car couple times a month. but no issues
  2. sugbug

    ED Low boost conversion advice

    I done my low boost conversion on 109,000 miles
  3. sugbug

    What’s a low boost Clio comparable to on the road ?

    my kill list Mk7 golf r standard bmw 328 bmw 330d range rover sport focus st juke audi a8 audi s3 2016 not much as i only drive my turbo twice a month...not my daily car
  4. sugbug

    Clio 172 phase 1 turbo gearbox

    Hi my gearbox is crunching in 2nd gear.. I have a spare 182 gearbox.. I no it dosent have a speed sensor and I won't have a speedo working, I used this box in my last clio 172 ph1 non turbo and Abs still worked but now that I have a turbo would the 182 gearbox with no speedo effect the car if...
  5. sugbug

    Clio 172 turbo - downpipe hitting subframe

    mine scrapes also and it pisses me off mine ,had a 182 decat link pipe before it was turbo.. then engine dynamics used a 182 turbo downpipe to joint the rest of my system because i still use the 182 to 172 decat pipe as i had previously 182 manifold
  6. sugbug

    Rear wishbone bolt.

    heat gun/ blow torch.. that's how mine came out in the end
  7. sugbug

    182 Trophy in Highgate, North London

    i seen this around that area and parked there also ,its been at that house years not sure hes a member on site
  8. sugbug

    Is the CEL meant to be lit when the key is turned in the ignition when all other lights are on?

    i think early 2000 ph1172 don't have the light turn on. Because i had the same problem but my y reg 2001 light comes on
  9. sugbug


    TURBO my turbo 240bhp engine dynamics
  10. sugbug

    Engine Dynamics - Experiences?

    I recommend them I had my clio 172 ph1 turbo converted in october 2020.. And Love it. Andy was very detailed and no his stuff..
  11. sugbug

    Problem for fit the pure motorsport linkage gear

    when i installed my shifter i had same problem.. i just didn't put them in and it works perfect
  12. sugbug

    Clio 172/182 hidden rust traps

    my clio 172 phase 1 rotten sills 187,000 miles... all repaired now
  13. sugbug

    How many people have you surprised with your clio?

    corsa vxr focus st
  14. sugbug

    Ph1 reading ecu/obd2 with can clip issue

    icarsoft i907 renault diagnostic reader is what u need, it will read the ecu. mine is clio 172 2000 w reg
  15. sugbug

    Clio 172 subframe brace

    Hi my brace support that connects to subframe underneath car have all bolts sheared off is it OK to run without them?
  16. sugbug

    What are these called?

    Wedding cake
  17. sugbug

    Ph1 172 with 182 jc5 130

    Ok cool so my ph1 driveshaft will go straight on as I see 182 are slightly different on one side
  18. sugbug

    Ph1 172 with 182 jc5 130

    Hi my phase 1 172 gearbox has started leaking between the seal underneath the drain plug... Can I use the jc5 130 from 182.. And bolt my driveshaft straight onto it... I no I won't have speedo but apart from that would it work?
  19. sugbug

    Is it worth saving?!

    Hi is this a ph1, mine was like this.. I grinded the rust out and welded this holes and undersealed under the sideskirts
  20. sugbug

    blue clio v6 M40

    Blue ph2 clio v6 speeding on M40 friday Morning 13th july ....lovely car mate
  21. sugbug

    The PH1 172 Appreciation Thread.

    my ph1 172 ...176.000 miles still pulls hard
  22. sugbug

    Ph1 172 Speedo/RPM Pulse

    Any pics of the conversion
  23. sugbug

    High Mileage Club - 100K plus.

    my clio 172 w reg phase 1 has 174600 miles and pulls strong
  24. sugbug

    Phase1 Thtottle body replacement

    Hi forget about cleaning ur original TB. Get one of a megane or mk 1 laguna. .same part and more available second hand., I use the megane in my ph1 172
  25. sugbug

    High Mileage Club - 100K plus.

    My ph1 172 is on 166.359m .w reg
  26. sugbug

    Top mounts

  27. sugbug

    ph1 172 poor/low idle, sometimes cuts out

    Throttle position sensor... The plastic bit inside gets worn
  28. sugbug

    dark green ,blueish 182 m40 around 8pm

    dark green ,blueish 182 m40 around 8pm, female driver, lowered black wheels..looked good, but you were driving slow
  29. sugbug

    window switch causing temp gauge to go up - bad earth?

    Bumping again... Did u sort this problem, I have the same problem..!!