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    Dash/Trip light

    hey guys just wondering if anybody knows what this symbol means its on a 2007 Clio 1.2 tried looking through pages on here but cant find it thanks :)
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    Ultra Red Clio 197

    So I picked up a Clio 197 today, 42,000miles with belts already done, has the front heated seats. I used to have a bg 182 but sold it to fund motorbike.. Love the 197 so far!! Plans: Induction kit Cup spoiler New exhaust(?) or exhaust tips.. Repaint diffuser and grill black Will...
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    Hampshire photo shoots/ meets?

    Anywhere know any good locations around Hampshire for photos? I am getting a new camera soon and would like to take a few photos, may even make a meet out of it? Could even do a little tour, drive about and take some pics? I was thinking maybe some in the New Forest, or down Mayflower Park...
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    South Central Sticker/Logo?

    Hello Everyone, I have seen that East Midlands and South East have made their own stickers, that are soon to be on sale in the shop. Would anyone be interested in one for South Central? I am not very good with designing on the computer, so if anyone is willing to make some up, we can have a...
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    Clio Sport Saturday 2013 Convoy Thread

    CSS2013 This year's CSS is going to be held at Duxford Imperial War Museum on the 22nd June 2013. Everybody loves a good convoy, motorway congested with Clios.. There seems to be loads of convoy threads and it's a little bit disorganized, so I've decided to post one that has specifics on it...
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    Liquid yellow R26 -The Rapids, Romsey.

    Somewhen last week, parked next to you. Im the manager of the Costa Coffee in there. (excuse htc's cameras...)
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    RB 182 Winchester Rd, Southampton- 14/03/13- 11:30am

    Saw you just heading towards the m27, I was heading towards Hill Lane, was looking rather clean.
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    Toyota Soarer on Pistonheads

    60,000 on the clock and only £3,350
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    Meguiars G220 V2 DA Polisher

    I just bought one of these off of eBay and waiting for it to arrive, has anyone got one of these? Any good? The eBay description says it comes with "Meguiars soft buff 2.0 7" foam finishing pad and Meguiars soft 2.0 7" foam polishing pad" are these any good? or any other pads any one recommend?
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    Black Gold with Carbon Fibre

    Want to get some carbon fibre for my car but want to see what people have done for inspiration, any photos of Black Gold's with carbon fibre bits on them? A photo of a carbon fibre diamond would be especially good!
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    What is causing rubbing?

    I have only owned the car 2 weeks and just noticed this rubbing, I haven't heard anything at all? Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what i could be in this position. Checked the tyres and there are no bulges or marks at all. Getting the car checked over next week at Rentech anyway when...
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    Alloy Refurbishment Southampton

    I got a small graze on one of my alloys going into a car park today, anybody know any in Southampton or surrounding areas that would do a good job and what price am I looking at? Will post a photo in the morning.
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    Ace Cafe 21/01

    Ace Cafe, London, NW10 7UD 21/01/13 18:00 - 23:00. Anyone going to the French Classic and Performance night tomorrow?
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    Inferno 182, Romsey Rd, Southampton 20/01/13 8am

    Flashed my lights at you this morning near the co-op.
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    Black Gold 182 FF

    I have wanted a Clio Sport for a very long time and now insurance is now reasonable enough and can afford my first. So i thought i had better of start a proper project thread. So this is what I've got: Black Gold 182 FF , 05 plate, 44,000 miles. The car is in fairly good condition inside and...
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    Artic Blue 182, Shirley, Southampton. 03/12

    Parked in Lidls, then saw you drive up the high street after.
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    Sport Bumper on non sport

    There's a gap on one side, maybe i have just fitted it wrong, i haven't really had time to look at it yet. I was wondering if anybody had the same issue though?
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    Racing Blue 182- 04/09/12 -Shirley, Southampton

    I was behind you in all that shitty traffic just before the high street
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    Southampton Drive

    Anyone know anywhere good to go for a drive near to Southampton? Just looking for ideas and then we can set it up.
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    Hanging from underneath?

    When fitting my splitter this morning i only just noticed this? Does anybody know where it has came from? Thanks
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    Draw your car in paint without looking at it!

    Here's an example of how terrible it can turn out:
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    Thanks Everyone

    Thanks everyone for there hard work to make today happen, enjoyed the day and was nice to meet people too. Bring on next year!
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    CSS 12 sticker

    Where's everyone put there sticker? I can't decide where mine should go!
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    Dash Strips

    My dash strips are getting old and showing there age, so its time to do something about them i cant decide whether i should carbon wrap them, paint them back the original colour or colour code them to my cars colour like this lovely example bellow: Opinions anyone? Also where would i be able...
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    Sound System

    Hello Everyone, Deciding to sort out the sound system in my non sport, can anyone advise me a good set up. I need a new headunit and was thinking of some new speakers in the front and installing some in the rear (not in parcel shelf), and a sub and an amp. Also how difficult would it be to do...
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    CSS Convoy

    Just an idea but does anyone from the south want to drive up to clio sport Saturday together, feel free to post any ideas here.
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    General Maintenance

    Hello all, I'm still fairly new to cars and only just properly getting into them and doing things myself, i was just wondering what are some general maintenance i should look out for on my car it is just approaching 46,000 miles. Thanks in advance
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    Refurbishing Alloys + Powder coat?

    Hello All, I am going to get my alloys refurbished as the owner before me clearly couldn't park very well, but once they are done they should be looking beautiful again. I quite like the standard colour that they are although I was considering getting them powder coated too? Although i was...
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    Temperature Controls

    Hello Everyone, Whoever had my car before me has scratched up the temperature controls on my car, does anyone know how to repair something like this or would I be better off buy a new set of controls from somewhere? Thanks in advance
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    Extreme Sticker

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone know if you could just peel the Extreme sticker off of the side of the car? and if not how would i go about removing it? Thanks in advance