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  1. timuss

    In need of a new exhaust

    Typical ive got my MOT on Monday and sounds like it has blown slightly, i think the vast majority of the exhaust is the original from factory. Now my question is will i get through an MOT with an exhaust that sounds like it is slightly blowing? Ive spoken with my garage today and they are going...
  2. timuss

    Speedo and rev counter lights dim

    Just noticed this today the rev counter and speedo lights seem a lot dimmer than before, ive tested it with the headlights on and off. The radio screen at the top seems dimmer as well could the bulbs need replacing?? They still light up but its a lot dimmer than it usually seems.
  3. timuss

    Rear exhaust box outer casing corroded

    That was one of my advisories after my MOT this week, i still have the original Renault exhaust and the car has done 48,698 miles i did have a pipe fail on it a few years back which i got replaced at Renault but since then its been fine. Now i a bit of a novice at this sort of thing but i fear...
  4. timuss

    A few from New York

    Spent a fantastic week in NYC a few weeks back with some great weather and even a bit of snow. Had a great time saw the Rangers at the Gardens and went on a helicopter flight over the city which was immense. First proper use with the 7dmk2 comments very welcome: Untitled by Tim Spicer, on...
  5. timuss

    Car door caught in the wind

    Opened my driver;s side door today and ripped out of my hand as i was getting out the car, the door got caught in a gust of wind and got pulled back rather violently seemed to spring right back i couldn't stop it in time. And now when i close the door it sounds like its rubbing on something as...
  6. timuss

    Any recommendations on bodyshops worthing area???

    Just looking to have a few bits sorted out some scuffs and paint chips etc...
  7. timuss

    Headlight restoration

    Had my MOT today and the state of my lights came up as an advisory. So i'm looking into getting them done, any recommendations on kits and is it straightforward for a complete novice like myself??
  8. timuss

    Replacment hazard light switch

    It seems my hazard light switch doesn't work any idea as to how much, a replacment one costs??
  9. timuss

    Wireless connection problems

    Hoping somebody may be able to help!!! Very recently i've had no end of problems with our wireless connection at home, we have Virgin broadband coming from the set top box into a modem then into a Netgear router. Its been near on flawless for a good year until recently when i began experiencing...
  10. timuss

    Replacing the car aerial to a DAB one?

    I have a Kenwood DAB system in my car, and it has the frankly useless stick on DAB, aerial that goes on the inside of the windscreen. But it doesn't pick up pretty much anything i used to be able to get DAB stations but know i get bugger all. Any ideas if its do able to replace the car aerial...
  11. timuss

    Alien Isolation - Next gen/Ps3 and 360/PC

    This has come out of no where it looks pretty good set after Alien by the sounds of it: Some more footage from IGN: Just hope this doesn't turn into another disaster like...
  12. timuss

    A few from Flying Legends Duxford

    Had a great weekend away at Duxford but man it was hot!!! A very productive weekend marred by yet another problem with my 7D!!! An issue with an ISO setting causing a line to appear through almost all of my shots from Saturday, rendering most of the all useless:( Thank goodness i spotted the...
  13. timuss

    How to tell if my htc one sv is charged??

    Bit of a strange one i've just got this on an upgrade and its been on charge for ages. There is no light showing that its on charge. On my old HTC there was a red light on the front when it was on charge but with this new one nothing?
  14. timuss

    Replacement wing mirror trim??

    Ive had my 182 coming up to a year now, and one thing i keep meaning to look at is replacing the trim on one of my wing mirrors. Its cracked basically it was like it when i bought the car. I just want to tidy it up a bit now. A couple of pics of the broken area: IMG_7022_1_1 by Tim Spicer...
  15. timuss

    Lamba sensor problem???

    My 182 has had a decrease in mpg recently, i've noticed it since my last trip for fuel. Previously i had been getting 29-30 + MPG but at the moment im lucky if i get 27.5 ish.. My journey to work is around 8 miles round trip averaging around 30-40mph. And my trip computer doesnt seem to be very...
  16. timuss

    Trip computer display problems sensor problem???

