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  1. _WILL_

    ePAS with PMS fast rack

    Hello, first post in many many years so go easy on me. My 172 CUP is running ePAS with a dci rack. I converted it back in 2013 or 14 and it’s been working fine ever since. However the car has been off the road a while now and decided to turn it into a full track car rather than let it sit there...
  2. _WILL_

    DCI Steering Rack Bolts Part Number

    Hey, I have done the ePas conversion a while ago on my cup. I meant to change the bolts and have never got round to it so am still running the 172 bolts which really are a little too short, especially at the pinion side of the rack. Now I am going to get around to it I have decided to use the...
  3. _WILL_


    Engine is ticking quite loudly. I did the belts, dephaser and water pump about 6k / a few months ago. I have been Reading threads and listening to other people's videos but I am just not sure. is there a definitive way to tell if its defaser? If its not the dephaser what else should I be...
  4. _WILL_


    Parked on regent street, leamington spa?
  5. _WILL_

    Buckled / bent wheel repair

    I have a fair few OZ F1s sitting around now. All need re-furbing but quite a few have slight buckles. Can probably be balanced out but just wanted to understand if they can be repaired and an idea of cost. So anyone know anywhere or used anywhere in the midlands that I can try? thanks, Will
  6. _WILL_

    Bought some Xenons - got a broken clip.

    As above. Bought a set off eBay. Arrived very well packaged etc. However there is a broken clip. Before i send it back etc. can someone tell me if they are repairable / fixable.
  7. _WILL_

    Alternator Whistle

    So, following on from this thread: i have now got a whistling noise coming from the alternator. Reading up on it on the net it sounds like it might be the bearing and nothing to worry about, expect it is...
  8. _WILL_

    Will this alternator work on my cup??

    Hi, Please can someone tell me if this will work on my 172 Cup? I had ordered one but found out today Renault have no stock until end of march and the car is currently off the road. If not if someone...
  9. _WILL_

    Koni top mounts

    Okay got some used Koni's. fitted the fronts the other day, they fitted fine!! Went to fit the rears today and had an issue. The Renault top mounts are too small. So now I am thinking there should be some that came with the rear dampers? So as a temp measure I drilled out the Renault ones. The...
  10. _WILL_

    172 cup stored for 2 years. Now it won't start.

    The Car has been stored for a while. So have decided to put it back on the road, however it will not start. i have done some other work on the car, cam belt etc... While I did the work I cleaned up all the earths, checked the starter motor and fitted a new TDC sensor. Plus I fitted a new...
  11. _WILL_

    Stone Chip Repair

    So I have an R56 Mini Cooper S. it's crap and as a result I am returning it to Mini in the coming months as I am reaching the point in my finance agreement where I can give it back as I will have paid 50% of the finance. i have taken all additional cost into consideration, one of which is...
  12. _WILL_

    Renault Dealer Parts Purchasing System

    Bit of a random one but does anyone have and can send me / know where to get a copy of the Renault dealer part system with the exploded diagrams for a 172 / 172 CUP? I don't mind really what format it is in. I have the workshop manual already which is great for checking torques etc. It would...
  13. _WILL_

    Steel Wheels For A 172 Track Car?

    Hey, My slightly battered and bruised 172 cup is going to become my track car. But it is going to be on a budget. Want some 15" wheels to save money on tyres so have been looking at some steel wheels on the bay. Just wanted some educated responses with regards to if this is a good idea...
  14. _WILL_

    Play in steering/front wheels

    There is some play in the front wheels / steering of my car. It is noticeable when driving and you can wiggle the wheels and get around 1-2mm play/movement. I obviously want it sorting but I also have my MOT due so need it fixed. Just want a bit of advice on what to replace and where the...
  15. _WILL_

    Anti roll bar bushes for a 172 Cup

    I am trying to find out the diameters of the anti roll bar on a 172 cup. I think the outer are 23mm and inner are 25mm but I need to be sure, could someone let me know please? Cheers, Will.
  16. _WILL_

    Random Wire Not Connected.

