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  1. Alfonz

    NCB and accidents dont match up on insurance certs.

    My policy is TPFT, insured via Fluxdirect to markerstudy with 6 years NCB . In jan 2013 was involved in an accident. ... March 2013 policy was amended according to fluxdirect due to accident. Correspondent states fault of accident is pending. The same day I get my cert of motor insurance by...
  2. Alfonz

    New HTC release??

    I've got a Sensation and the other half has a One X. Both are brilliant apart from battery life but the same as other sartphones. Really wouldnt be bothered about 4G, HSPA+ is plenty fast enough and downloading songs and 20min pornos is very quick.
  3. Alfonz

    Clio to A3

  4. Alfonz

    Clio to A3

    Well I'm pretty fed up of paying ridiculous amounts for my 1.1 Clio. I don't know how the insurance companies calculate their policy figures. It's £20 cheap to insure my car modified over standard. However I was browsing A3s earlier and for £60 a year more I can get a 1.9 SE. It was only a...
  5. Alfonz

    Ice Cream Sandwich.

    When I upgraded I had issues with the phone lagging and not being able to access messages. I sent it to get repaired but I'm still having issues with the phone loading slower. My phone will totally freeze up if on the internet. The phone also feels Like its running hot. Is it possible to back...
  6. Alfonz

    Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Just got the update from 3. It f**ked my sensation. Is there a backdate?
  7. Alfonz

    What to do to my Standard 1.2 16v ?

    Lowered, 172 alloys, RS grill, 172 rear bumper, colour code bump strips/sidestrips, Silvervisions.
  8. Alfonz

    Ice Cream Sandwich.

    God damn it. 3 are so slow!
  9. Alfonz

    hardcore emails

    I'm not the most tech savvy but I have a little problem. I don't know how but over the last few months I've been getting a f**k load of what looks like pornographic emails with attachments. I swear I've not been on anything dodgey or put my email into any of those kind of sites but the emails...
  10. Alfonz

    Whats wrong with your car right now??

    Hid bulb needs replacing. Starter motor needs replacing. Two rear tyres. Driver side wing mirror glass needs fitting. New alloy wheel bolts.
  11. Alfonz

    Windscreen speed.

    Thanks! I'm such a 'tard.
  12. Alfonz

    Windscreen speed.

    I've got a 1.2 rush so its the most basic clio know to man. I've owned it for 4 years and I've only just noticed that when standing still the wipes slow down to the lowest speed then speed up as soon as I set off. I can't believe that; A- I've only noticed after 4 years. B- A really basic...
  13. Alfonz

    reading texts

    I've broke my 3gs by dropping it. The phone looks fine but the touch screen doesn't work so i cant get into it. I'm getting text messages but i cant read them obviously. I was wondering if its possible to somehow read them on itunes? I've tried putting the SIM into another phone but the...
  14. Alfonz

    Winter Tyres

    I don't have actual winter tyres but i do have a set of steelies with all weathers on which I use for winter.
  15. Alfonz

    Non-Sports In Here..

    I saw a few of them in Bulgaria, its like a confussed clio going through an identity crisis.
  16. Alfonz

    3 Network

    I have three 3g masks triangulating my house nearby. Still don't get an indoor signal! .... Getting a pay as you go Sim to test first is a good idea though as excellent coverage doesn't necessarily mean excellent coverage.
  17. Alfonz

    3 Network

    Don't do it! I was with 3 about 7 years ago and swore to never go back with forward to 2011 and I've gone back with them. I get No signal in buildings, if I do then I get about 3bars but drops out after 10 seconds. If I'm outside I get full coverage however 5/10 ill recieve a...
  18. Alfonz

    component specification

    Ok thank you for your help. Things like clutch size and ratings, injectors sizes etc would have been useful.
  19. Alfonz

    component specification

    Not even for mechanical components?
  20. Alfonz

    component specification

    Not even in a Renault vault room?
  21. Alfonz

    component specification

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section.... Was wondering if there was some kind of handbook or component sheet available which shows the specification and dimensions of various engine component of the Renault range. If there is such a thing then where am i likely to find this information...
  22. Alfonz

    Insurance thread for young 1*2 owners

    My bad, I didn't read the title correctly!....I'm still getting a raping however.
  23. Alfonz

    Insurance thread for young 1*2 owners

    £850 on a 1.2 8v. 4 years no claims, no points. I'm getting well and truely raped.
  24. Alfonz

    What model do you own? <3 NEW POLL 2011 <3

    Clio 1.2 rush which I think is a mk2 ph3.
  25. Alfonz

    Low BG 182

    Nice, looks really low! How much did you lower it?
  26. Alfonz

    Skype on HTC Sens/andriod.

    Yeah i was using it over my WiFi, I could see myself in the little box but nothing in the main screen. The audio was working but was a bit low. The other person was accessing Skype via a laptop I think.
  27. Alfonz

    Skype on HTC Sens/andriod.

    Anyone use skype on HTC sensation, I can video call and people can see me but i can't see the other person. Just wondering if its just my phone or if its just not Skype compatible?
  28. Alfonz day! Opinions?

    Any burger under a fiver from a burger van is a bargain tbh.
  29. Alfonz

    HTC phones

    I've had three iphones, now I've got a htc. I can tell you that the HTC is far better. Especially the sensation. Seriously I always thought the iPhone was the dogs b****cks, its not until I got my hands on a HTC I realised how limiting, boring an iPhone actually is. I use my 3gs iPhone for...
  30. Alfonz

    Sticker ???

    Looks gash.