    Am unsure about this so here goes! I have what i believe could be an issue with my car firstly my MPG has dropped i had been comfortably getting 29 mpg + But since filling up recently it has dropped to around 26 sometimes less than that. There are no error codes that i have noticed the car seems...
  17. timuss

    Gave the 182 a clean today

    As the sun was out i decided to give her a clean as it was despratley needed. A few before and after pictures: Couple of bucket fulls of Autoglym Shampoo Autoglym Super resin polish Autoglym wax alloy wheel cleaner Armour shield alloy protector Megauirs metal polish on the exhaust Megauairs...
  18. timuss

    Thank god for my breakdown cover

    After having breakdown cover for 4 years since i passed my test, yesterday i finally had to use it. After spending the weekend in Cambridge for Flying Legends at Duxford, i had a sudden huge car puncture the car startred vibrating badly and it was very scary to say the least. I was on the M11...
  19. timuss

    Black 182 with anichrite wheels 54 plate Worthing

    Spotted this morning just before 7.00 around Steyne Gardens.
  20. timuss

    What i spend my Summer shooting

    I am a very keen airshow goer and spend most of the Summer going to as many airshows as i can. I love the challenge of shooting aircraft and really enjoy nailing a perfect shot. Here are a few that i took last year: Havent seen any airshow snappers on here. Hope they are of interest thanks for...
  21. timuss

    White marks over black trim

    With this crap weather we'ev had recently, i have noticed loads of white marks appearing on my wing mirror trim, on the plastic under the windscreen, and the door trim by the wing mirror. In the brief break in the weather today i tried shifting it with some shampoo. But it didn't seem to shift...
  22. timuss

    Fuel remaing display error???

    Was out with my 182 today and something, is confusing me my fuel level according to the gauge is just over the red. Yet when i look on the fuel display on the computer it's sying i have over a hundred miles left, something doesn't add up could there be a problem???
  23. timuss

    replacing the front offside and nearside coil springs

    It is listed as a testers recommendation on my Clio from last years MOT it states they are slightly corroded. So with this years MOT not due until the end of June im looking to replace them aheah of time. Now ive never done anything like this so have no knowledge when it comes to this, so will...
  24. timuss

    Exhaust Hangers spiltting

    Just looking over the car's MOT certificate from last year, and its been recommended that the exhaust hangers need attention, as they are under the testers recommendations. Now quick question i have the standard exhaust on my 182 at the moemnt what is the bext fix for this Renault part or go...
  25. timuss

    Anybody have any experience of re registering a car with the DVLA

    It seems my car was registrerd as a 1600 when new when it definatley isn't!!! The details on the certificate are correct with the exception that is says i have a 1600 clio and that its a convertible!!! I have spoken to the DVLA and they have told me about getting a print out from a dealer which...
  26. timuss

    Blue 172 Worthing area

    Spotted around Steyne Gardens worthing Monday last week HY03..
  27. timuss

    MPG and dash display going down

    Just fuelled up the 182 today and as i usually do i reset the trip computer etc.. But i seem to have a problem all of the figures are ddecreasing they are going down as i watch them, the MPG the fuel etc.. Any idea i had a similar problem when i had the cambelt done and i had the display reset...
  28. timuss

    First clean of my 182

    Had my 182 for around 3 weeks now and it was due a wash, so with the sunshine out i duly abliged. Wnt out first to stock up on some new bits and pieces spent a small fortune:eek: I've not done this kind of extensive clean and detailing before. Used two lots of autoglym Bodywork shampoo Autoglym...
  29. timuss

    Any recommendations for a good Renault garage in Worthing

    Other than the main dealer at Birchwood Renault, are there any members on here from the Worthing area that have any recommendations?
  30. timuss

    Help big decrease in MPG after cambelt change

    I've just had the cambelt changed on my 182 as it was due replacing with age. All went well i had the water pump done at the same time. But i have noticed a massive decrease in MPG before the change i was getting just under 30 MPG around 28+ last night coming home i was getting as little as...