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  1. JoshOm3

    'Trophy' decal removal.

    Right, bought an Oem replacement trophy sticker. The current one on it has faded, cracked and gone yellow. At some angles you car barely see it. Whats the best way to remove. Obviously without marking the paint etc etc. But then any tips on re-fitting it perfectly? Help and suggestions...
  2. JoshOm3

    8:20am. M4. Artic 182.

    ^ basically. Two blokes inside, standard looking. Reg was HT05 EEK I think.
  3. JoshOm3

    Bonnet won't open.

    Mate seems to think the cables come off the latch due to the way it feels on the lever. So what's the next step. I thought about pushing the grills out and seeing what's what, unless anyone has any other ideas or experiences. Help appreciated. Josh.
  4. JoshOm3

    FBW. No throttle. Numerous dash lights.

    Was fine 1 minute then bang, no power, TC light on along with SERV light and the box light with squiggly line going through. Car came to a halt. Wouldn't start then did with revs bouncing rapidly between 2.5-3k. Went on too proceed to a car park further up the road with it idling like that and...
  5. JoshOm3

    Power/reliability. What/how. Cost effective?

    Ok. Quick run through. Owned my FF 182 for nye on 4 years now. Been thinking about selling and moving on etc but the clio ticks most boxes for me so I'd rather keep and enjoy it. After 4 years though I'm craving a little more power, nothing ridiculous or big but 200bhp would be nice. I've just...
  6. JoshOm3

    Vodafone £3 abroad deal.

    Right ok. First time abroad and I want to use my phone. Voda said that you call 5555 and opt to be part of the euro traveller where my Uk policy is taken with me abroad and no big rates aslong as the £3 is paid. But what I don't understand now is do I ring 5555 everyday to opt for this or is it...
  7. JoshOm3

    Squirting oil in bay.

    Ok. Did a little search here last night and didn't find alot so ill post and ask instead. ​All oil leaks btw. Got oil blowing over onto my two water pipes as they head into the bulk head. (Matrix pipes). Oil breather seems to be pushing oil out. Ive checked the level and its ok, not over...
  8. JoshOm3

    182 / valver brakes

    Probs guess from title. Wondering if they are the same fitment. Set of brembo's ffrom a 406 with adapters for a valver but obs need too know if they would fit. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  9. JoshOm3

    Starting too use water.

    In the title really. 2 weeks ago my temp gauge rose, changed thermostat and the temp gauge hasn't risen once. Drive 100 motorway miles and then just checked the water. The coolant bottle was close too empty but still the temp gauge hasn't climbed. Once after changing the thermostat I checked...
  10. JoshOm3

    Temp gauge rising.

    Checked the Coolent level and it was a tad low. So topped it up with some anti freeze. Was fine today but ten noticed the temp gauge rising a lot. Got home too find the coolant lid had popped off and my header tank had no water in. So filled the tank back up untill it was half way. Let it tick...
  11. JoshOm3

    Inner arms on rack.

    Are these main dealer only? If so would anyone know cost, part number. Thaanks.
  12. JoshOm3

    EML light flashing.

    Just currently sat here on idle from cold. The light is permantly on anyway but it started flashing. Why? Seem to happen around the time the thermostat opens, so took a while. Anyway help appreciated. Thanks.
  13. JoshOm3

    Relocating battery yourself.

    Ok. I fancy moving my battery to the boot. So I need help with How do I actually do it. Where to get the cable. Running the wire through the car, where. Any tips and helpful info wanted, big or small. If anyone can help, many thanks in advance.
  14. JoshOm3

    197 pic request.

    As title suggests. Looking for a black 197 on anthracite speedlines. Thanks.
  15. JoshOm3

    Creaking clutch.

    As title suggests. Its very creaky. Only when hot, stuck it traffic and after a enthsicatic drive. Tbh it almost sounds dry? Like it needs lube. I do plan on changing it soon but have a lot on and the last time I left this prolong it ended up wrecking my rachet system on my 19 16v. Anyone...
  16. JoshOm3

    Too hot?

