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  1. KirstyRB197

    Arctic blue 182 m4/m5

    Just to clear one thing up, the megane driver isn't as white as white. He was tailing Andrews mate in the BMW and then proceeds to try and undertake him on a busy motorway. Andrews mate was overtaking himself hence why he was in the fast lane not purposely getting on your nerves. The road is...
  2. KirstyRB197

    Arctic blue 182 m4/m5

    Andrew - 1) why are you slating your mate on here knowing full well he won't see this? 2) why are you calling James a **** for having a joke and sticking up for your mate?
  3. KirstyRB197

    Storm Grey 200 - Cheltenham

    Spotted on Sunday evening in Cheltenham, think I have seen you a few times... Member on here?
  4. KirstyRB197

    197 lydney

    I've seen this around a few times
  5. KirstyRB197

    Clio 200 Mk3 V Clio 200 T Mk4

    I completely agree about the gearbox, I found it very responsive and so easy to use when in race mode. I'm really contemplating getting one as it is much more of an all round car and easier to live with, yet provides the same power as my 197!
  6. KirstyRB197

    Clio 200 Mk3 V Clio 200 T Mk4

    I have a 197 but have driven a 200 and recently drove the 200 EDC. I personally feel the new Clio is much more of a better car and is worlds apart from my 197. The 197/200 is a hard track orientated car compared to the new 200 but I think it is smart development from renault as it offers the...
  7. KirstyRB197

    few at cribbs on sunday

    I was there but the Clio was tucked away at home ;)
  8. KirstyRB197

    White 197 - Cinderford, Gloucestershire

    Spotted yesterday... White 197 with cup spoiler and roof scoop, looked awesome! I was in the RB 197 with white speedlines.
  9. KirstyRB197

    Black 197 - Sainsburys Newquay

    Spotted twice over the weekend, anyone on here?
  10. KirstyRB197


    Oh cool, congrats on the job :) What are you doing there? Yeh I'll let you know when I need to buy a car lol
  11. KirstyRB197

    Albi 197 - Coleford, Forest of Dean

    Spotted yesterday morning heading out of Coleford on the Speech House Road... Anyone on here?
  12. KirstyRB197

    LY 197/200 Forest of Dean

    I've seen it loads recently, it looks awesome! I'm guessing you're local then?
  13. KirstyRB197

    LY 197/200 Forest of Dean

    Dirty? That's unlike you to not have her sparkling lol. What!!! You can't sell! How much will you be asking, I could be tempted? Perhaps you could consider a 5 door megane sport? ;)
  14. KirstyRB197


    How come you've finished at Warners? Where are you working now? Who am I going to buy my Peugeot off now lol
  15. KirstyRB197


    Yeh this was probably me, on the way to Mitsubishi. Van driver now? lol
  16. KirstyRB197

    LY 197/200 Forest of Dean

    Yeh I've spotted it loads recently, it's looks awesome! I really regret not buying that LY R27 now :/ How is Megane Fox? ;)
  17. KirstyRB197

    RB 197 - Gloucester

    RB 197 with cup spoiled spotted yesterday night in Gloucester town. Anyone on here?
  18. KirstyRB197

    LY 197/200 Forest of Dean

    Spotted several times around the Forest of Dean but always briefly so couldn't make out if its a 197 or 200. Anybody on here?
  19. KirstyRB197

    Flame red ph2 at the train station

    Wow! Love this, such an awesome colour. Very nice car you have :)
  20. KirstyRB197

    Quick clean of the Monaco warning Pic heavy!!

    You know I like your car :) Monaco looks so good when it's this clean!!
  21. KirstyRB197

    RB 182 + Blue 197 - Lydney, Gloucestershire 10:15PM

    Yes, that would be me :) Very annoying when trying to enjoy the roads in the forest! What do you mean by that? ;)
  22. KirstyRB197

    RB 182 + Blue 197 - Lydney, Gloucestershire 10:15PM

    What you doing in my neck of the woods? lol The forest is a dangerous place ;)
  23. KirstyRB197


    Count me in :) 1. Cazzy 2. KirstyRB197 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  24. KirstyRB197

    Nimbus 197 - Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire

    Spotted yesterday parked on a driveway in Mitcheldean... Wondering if they're a local member?
  25. KirstyRB197

    iPhone/iPod cable

    Thanks, this is the same as the old one I had. Just ordered another :) It was the cable that broke before by the aux in part, i assume where it was being bent etc when plugged into my phone that the cable inside just broke :/
  26. KirstyRB197

    iPhone/iPod cable

    Hi, I am currently looking for an iPhone/iPod cable for my Clio 197. I did previously have a cable that connected directly to the iso block on the rear of the head unit but this has broken. I have the update list head unit but don't seem to have any aux in port in the car at all. Does...
  27. KirstyRB197

    Monaco Clean

    Yeh I had only just remembered you were in the 182 last time. Thank you :) My car is usually clean but haven't seen the point over winter lol
  28. KirstyRB197

    Monaco Clean

    Love this colour, especially when it's clean :) I had better pull my finger out and get mine clean for Sunday lol
  29. KirstyRB197

    Albi Blue 172 Gloucester

    Spotted yesterday evening on the A40 from Ten pin towards Parklands Audi. Anyone on here?
  30. KirstyRB197

    Black 200 - A48 Westbury-on-Severn

    As per title, spotted this evening. Anyone on here?