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    ET36 wheels fitted , size spacer should i use F+R for stance?

    Done a bit of research search and decided I'm going to buy the bolt onto hub - hubcentrics. However clueless on what size I should go for front and rear on my non sport with et36 wheels and 15/45/195 tyres???? Anyone got a rough idea what I could go for? Just have a bit of tuck on these wheels...
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    I messed up..... fitting my radio

    Got the sub and amp in the car fine iso sorted.... however somehow i thought it would be clever to cut off the aerial and solder it up to another wire with the correct connector on it ( i have a alpine headunit so its a jap shorter diameter aerial) but obviously i cant solder it up because its...
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    Roof leaking water. No idea where its coming from.

    With the recent weather, my roofs began to leak. Not sure whether its a sunroof problem or not as the water is leaking onto the housing of the roof interior light and the roof is damp near the windscreen. The aerial appears to be dry with no signs of water leaking through it which is why I'm a...
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    Iceburg 182, Drakehouse Retail Park, Sheffield.

    Saw at traffic lights. Cliosport sticker on side window, exhaust sounded ghey! :rasp:
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    My oem+ de- chavved ph1 clio 1.2

    Just thought I'd share some pics of my mpgwagon after a bit of work on it this week :) Painted the alloys silver and fitted a clean replacement tailgate along with some other stuff. Hope its gets CS approval anyway. *Oh yeah ignore the masking/ bondage tape on the tailgate.. theres a reason for...
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    Boot tailgate removal! Disconnecting the loom! HELP!

    Hi Ive bought a replacement tailgate for my clio, Managed to unattach everything apart from the wiring loom which is causing me a load of hassle. Would i need to remove the headlining to get to the connector and unplug it? Is this hard to do? Cheers Lee
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    weird question: picking up a tailgate will it fit in the car?

    hey am after a new bootlid for my mk2 but would have to pick it up. Would it fit in my car or would i need a van? Going to measure it up tomorrow to find out but if anyone has picked up one before and knows if it slots in okay that would be great to know :) cheers lee
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    clio vs corsa pics

    Here are a few pics taken today of my mates sxi and my green shed. :) Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
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    no fan, modes 1,2,3,4 not working?

    Anyone had the same problem and know how to fix it? cheers lee
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    ??Raceland coilovers - warranty and contact information??

    Hey, wondered if anyone had dealt with raceland before. My n/s strut has developed a knocking noise and the damper shaft moves side to side inside the body where the oil or gas is held. Im after a replacement. Can I buy these seperate? Would I covered by some warranty as I bought these in March...
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    Driveshaft nut woes :(

    Hey Ive undone one driveshaft nut using my body weight on a broken torque wrench last night really struggling with the other one though... Been looking at a breaker bar but not sure what size I should go for? Anything over 16'' bar gets a little costly at machine mart for something Im rarely...
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    Mister_lees copycat PH1 progress so far

    Hi thought id start a project thread and share some pics its a bit of marmite content it started out as a standard clio 1.2 8v which i bought in 2009. More or less had no mods for a year and a half and ran it on gloss black steelies/ ph2 trims, detailed it to within a inch of its life and...
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    Advice needed about tightening aux belt plz!

    Hiya my aux belt has now squeeking/ slipping. Its a new belt and probably needs some minor adjustment, how do i go about this myself? Had a look at what i believe is the tensioner, its a black circular block with a bolt on one end and a torx bit on the other side between the alternator and...
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    was bored (pov spec ph1 clio content)

    .... so I decided to take some quick midnight ish pics of my lil' shed! :rasp: Excuse the quality of the pictures I havent got to grips with my new fangled camera just yet! :o Please be kind x :D C&C welcome ;)
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    Cant engage into 2nd gear easily!!!?

    hiya sometimes when i shift into 2nd from first and sometimes 3rd to 2nd theres some resistance on the gearstick going into the gear but it will eventually engage maybe with a really really quiet crunch . started few months back i replaced a worn driveshaft and put new oil (carlube 75-90w)...
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    headlight adjusters: left and right are they different parts?

    hiya just wondering if the headlight adjusters that change the height (black box) on the front headlights are different for the o/s and n/s as i think someone has put two of the same on mine and am having problems lining them up....:dapprove: thanks lee
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    swapping front hubs over to 58mm question

    Hi!! Im seriously thinking of buying some cheaper rokkor coilovers for my ph1 1.2 8v but to use them i need the other hubs. But to change them over i really dont know how unattach the steering rods which are from the rack to the hub via a rubber mount? Do i need a special tool to undo them to...
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    bad misfire, oil on plugs? ideas?

    hiya got a really bad misfire on my clio. The whole engine and exhaust shakes like mad. Theres no blue smoke coming from the exhaust though. The spark plugs are dripping with oil / coated with oil. I havent done a compression test yet but I changed the coil pack over using a one used on a...
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    Tinting headlights yellow legal or not?

    Hiya just wondering if its legal to tint my headlamps yellow? Cheers
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    Driveshaft Nut size???

    Anyone know the size of the driveshaft nut on a clio 1.2? It may be the same size on a sport. Its definitely around 30mm or bigger, just needing to buy a socket soon. Cheers Lee
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    Removing light servos- the proper way

    Hi just having a problem removing the adjustment servo on my headlight. Im twisting and it seems somethings going to snap if im not too careful! Anyone know how to take them out properly before I end up breaking something??:rolleyes: Cheers :)
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    HELP bolt spacing clio 1.2 8v 52mm or 58mm

    Buying coilies. I """think""" its 52mm bolt spacing on the front shock where it attaches to the hub. But if anyone can clarify it for me that would be great before i go buying the wrong thing! Cars a 1999 MK2 phase 1 clio 1.2 grande. Many thanks, much appreciated!:cool:
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    coolant bleed screw? How to tighten it?!!

    sorry for a simple question:o coolant is leaking out of the coolant bleed screw on the heater pipe. Any ideas what size tool is need to tighten it. It doesn't seem very obvious to me looks like some sort of socket is needed? thanks
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    1000rpm idle startup but drops to 750 when warm?

    Hi CS Got a minor problem with my shed. I fitted a short ram induction kit then swapped it back to the airbox for the winter. Since using the induction kit on the car, over time I noticed when i started the car up my idle went to around 950-1000 rpm from being at 750. When switching back to the...
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    Big coolant drop

    Hi all Just checked my clio over yesterday. Noticed big drop in coolant (really low) since the last month I carried out a service on it and added roughly a litre to bring it up to where it was previously. Previously levels been bang on through summer with no issues and been driven daily...
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    Where the hell is the mass air flow sensor on 1.2 8v

    Found oil breather pipe etc. It hasnt got a mass air flow sensor on has it on this engine or im completely loosing the plot..:S because i cant seem to find it at all. Cheers