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  1. J

    Spraying front grills

    Did you also spray the inside of your headlights?
  2. J

    Please HELP!! Lost 1st gear!

    Hi I'm wondering if anyone can give me some help with my 182 gear box. The box was replaced with a reconditioned box with all new internals it was replaced last summer and the car has only done 5000 miles since also with a brand new clutch. Absolutely no issues what so ever perfect gear...
  3. J

    Clio 172 Clubsport

    How are you getting on with the modified shifter mate, i've been on the fence about getting one for mine for a while now and looking to bite the bullet on some mods before summer comes round
  4. J

    windscreen / headlamp washer pump help

    So for use of both windscreen and headlight you need two then? I purchased 2 of these thanks for that cant believe how cheap they were haha!
  5. J

    windscreen / headlamp washer pump help

    Hi, My windscreen washer pump has given up and im looking to get a replacement part. I would like the headlight washers to work as well since i still have them in place so im just trying to find the right part I need. Renault part direct says that you need to order this twice, is this...
  6. J

    Titanium MrBlonde

    Where did you get your BMS shifter?
  7. J

    My BG 182 finally on Trophy Turinis

    What colour are these wheels, the colour looks amazing!
  8. J

    Clio 172 Clubsport

    What sizer spacers are you running on the front mate, forgive me if i've missed it! Also, how are you getting that boot net attached at the front of the car? Absolutely love the look, taking inspiration for mine!
  9. J

    Wheel bearing issue please help!

    Excellent service, thanks!
  10. J

    Wheel bearing issue please help!

    Yeah will be replacing the bearings along with the other bits. The guy at the garage called me this morning and said that he had a look online and the disc spacers definitely weren't present and they didn't fit them so think thats definitely the cause... going in on Tuesday to get it all...
  11. J

    Wheel bearing issue please help!

    Thanks for your replies. So do you think I’ve got the necessary parts to fix the problem? I’ll get those fitted and then get an alignment done.
  12. J

    Wheel bearing issue please help!

    Hi, I’ve just bought a 182 and the car had a loud buzzing coming from the rear wheel. The P/o told me about this prior and included a genuine bearing/disc with the sale so thought all was well. Took it to the garage to get it fitted and the mechanic said well both are gone, so he ordered me...
  13. J

    black 1.2 8v ph1

    how are the springs you've got for ride etc? been looking at them for my clio but didnt't know if anyone had them!
  14. J

    My K4M shed

    hi are you still getting rid of lowering springs? would they fit my clio its a 1.4 16v 2000 (xreg)
  15. J

    Ph1 172 gear knob

    Hey was wondering if the ph1 rs 172 had a specific gear knob could someone please attach an image of theirs on this thread as I cannot upload the picture I have of what I have been told as being a non 172 specific lknob because I am using my iPhone. Thanks alot guys