    My heaters won't blow cold. They will when the engine is off. But won't when I'm going. I only happened today too. Coincidence too with it being at the same time I get my air con done. Any thoughts or ideas on what and how? Thanks.
  17. JoshOm3

    195/50/15 recommendations

    Hi all. I'm running the as said tire size above. I'm looking to buy 4 new tires all around but having trouble knowing which is best to go for. I'm coming from R888's so the level of grip wanted is high but not with the level and speedy mess of wear. Lol. I was looking at Yokohamas on cam skills...
  18. JoshOm3

    F7P. F7R. F4R. Oil filter size.

    Are all these oil filters the same size ? Reason is im looking at a oil cooler, the bloke was running a valver filter on a 205. So is the F4R the same as the valver/ willy ? Thanks, Josh.
  19. JoshOm3

    Serv + airbag light returns AGAIN...!

    Ok, so after chopping the connector off, soldering the wires and then heat shrinking them tidy, they stayed off for 2 weeks ( bliss ):). But now there back. So i just cut the shrink off thinking maybe when moving the seat back and fourth its sretched them or somethings caught it. There both...
  20. JoshOm3

    182. Correct engine / gearbox oil...

    As the title suggests. Thankyou....
  21. JoshOm3

    182 track rod arms.

    Renault said their £50 each. Little steep for what i thought. I did ask him was there any difference with it being a " cup ", He didnt seem to sure and said " because we got them in stock i dont think so "..! So my question is, are their differences in them to a 1.2 1.6 etc etc... Thanks... Josh
  22. JoshOm3

    182 lowering on coils.

    Ok. Got my 182 lowered on coils. Not rediculously low but not high, but i keep on and on scrubbing my front tyres on my front arch. Now i swear ive read that 172 / 182 have different style arches ???? So i pressume my clios too low or some things up. Help...? confused...
  23. JoshOm3

    Arch linings

    Are all front wheel arch linings the same on clios compared to 1.2 - 1.4s etc. My 182 needs some quickly lol..
  24. JoshOm3

    My Artic 182...

    Hi all. Owned her for roughly 2years now. Been a good motor so far considering its just clicked 111k lol. Little rough around the edges with marks here and there, plenty of stone chips and practically a mark on every single panel. Really hate cleaning it because it pisses me off knowing all...
  25. JoshOm3

    P.A.S pressure release valve....

    Will try explain this as best i can. Just had my p.s pump changed. New fan belt etc. But when i full lock either left or right hard to the point where you turn and let go of the steering it moves back that lil bit and you hear the cars note change. ( get me ? ) lol. Well when i do that bit my...
  26. JoshOm3

    Gearbox leak.

    Also another thread here, but this is about my gearbox. Have a slight little leak, only very small. Anyway i took it to a bloke by me, real good reputation with boxs and he said : As i change gear a rod moves up through the box, and on top theres a small rubber boot. Thats split and leaking. He...
  27. JoshOm3

    steering pump / fan belt / smoking badly / getting hot....!

    hi all. Need your help. Its a clio 182 btw. Drove to Kent from South Wales Thursday ( 226miles ). Parked car, come back to find a big puddle of oil under the car. Got in to find the steering whining and struggling to turn. Obviously had to get home so drove back after topping it up with fluid...
  28. JoshOm3

    d.i.y service

    Hey all. Looking to giving my car a service next week or so. Just want to know, what im going to need to do all together. I have a rough idea but wanting to know if there is any known obvious im missing. Also, flushing the engine of shitty water? disconnect rad pipe and run water through the...
  29. JoshOm3

    Nokia N8-00 16gb

    Anyone else have any experience of this phone? Ive had it since Monday and, well. Tbh im not getting on with it. Texting on it is awful. The touchscreen isnt all that great. Have to keep tapping it some times to open what i wanted to. Already thrown it once out of temper. Bloody irratates...
  30. JoshOm3

    Not the dephaser.

    Hi all, Got a large amount of tapping coming from the bay. It isnt the dephaser though, Had that changed yesterday before you ask how i know. Also changed the oil too, With filter hoping it will disappear. But it didnt. The tapping only comes in when the engine is hot, after ive been...