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  1. st3ve

    [PS4/XBOXONE] Final Fantasy XV

    Gameplay trailer has been shown off at TGS 2014. I'm impressed by what I've seen, I really hope it's a return to form for the series. There's a link to another video with extended gameplay footage in the comments. No release date yet.
  2. st3ve

    The New Whip

    Finally got myself into something decent after driving sheds for the last six months. Got myself a set of KW V2's in the post already. :) I've also got a set of 8000K bulbs but it's a bumper off job to fit them so they can sit in the glovebox for the time being. I'm still getting used to the...
  3. st3ve

    Headphone jack issue

    Has anyone ever had an issue getting their headphones to work using the built in headphone jack? I thought it was a driver issue so I updated them, that didn't fix it, so I performed a system restore back to when it was working and it's still not fixed it. I then tried fiddling with the jack...
  4. st3ve

    Re-fitting seatbelts

    I'm refitting my standard seatbelts but I can't work out how the black rails bolt on for the bottom mounting point. Can anyone help explain how they fit by looking at your own? Mind boggling me atm.
  5. st3ve

    Gearbox Issue

    The car has just today developed a loud knocking noise from the front end which is louder on the nearside which leads me to believe that its the gearbox. The noise is only noticeable around 40mph+ in any gear but in 5th it whines aswell. There is no noise whatsoever if I put it into neutral...
  6. st3ve

    Knock Sensor

    I recently plugged in the rstuner to clear some airbag related faults and noticed there was a fault there saying knock sensor 1 circuit. I had no idea there was such a fault as the car seemed to be running fine but just for peace of mind I ordered a new one. The Renault parts girl had no idea...
  7. st3ve

    R99 CWH Arctic Blue 182

    Spotted in Poulton about 4pm followed me for a little while was fun when I opened it up on Amounderness way and he followed. No idea if he's on here but gave me a cheeky flash when he turned off.
  8. st3ve

    Aux Belt snapped!

    My friend has just notified me that his aux belt has snapped and luckily he was close to home so managed to get it back there. My biggest concern is that the belts were done last October at Birchdown and I know as much as anyone that they are well respected but I just can't work out why it's...
  9. st3ve

    Subwoofer Cuts Out

    This is really weird and has only started happening the last couple of days. Hopefully someone in the know has experienced this before. Basically the sub just cuts out after about 60 seconds of turning the headunit on, I've not timed it exactly but it is around that long. Once it cuts out I...
  10. st3ve

    Abandoned Garage

    Decided to get some pics at an abandoned garage seeing as the sun was out.
  11. st3ve

    New Wheel

    Bought this from a member last week, I was so close to buying a brand spanker when I noticed it for sale, got it at a great discount and it's virtually brand new anyway. Was very simple to fit, looks great, love the added feedback, makes it feel like you're driving a go kart and there's more...
  12. st3ve

    Cup MOT Failure

    My friend has just had his 172 Cup fail it's MOT test. What's interesting is what they've put on the list, seems like the usual b****cks that a lot of places try it on with. Here's what they've put: Track rod end ball joints excessive play Suspension excessive play Brake binding Coil...
  13. st3ve

    Friends New Cup

    A friend of mine recently bought himself a cup like mine so we decided to get a few pics, as you do. He bought it for £2,650, there is a few little niggly things that want sorting and the main thing is that it needs the belts doing so I've pointed him in the right direction to do that, once...
  14. st3ve

    Done Kirkstone Pass

    Me and a few friends decided to do Kirkstone pass as we did Hardknott around this time last year we thought why not. Overall the weather was brilliant and the drive was great, not as good as Hardknott though I must say. Averaged 31.3mpg iirc.
  15. st3ve

    More of the usual

    Day off today (woohoo) so I decided as the weather was nice to get some quick pics of the cup. Only thing that's changed since the last lot is I've had the entire bonnet sprayed and I've got a new rear wiper, old one was falling to bits. I'm hoping to have the Turinis back on again soon...
  16. st3ve

