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  1. skiptontweed

    Rear badge for Mk3 Clio (2010 1.2)

    I'm looking for a replacement rear diamond badge for the mrs's Mk3 clio (2010 1.2). Somebody nicked it. If you have one, please PM me. Cheers
  2. skiptontweed

    Dear Renault: Reference, New Clio 200 Turbo

    Dear Renault, I remember seeing the then brand new Clio 197 at the UK Autosport show (must have been 2006 maybe) and I immediately wanted one. I thought it looked fantastic, just right, purposeful, and it had dock-off Brembo brake calipers. SOLD. It was a car I really wanted, but I was still at...
  3. skiptontweed

    Car vandalised

    Some degenerate misfit kicked the drivers side wing mirror off my Mrs's car last night - even snapped the wiring loom. [2010 Mk.3 facelift Clio 1.2] It looks like the main black plastic casing is broken where it hinges - does anybody have any pictures which might help me to bodge it back...
  4. skiptontweed

    Clio 200 seats - standard & cheap!
  5. skiptontweed

    Opinions please

    Im thinking about chopping my year old 200 Cup in for a late V6. Either that or an Exige, but Im leaning towards Clio v6. Any thoughts? I walk to work so fuel economy is a non-issue. Present 200 is on a PCP so I'd have to buy through a dealer and have the finance settled, not a big issue to...
  6. skiptontweed

    Silver 182, Trafford Center

    A very tidy looking silver 182 parked next to me at the trafford centre.
  7. skiptontweed

    Looking for a detailer in Northwich/Cheshire area

    Hi, I live in Northwich and I want to treat my 200 Cup to a proper full interior valet and exterior detail (alien sperm wax etc), hopefully to also offer the bodywork some extra winter protection. Can anybody make a recommendation?
  8. skiptontweed

    200 Cup gearbox is noisy ??

    Hey Chaps, The gearbox in my 200 Cup seems noisy, I think when its warmed up. If Im on a light throttle I can hear chattering and when Im accelerating or coasting down in say, 5th, I can kind of "hear the gears" - it just sounds rough. Is this normal? Has anybody else noticed this? The car...
  9. skiptontweed

    Removing a silicone based stain from upholstery ?

    I must have sat on a piece of silicone-putty (that funny bouncy play putty stuff) and its transferred quite nicely to the white part of one of my 200 Cup seats. Before I go ruining the seat with all kinds of abortive cleaning attempts, does anybody know how to remove a silicone based stain from...
  10. skiptontweed

    Just had my car washed at the Trafford Center - DONT BOTHER!

    Ok I'm a little emabarassed to admit that given the weather recently I havn't felt much like washing my car. On visiting the Trafford Center today I discovered that a gang of trained monkeys will wash your car for a tenner while you mince around the shops. Perfect. Except, when I came back to...
  11. skiptontweed

    Best winter screenwash?

    The screewash in my Clio keeps freezing up so I want to buy some decent stuff that wont freeze. Any suggestions? Whats the coldest your car has been without the screenwash freezing?
  12. skiptontweed

    200 Cup making strange noise when changing gear

    I picked up my new 200 Cup about a month ago. Since completing the running in period I have found that the car makes a funny noise when I change gear above 5000rpm. Its hard to describe but its kind of like something keeps spinning when the revs drop, a bit like spinning something around a...
  13. skiptontweed

    Protective seat covers for a 200 Cup ?

    I am looking for a set of plain black protective seat covers for the standard seats in my 200 Cup. I have had a look on ebay and have done a google search but I don't want to buy something that is shoddy or doesn't fit well. Any suggestions?
  14. skiptontweed


    Yep, you read that correctly. I just rang Renaultsport insurance for a quote to cover my 172 Cup fully comprehensive. I am 26 years old 8 years NCB No Accidents No convictions No modifications 5k miles per year They declined cover because I am under 30 years old. Well done Renault, well...
  15. skiptontweed

    Very clean black 172 near Sandiway/Oakmere

    Followed you for a bit, your car looked immacualte and sits nicely.
  16. skiptontweed

