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  1. geordie

    Geordies iceberg 172

    It's about time I start a thread on my current Clio. I don't think Ivye made a project thread on here before even tho I've had plenty of clios over the years Heres a few of my old ones. Well the only ones I have pictures of on my phone My first Clio 172 cup bought it when it was 2year old...
  2. geordie

    Mint 172 v 182 that needs work

    I’m after replacing my ph1 with either a 172 / 182 I’ve seen two that’s local to me ones a late 172 that is in very good condition and reasonably priced and the 182 that’s a 54 it’s got slight bubbling on one rear arch and a small crack in the front bumper. Problem is I think I want a 182...
  3. geordie

    197 or stick with the golf

    hi i currently have a mk6 gt tdi golf as my daily and a ph1 172 that I am almost finished building Into a fast road track car, I am very close to finishing the Clio and I know it is going to need sills and a lot of paintwork this year, I am finding the golf a little boring even tho it’s mapped...
  4. geordie

    How to fit bc racing top mounts

    hi Is about to fit my bc dr coil overs. There is no instructions on the top mounts ? They are the solid ones supplied by Kam Racing. Has anyone got a guide or any pointers.
  5. geordie

    Ph1 boot

    I’m about to pick up a tailgate. I just need to know has anyone ever fitted it in a mk6 golf. Or know the dimentions so I know if I will fit
  6. geordie

    182 manifold link pipe to 172

    is there anyone apart from k tec who makes the link pipes when fitting a 182 manifold to a 172?
  7. geordie

    Bonnet catch

    Hi I've serched the forum and can't find the answer. Does anyone know if the bonnet catch recall is still active?
  8. geordie

    Trophy trw peterlee

    I've seen a trophy parked and diving to the trw site in peterlee on a daily basis is it anyone on here??
  9. geordie

    Sump washer diameter

    Hi has anyone any idea of the size of a Clio 182 sump washer diameter just across the middle ?
  10. geordie


    In Shiney row!
  11. geordie

    Vibrating mirror glass

    Hi the mirror glass vibrates when I am driving on my Clio. It looks to be movement in the motor I think, is there a cure for this or is it just a new unit thanks in advance :D geordie
  12. geordie

    Selling a non standard 182 cup,

    Hi guys i am thinking about selling my inferno 182 cup, I have replaced the seats and door cards with normal 182 ones and the standard wheels with trophy ones, Do you guys think it would put people off buying the car or should I return it to standard and then sell. Thanks in advance
  13. geordie

    Clio 182 wiper blades

    Anyone know what size they are in cm Thanks geordie
  14. geordie

    renault tune point now on ebay start price 99p any questions just ask cheers geordie
  15. geordie

    clio 182 now on ebay low reserve any questions please ask
  16. geordie

    Renault Clio 182 sport * rare factory fitted sat nav * on gumtree the time has come to sell and move on, any questions please ask ;) geordie
  17. geordie

    help with gaz coilovers

    hi i have just bought a second hand set of gaz coilovers and the front adjusters on the shocker where the spring sit are stuck solid and the grub screw is mashed with no way of removing it , my question is any helpfull ways of freeing them off? can u buy the adjusters? where refurb the...
  18. geordie

    paint correction/detailing in the north east

    i am after getting my 182's paint corrected and i have looked on the internet and cant really find any around the area, can anyone recommend anyone around the north east for paint correction :S thanks