    British Mini fair 2011

    Went to this show this morning with a couple of friends, one who's into Minis. It's nothing compared to FCS and Trax etc but provided something to do and was a good drive there and back. With it being indoors there was low light so it was difficult to get nice clear, sharp images but I've...
  17. st3ve

    New Exhaust

    Martin got his K-tec exhaust fitted last week and has been begging me to get some more pics. However the exhaust mount has collapsed already, lol. I've told him to pack it up with sockets as that's the only way to do it. I'm just waiting on some new wheels turning up so I can get the new...
  18. st3ve

    Winter(ish) pics with a couple of friends

    Decided to get a few pics of the dirty cup seeing as it was a bit sunny, it was still a bit fresh though. Since the last lot I've had to replace the map sensor and the coilpack due to a slight issue but it's sorted and running sweet as a nut now. Also had it MOT'd yesterday and passed...
  19. st3ve

    Misfire Issue

    I seem to be cursed somehow because every new years eve my car develops a fault. Weirdly the car runs fine and there are no lights on the dash until I put my foot down, as soon as the throttle position is around 50% or greater the car judders, loses power and I can hear the engine struggling...
  20. st3ve

    Rolling roaded the cup at college

    Put the cup on the dyno at college today, was brilliant to see the old girl pulling healthily. The maximum power run on the day produced 175bhp at the fly and we also did a top speed run which it maxed out at 144mph and showing 151mph on the clock. After that we did a run through first and...
  21. st3ve

    Few of the usual

    Went to my usual spot today and took a few pics just to show how the cup is now. Since my last thread I've added a carbon fibre splitter (although it's damaged already lol), uprated engine and gearbox upper mounts, removed the fog lights and changed the bulbs to some 8000k ones. Other than...
  22. st3ve

    Arctic 182, West Drive, Cleveleys, 16:25pm

    I saw the cheeky CS sticker in the back, got to be on here. Own up, who is it?
  23. st3ve

    Stalling on full lock at idle

    Right I've got myself a new issue with the cup, basically today I was parking into a bay and I was going approximately 5-10mph, saw a space so I slowed down, dipped the clutch then applied the steering full lock to the left and it immediately cut out. At the time I didn't think anything of...
  24. st3ve

    World Series 18/09/10

    Here's a few of what I took on the Saturday, weather was brilliant, prices of food was not. I took a few of track action but they are from quite far out so I've not bothered posting them. Only got a short lens unfortunately.
  25. st3ve

    Back to former glory

    Following on from this thread I've now got the car back from the second visit to the bodyshop. I'm happy with it now it's pretty much bob on, all niggles sorted from when I received it back the first time so I can't...
  26. st3ve

    Sad day for the cup

    Went out to Beacon Fell earlier today for some dirty pics of how it sits now and to get a couple of the yozza. However, on the way back home there was a pretty sharp downhill right turn which was caked in wet mud, seeing this I slowed right down, didn't look at my...
  27. st3ve

    Starting Issue (Immobiliser related)

    Right I'm posting this as none of the threads in the search seem to provide any solid fix for this issue and I want as many of the people in the know to have their say on this. I had this problem a while ago which was fixed by replacing both ignition relays under the bonnet and it's worked...
  28. st3ve

    Rarer than Goldust!

    Finally got myself a Yozza system after waiting months for orders to arrive I found one up for sale in like new condition. These systems are a lovely fit and the quality speaks for itself, I love the noise they produce and it feels more torquey lower down the range, maybe it's the noise or...
  29. st3ve

    Cal182 Artic 182

    Spotted you goin down the A6 the opposite way to me, recognised the reg from a distance then looked up and you were waving lol so I waved back. :rasp: Cars still lookin good Cal. ;)
  30. st3ve

    Just fiddling with the Cup

    Managed to get a couple of fiddly jobs out of the way today and decided to take some pics not because of the changes more just because I've not taken some in a while and the weather is good. I've lowered it on the front 30mm more and the rears are now down to the lowest they will go. I put a...