    Stupid insurance quote from Direct Line

    I know there is a simple answer to this but I ran an online insurance quote through Direct Line and got a shock. Details: 26 years old 8 years NCB No convitions No accidents Good post code 10k miles/year Clio 200 Cup 2010 £1098 fully comp... Sems rather high, would you agree?
  17. skiptontweed

    Renault factory not taking orders for new Clio 200's

    I have just placed an order for a new 200 Cup and the dealer has informed me that the factory is not currently taking new orders. This is because they have an issue with new emmissions regulations or something and they are trying to sort it out. Very vague. Does anybody know more about this?
  18. skiptontweed

    Yellow 182 on top banner - glowing brakes

    As per the title, I've seen a liquid yellow 182 on the top forum banner with the front brakes glowing. Does anybody know what brakes this person is running?
  19. skiptontweed

    MOMO Suede steering wheel selling on ebay (link)
  20. skiptontweed

    172 Cup - Body Roll

    I did a trackday at Oulton on wednesday and experienced more body roll than I would have liked. I'm running standard dampers, Eibach Sportlines and Yokohama S-Drive tyres - so not on sticky rubber. Is it possible to buy a stiffer front anti-roll bar? or am I barking up the wrong tree? Kev
  21. skiptontweed

    Hartford. 172 Cup with Red wheels

    Blue 172 Cup ? with red wheels. Parked outside a garage in Hartford. The wheels are brave! but look ace! Anybody off here?
  22. skiptontweed

    Should I? opinions please

    I have a 172Cup with 63k on the clock, which I have owned for the last 3 years. Bog standard with no mods. This is a great car but... Last weekend I test-drove a Clio RS200 Cup and bloody loved it. So, the dilemma.... Do I keep the 172 Cup, which I own outright, buy some mental brake pads...
  23. skiptontweed

    172Cup - Carbon Canister fume thingy box

    I removed the carbon cannister black box from the drivers side wheel arch today. I connected the two pipes together (airtight) and left the plug connector. On starting the car the idle seemed eratic. Not massively so, but definately more lumpy than normal. Anyway, Ive put the carbon box back...
  24. skiptontweed

    Creaking under braking

    Ive noticed a creaking noise coming from the front left wheel when I brake gently in a car park. It's different to the top-mount clunk you get when the suspension unloads, its a bit like pulling your finger nails down a very rough piece of plastic (cant think how else to describe it) I suspect...
  25. skiptontweed

    172 Cup's in Northwich today

    I saw two Clio 172 Cups in Northwich today. Both looked cool on SuperLeggras (?) Anyway, anybody off here?
  26. skiptontweed

    Renault OZ F1 - Offset

    I've bought 4 15" OZ F1 wheels. I've looked at the writing cast into the back of the pokes and I cannot see any reference of wheel offset. I was expecting to see an ET number. The wheels have "Renault" and "OZ Italy" stamped on the back, and a bunch of other numbers, but apparently no reference...
  27. skiptontweed

    172 Cup - Manual bias valve?

    I'm thinking about fitting a manual bias valve to my 172 Cup, in a bid to get the rear brakes working a bit more. They seem to do absolutely sod all at the moment, and Im sick of fitting new discs because the old ones have gone rusty (4 sets in 2 and a half years) Am I playing with fire if I...
  28. skiptontweed

    Maxsport RB5 Tyres Are these any good? Im looking for trackday tyres for my 172 Cup
  29. skiptontweed

    Fitting matched inlets

    Is there a guide on how to fit matched inlets? Im thinking about buying a set from k-tec for my 172 Cup, just a bit worried about disturbing the injectors incase I manage to break something. Any advice? Cheers, Kev
  30. skiptontweed

    Airbag warnig light

    I started my 172 Cup this morning and the SERVICE and Airbag warning lights stayed on. A mile down the road they went out, and have been coming and and going off intermittently all day. They are either both on, or both off. I suspect a loose connection somewhere in the airbag systems but...