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  1. Clgale88

    Auto wipers??

    Can you switch the Autowipers of on a 172 there doing my head in and have a mind of there own!
  2. Clgale88

    Battery cover

    Where can i get a stainless or ali battery cover from?
  3. Clgale88


    Looking at front and rear camber on 172. Has anyone got any pics of a clio 172 with rear camber shims 0.5 and 1 degrese
  4. Clgale88

    will they fit?

    So iv found some compomotive th 15x8j et 25 wheels second hand. just wondering will these fit on a 172 non cup or will i need to do much work?
  5. Clgale88

    Renault Alpine wheels on a clio?

    Looking at various wheels and some Renault alpine wheels caught my eye 6j front and 8.5j on rear. now would these fit on a clio or would i need serious work?
  6. Clgale88

    what coilovers hmmm

    So picking up another 172 on monday from a mate off here abd im already looking at coilovers. but unsure what to get budget is £400 and its not going to be used for track. im toying between: Ktecs branded coilovers or FK highsport coilover what do people think therw both priced similar.
  7. Clgale88

    ph1 or ph2 hmmmm

    After selling my Clio 172 cup back in november all iv done since is winge and moan that i miss the power the buzz and the overall fun i had whilst owning it. Now iv decided to get myself another 172 but have a budget of £1700 and under. Now i cant decide weather to have a change and get myself a...
  8. Clgale88

    will they fit??

    Been looking at various wheels and something bit different now found a few sets the size of 15 X 8J. as there a good inch bigger than my wheels would they fit under the arches?
  9. Clgale88

    Paintwork stained :(

    Ok so i cleaned my car last sunday and looked mint and on the way to work monday i was late so decided to go the back lanes. unlucky for me they had just spread s**t over the fields and it was raining so the roads were a right mess and after following a car my car was covered and covered in s**t...
  10. Clgale88

    Exhaust recommendations?

    Ok so i have a Prospeed exhaust on my car at the moment its a catback system with a middle box and a decat. Its the 3rd system i have had from them. the 1st to be fair was perfect was a stealth system had a nice rasp to it and wasnt boomy at all and that was with the decat now this 1 seems to be...
  11. Clgale88

    Wiring up the horn

    Ok so had my omp steering wheel for some time now and still havnt managed to wire up the horn. i have 1 black wire with a spade connector on end and the red resisitor which i used to turn airbag of but how the hell do you wire up a horn :/ HELP
  12. Clgale88

    Arch cleaner

    When i go to shows i try to take all the wheels of blast arch liners out and buff inside wheels but inside arches never come up looking very good or clean always stay dull and dirty looking. is there anything out there that will bring the arch liners up looking clean and mint. if so what can i...
  13. Clgale88

    How make exhaust quieter?

    Im on my 2nd prospeed exhaust now lol. the 1st time exhaust was fine but wanted different backbox then second time i chanegd exhaust style again. but its way to boomy and loud does my nut in. how can i make it quieter it has a decat which i would like keep for the raspy noise a really small...
  14. Clgale88

    Fixing spare wheel in??

    Im thinking of putting a frwshly refurbed OZ F1 wheels in my boot with the front face facing upwards. so its on show. how would i go about fixing it in there any ideas??
  15. Clgale88

    Wiring up a horn for omp wheel

    Iv got a omp steering wheel and I'm trying to wire up the horn. So iv read a thread somewhere on here says the 2 horn wires u tap up the black and don't use and the red u connect to the black wore which is supplied with the boss and connect that to re positive on the horn button. Done all this...
  16. Clgale88

    Steering wheel help

    Iv changed the steering wheel on my car and with the boss I only got 1 resistor in there for the airbag light. But apparently I need 2. What resistor do I need as I'm going to try get another today from my local maplins would of showed them the other resistor but I havnt got it with me.
  17. Clgale88

    Black 172 Calne Wiltshire

    Spotted black 172 in calne up by the tescos you was just parking next to me as was getting into my car :-) was a female :-) also had a Cliosport sticker in the back window. Anyone??
  18. Clgale88

    People thoughts on buying a ph1

    After owning my 172 cup for over a year I'm now in the need to save some money and get a cheaper car which will give me a start of saving so the time may be coming to sell the 172 cup. I'm no good at looking for cars and Iv found a ph1 sunflower Clio bodywork looks amazing ok has the odd carpark...
  19. Clgale88

    Rear adjuster

    Anyone took there rear adjuster out to make it lower. If so how does the spring sit once you have unbolted it and removed the adjuster, surely the spring wont sit properly.
  20. Clgale88


    Can you get away with still using the same wheels bolts when using 10mm spacers on the front?
  21. Clgale88

    Brake ducting

    Now iv removed my Foglights from my 172 cup. reason i think they kinda look alot better out but now i want to give it a purpose. At FcS i spotted a 172 cup where he had took his fogs out and had some sort of air intake hose going from them to the inner arches something that looks like what you...
  22. Clgale88

    Braking problems

    Had a squeking from my front brakes for ages so the old man took them apart to clean and copper grease but noticed the passenger side had worn down loads compared to the drivers side aswell as the pad has come away from the metal slightly. What's causing the wearing more and pad coming away?
  23. Clgale88


    Looking at getting dash flocked on my 172 cup, but I'm after some pictures of peoples flocked dashes and other parts to get an idea of what look like :-)
  24. Clgale88

    Spare wheel

    Will a 15" Citroën picasso spare wheel fit on a 172??
  25. Clgale88

    Carbon fibre sheets

    Found some 1mm thick real carbon fibre sheets. Just wondered how easy would it be to mould to I.e wing mirrors foglight surrounds etc. Or isit not possible
  26. Clgale88

    Ph1 F1 decals

    Anywhere know where can get the O.Z racing decals made up that fit on the F1 ph1 wheels cheers
  27. Clgale88

    Silver 172 cup Calne

    Spotted a silver 172 cup with black turinis in calne wiltshire... anybody on here????
  28. Clgale88

    Red 197 Cheltenham strip

    Red 197 with f1 spoiler driving like a complete idiot down Cheltenham. What disgrace to the Cliosport community...
  29. Clgale88

    Removing headlight covers

    Iv Cleaned my headlights up on my car but the dirt and grime seems to be inside on the front light cover is there anyway of removing them to clean and refit easy.
  30. Clgale88

    Running funny

    For awhile now my cars been running weird. On idle its lumpy and when i pull away sometimes it splutters and if im driving along in say 3rd and put my foot down it splutters then as soon as revs picked up its fine. and i kind of feel its not as quick. got told it could be the lambda sensor.