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  1. James1470

    air con delete devalue car?

    never really use air con. only this summer really, but its usually freezing cold in england anyway, if I was looking for one i'd prefer no air con.
  2. James1470


    Renault dealer?
  3. James1470

    Rolling road

    I'm interested to see what mine makes after the various numbers we had at TDF. really why I fancied RS tuning :p
  4. James1470

    Next NE Meet

    We're on organising a rolling road day... Look down a few?
  5. James1470

    An Honest Opnion

    Lmao. Pointless arguments IMO. Just does my head in when people moan.
  6. James1470

    An Honest Opnion

    MPG. whats that? ;) .. I can never understand the argument about poor MPG, you know what your going to get before you buy it, so why buy it anyway and moan?
  7. James1470

    Fao 200 owners with Bluetooth

    scott .. I JUST need to see the back of a radio that belongs to someone with blue tooth, so i can figure out which 2 wires are for the live and earth to the mic, then I can wire on in and we're sorted in that respect, I reckon we could get a RS monitor to work in a 197 no bother. when you next...
  8. James1470

    Rolling road

    Cos racecars! ​Cant wait!!
  9. James1470

    Rolling road

    Aye Saturdays are no good neither a the 1st week in September
  10. James1470

    Rolling road

    we know that, gay fwark
  11. James1470

    exeon hedlights

    Twist them? They have a ball joint on the inside it'll just twist & slide out
  12. James1470

    Clio Speedo

    I'd imagine it would need programming to your ecu
  13. James1470

    Rolling road

    Let's do RS TUNING. can we find a date, when's good for everyone and I'll ring them? I'm away most of August, how about sometime in September, gives them time to fit us in!
  14. James1470

    BG V6.

    Glad you finally got some pics up! Well worth the waiting I bet?? The V6 is definitely on my list of cars I must own! Looks awesome black on black, can't wait to see it out! Id be scrapping your holiday plans for next week and sticking money in the tank and popping across to Europe ;)
  15. James1470

    Diesel in 182!!

    probably because he's tied her up and locked her in the closet, incase he kills her tomorrow? ... although. Pics of her tied up? .... ;) seriously though, Hope its sorted mate, i'd be gutted if it was mine.
  16. James1470

    Should my Clio 200 sound like this? Video included

    Just been pointed to this thread. my i think my 200 is noisy, and have it booked in to the dealer for the 1st, think I'll show them this, see what they say? get any resolution Fred? if they reject my claims I may be forced to pop down and see you, I emailed the sound to the guy who answered your...
  17. James1470

    Good places for gear (hoods, tint, LED's)

    When did the vauxhall chavs move onto clios? :p ​Bored of trolls now.
  18. James1470

    360bhp supercharged clio R27 inc vid!!

    Would like to see a printout, and in my opinion it would look good as a r27 not a McDonald's carpark car.
  19. James1470

    Rolling road

    I'll come :) can we go to RS tuning? so they can fix my car whilst im there
  20. James1470

    Clio 197 - Carbon Fibre Pack

    its just plastic, and although I bought the side skirts for my 197 rep, I only done it because the rear quarters looked shabby and it covered it. IIRC the skirts cost me £115 each, and the splitter for the front would be roughly the same, my cup spoiler was £150 ish .. but in hindsight It looked...
  21. James1470

    noisy 200 ... clip included, Help :(

    makes this whining noise mid - high revs, its starting to concern me know, as the 4 renault dealers won't even look at it til the 1st (soonest I can get booked in so thats fair enough) but I'm not sure its safe to drive, a few lads in our workshops agreed with me, sounds like it could be...
  22. James1470

    Ticking/Blowing noise whilst driving ( only when in gear )

    I think so, and no it doesn't make a noise at all when its out of gear.
  23. James1470

    Ticking/Blowing noise whilst driving ( only when in gear )

    yea? just had a new exhaust put on, reckon thats just blowing? If thats all it is i'll get work to look, but if its anything serious i'd rather take it to a specialist. suppose if somethings broken down there its a excuse for a sports cat :p
  24. James1470

    Ticking/Blowing noise whilst driving ( only when in gear )

    Basically, since its been hot, & I've had the window down, I've noticed a sort of blowing/ticking noise now and then, and only when the car is in gear. I'm not too sure what it is, and obviously with it only happening when its driving, its difficult to find out exactly what it is, anyone else...
  25. James1470

    Disaster :(

    ​see Adam and get a proper one, look in traders.
  26. James1470

    Paint peeling - Renault won't sort it....

    Update on this - Just had RUK on the phone, and they said they'll pay to have the bumper re painted, the best part is - warranty said they'd authorise a smart repair (which validates warranty) but because customer support agree with me they are willing to pay a "Renault authorised body shop" to...
  27. James1470

    clio 200 wheel annihilated during service

    I just bought a new one on Saturday, as after a refurb I ended up with a blue Speedline :)
  28. James1470

    North East Annual BBQ - Sunday 14 July - Hamsterly Forrest

    Haha my mrs is here. Heading to hamsterly now. Lash in lads
  29. James1470

    North East Annual BBQ - Sunday 14 July - Hamsterly Forrest

    Anyone else coming?
  30. James1470

    North East Annual BBQ - Sunday 14 July - Hamsterly Forrest

    haha ... I had to stop getting my dad to pick me up from party's on our way to work when he bacame my boss :(