    Please could someone let me know what this wire is for and where it should be connected to. I found it in my engine bay today while I was fitting a new dog bone mount. The wire is at the front of the engine bay, in front of the air box. The car is a 172 Cup! [/IMG] [/IMG] This is a pic of...
  17. _WILL_

    **** LGE, Hinckley.

    Spotted you pulling into the Mill Stone car park. Silver 182 with a CS sticker in the rear window. I was just walking out of Halfords. Your car looked very tidy.
  18. _WILL_

    Oil light on

    Following on from a crash I had at the begining of december the 3rd party have admitted full responsibility and the car is off to be repaired. However... It has been sat on the drive since a couple of...
  19. _WILL_

    Dash lights and left side light out.

    Have had a search and not really found an answer. On the motorway (in the dark) And suddenly the dash lights went out. Made the drive home interesting. So checked the fuses and its the left side light that has fused. Replaced fuse and all was well until I cranked the engine and it went...
  20. _WILL_

    Had a crash

    :( Driving home from work, going round a large round about and a chap in a fiesta pulls out in front of me. On the brakes hard and realised there was no stopping in time, so avoiding action taken in the hope that he would do the same, but he didn't he just carried on like I wasn't coming...
  21. _WILL_

    Bolt Size Help.

    When changing the gearbox mount a few weeks ago I had to remove the ali part that the mount sits in (also the part the battery sits on, so guessing its the battery tray!) I manged to snap one of the bolts that holds the "tray" in place. Luckily it snapped in such a way that it still partialy...
  22. _WILL_

    Stuck Spark Plug, Help Needed!

    Following on from this thread ; I now need to remove the spark plug to get it helicoiled and then new plugs fitted. Problem is the spark plug just spins where it is. Does anyone know how I can get it out without...
  23. _WILL_

    Tapping ... Lifter?

    Have got a really loud tapping coming from the engine. I have spent a couple of hours reading threads and watching videos :dead: and from what I have seen/heard I think it might be a lifter sticking, but I am not sure. It became quite tappety when I last changed the oil, Changed it in the...
  24. _WILL_

    Mark Webber, funny video!

    Be3-J9XtJCw WTF! sorry if its a repost. Will
  25. _WILL_

    Another Jacking Question.

    I am always carful when I jack up my car, i know how dangerous it is and also don't want to damage the car! I have a bog standard halfords trolley jack and axle stands. When I jack up the car I don'y use the skirts, but the chassis rails under the car. To stop them being damaged I use a...
  26. _WILL_

    Throttle Body Cleaning.

    Noticed that my throttle body is pretty filthy, so whipped it of to give it a quick clean. Just wanna make sure I aint going to damage anything tho. Is it okay to use brake cleaner on it? With it being on a ph2 is there anything else I can do to clean it up, obviously there is no spring...
  27. _WILL_

    Leicester Meet.

    Was thinking about organising a bit of a Leicester meet. Think there are a fair few of us in the area, so it could be good fun. Was thinking we could meet somewhere and go for a bit of a drive, perhaps to a pub have a few drinks and try and get a few photos. I drove out to a pub called the...
  28. _WILL_

    Little Cup!

    Gave the cup a quick wash yesterday. This afternoon I fitted my new Skoda splitter, made a real hash of it and had to re-fit parts of it a couple of times and still need to trim the ends properly, but I am pretty happy with the result. Feel it finally makes the car look complete! Anyway went...
  29. _WILL_

    Keying t**t

    Woke up this afternoon with a great day planned, washing car, fitting new splitter, going for a drive etc... Only to find my drivers side window had been keyed. While I was checking the rest of the car for damage the local bobby turned up and had a look, took some photos etc... We got talking...
  30. _WILL_

    New Engine Mount Fitted, couple of questions!

    Just fitted new k-tec engine mount as my old one was buggered. It seemed pretty easy to do but need to check a few things before i take her for a spin. Should there be a washer or something on here before the nut goes on? To me it looks like it should have one! Also what is the torque...