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  1. Pauleds

    Stage rally forums etc

    I originally looked at hiring to do IOM but just built a new car instead. At least with buying or building a car you should always still have value in it when you move on. Think if i was going again i would look at a quick 1400 something as cars generally closer in the class. As soon as you go...
  2. Pauleds

    Stage rally forums etc

    Hope youve got deep pockets. I miss motorsport but not the faff and expense that went with it.
  3. Pauleds

    Alternator required 75A with epas ??

    Clwyd Auto Electrical sorted my cup Alternator
  4. Pauleds

    Whats seats ?? 🤔🤔

    Leave them all there, get some HRX. Really comfy and better price. Bryn lives by Mold
  5. Pauleds

    Liquid yellow paint or powder coat

    Yellow is the worst colour ever to try and spray. Just get it powder coated
  6. Pauleds

    Wheel Alignment / Geo Setup Staffordshire/Cheshire

    Brother uses them for his sprint/hillclimb car, and other mates use them for their rally cars.
  7. Pauleds

    Wheel Alignment / Geo Setup Staffordshire/Cheshire

    Tuned in Llay, near Wrexham
  8. Pauleds

    Sim Rigs - Let’s see yours

    Would love to have a proper seat, but dont have the room for one. Comes with the optional can holder
  9. Pauleds

    Post box red track car

    Pics or it didnt happen.........
  10. Pauleds

    Alright everyone.

    A bit messy Oh wait, wrong thread
  11. Pauleds

    Throttle body bolt pattern

    Ph1 cable throttle body has a different pitch to a Ph2 fly by wire throttle body, and the top inlets are different. I used a ph1 inlet, and machined an adaptor plate to fit a ph2 throttle body.
  12. Pauleds

    Anyone have issues with Android?

    Dubai police blocking you
  13. Pauleds

    Clubsport style seating...options

    Cobra Monaco are awful cheap uncomfortable seats. I bought a road rally car that came with them and I did 1 event and half way through the rally i was numb. They were out and gone the next day.
  14. Pauleds

    Motamec seats

    HRX seats are still my favourite. Had the HRX Racers in the Clio and even codriver after 3 day event also commented how comfy they were. In the past i had Cobra Imola 2 seats for years until the seat date thing came in for rallying, but I didnt find the newer Cobra seats...
  15. Pauleds

    RB PH1 172 Rally Car Progress

    What was wrong with using a standard plastic tank with a decent guard? Seems a lot of faff just to use an alloy tank which takes up spare wheel access and has a higher centre of gravity at the rear rather than a low cog in the middle??
  16. Pauleds

    Replacement Clio bolt sizes , length and pitch

    And thats your excuse is it? Poor. Very poor.
  17. Pauleds

    Underarch painting ?

    Leave them silver, white just shows the dirt even more
  18. Pauleds

    DiRT Rally 2.0

    Loads of different championships etc to join on Dirt Clubs Some motor clubs have run erallys on dirt clubs as they were unable to put on real ones
  19. Pauleds

    Zoom Zoom Mazda 3 Shed

    Looks like a bargain at that price
  20. Pauleds

    DiRT Rally 2.0

    Think I would be ill if i tried VR
  21. Pauleds

    DiRT Rally 2.0

    Im on it fairly often so have done a few different championships with my mates. Its pretty addictive when you get into it, changing setups etc. Had a quick go on time trial the other night in Germany with the fiesta r2 and im still 5 secs off the stage record.
  22. Pauleds

    25 Years Ago Today...

    I am still yet to attend an event which had the same reaction to Colin coming through the stages as it was that day. The atmosphere was out of this world. Still gives me goosebumps thinking about it. Brilliant story from Petter Solberg today saying how he used to bug Colin when testing asking...
  23. Pauleds

    Ph1 throttle body on ph2

    Make me an offer (loom and ecu)
  24. Pauleds

    Ph1 throttle body on ph2

    I had a ph1 engine and inlet, but ran a ph2 throttle body on my cup. Had to machine an adaptor plate to make it it. I have got a ph1 engine loom, ecu, throttle body, cable and pedals setup if you need one though.
  25. Pauleds

    Trackrods for EPAS conversion

    Just need to check the thread sizes
  26. Pauleds

    Trackrods for EPAS conversion

    Dont be so tight, buy some new ones!!
  27. Pauleds

    £5k Trackcar.....

    02-09 coupe 2.0 on paper is bit slower V6 a bit faster
  28. Pauleds

    £5k Trackcar.....

    A few bits n pieces. Hyundai Coupe F2 Evolution - Main Changes Power up by 12% to 154bhp Zero to sixty acceleration reduced to 8.1 seconds Peter Stevens-styled front spoiler and rear wing Five-spoke 16-inch alloy wheels and Yokohama tyres Leather-trimmed armrest, gear lever gaiter and handbrake...
  29. Pauleds

    Powder coat costs mk2 subframe black

    I had MS inlets on the old car. Looked great. The other alloy bits i just cleaned up and sprayed myself.
  30. Pauleds

    £5k Trackcar.....

    Hyundai Coupe F2 Evolution Nobody would use one of them....... Budget Track Car coming soon!