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  1. mckay

    195/50/15 AD08R no longer being produced!!

    Just off the phone to my local yokohama dealer and he said that the 195/50/15 AD08R`s are no longer being produced!!! Any body else here this?
  2. mckay

    Mckay`s Ph2 Iceburg Silver 172

    Hi all, Decided to do a few track days this year so I sold my Project for the last four years :cry: I love Bass feature: So with the caddy gone I wanted something light and fast that could handle. As it had to be used as a daily I...
  3. mckay

    Soon to be clio owner!!

    Well lads, am from Ireland and am on the hunt for a 172 or 182 clio to use as a daily and a few track;)