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    172 FF Creaking Clutch pedal

    For anybody still looking at this thread for info about this problem. My 182 clutch creaks really loud once the engine gets hot. I have had a new clutch/release bearing and 2 genuine cables fit now. I regrease it almost every week at both ends of the cable but none of this makes a difference it...
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    Annoying steering and clutch pedal squeaking

    Hi, I have a clio 182 and have owned it for about 8 years now. Its getting abit long in the tooth now and there are several annoying problems which have cropped up over the last year or two and i wondered if anyone may have had these same problems and might be able to help me resolve them...
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    Clio 182 clutch pedal ratchet

    Update for anyone who may have same problem. Renault just quoted me £594 to change the auto adjustment mechanism after initially being quoted £99+vat. Cambelt also due on car so this could write it off as ridiculious as that is..
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    Clio 182 clutch pedal ratchet

    Hi, Im hoping someone has some experience of replacing one of these ratchets that might be able to help me. I have been trying to replace this mechanism for literally almost 2 full days now and im on the verge of setting the thing on fire. I have managed to finally align and get the bolt...
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    Fix or buy another? 182 FF

    I think you have helped me make up my mind, im quite attached to my current one which is whats put me off getting rid but you are deffo right. I wish i could keep the old one too I may aswel put that towards a repairs pot for the next one lol. Thanks R3k
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    Fix or buy another? 182 FF

    Thanks for the reply R3k, the calipers were the first things i replaced when i noticed the warping problem was reoccurring but it still continued to happen. I think you may be right, i feel i cannot trust my current one as a daily anymore. Thanks again.
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    Fix or buy another? 182 FF

    Hi guys, Im looking for some advice, I currently have a titanium clio 182 FF. I absolutely love the car and have owned it for around 7 years now. It needs alot of work and im unsure weather i should get the work done or just replace it. Problem is its starting to get abit long in the tooth now...
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    Wiring Battery kill switch and start button.

    For the start button you need to test the wires in the barrel, your looking for the wire that gets a 12v charge when you turn the key to start the car
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    RUK recall letter received today?

    I know this is kind of old news now, but when these letters were being sent out I owned a 1.2 Clio ph2 and received one of these letters through the post. I checked the catch and all looked to be ok so I thought nothing else of it. I've since upgraded to an early 05 plate 182, I checked the...
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    Clio 172 182 Custom made budget induction kit... Proven gains!!!

    Good luck getting to your headlight bulbs ;)
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    My old 1.2 16v use to cut out all the time as well as rav unevenly. Took it to several garages who didn't seem to have a clue. Read on here about throttle bodies clogging on them, took it apart and cleaned with carb cleaner and it fixed it.
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    Black 182 FP54 FCX - Queensbury sticker in the back window
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    White 197 + Black 182

    Spotted a white 197 in Thornbury (by mid point) Bradford and a black 182 in Thornton Bradford, just wondered if these belong to anyone in here?
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    Epic creations Sunday 13th april

    Cool should be a good day, will be nice to check out some other cliosports too :)
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    Epic creations Sunday 13th april

    Im up for this car needs a good run, am i ok to bring a friend along to the convoy?
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    rear demister

    Faulty switch maby? Grab another from a scrappers to rule that out first as prob cheapest option
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    Ph1 ashtray

    Ph2 ashtray has a spring so would assume its the same, although i removed the spring as it kept chomping my cigs
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    External induction a problem at high speeds?

    I have a £60 carbon enclosed induction kit with a direct cold air feed to the foglight, i recently moved the cold air feed from under the bumper and felt a difference low end straight away. I don't know if this is a placebo affect or not as the difference is not dramatic but it defiantly feels...
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    Re: K-tec 182 style exhaust for 1.2

    I had this on my 1.2, personally i liked it but it was quite loud and let out the occasional pop on downshift