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    MacBook Pro keeps crashing

    I've got a MacBook Pro 13" mid 2012 model. keeps crashing all the time, all I'm doing is browsing the Internet with nothing else opened. I've done a factory reset a few times now which it'll then work fine for a few hours sometimes more but then it'll start freezing again. Any ideas on what my...
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    Macbook Pro Kept freezing

    My macbook pro i7 8gb ram mid 2012 kept freezing and in the end it took just under 1 hour 30 to load up, I had about 500gb free space so it wasn't anywhere near full. I've had to do a factory reset and now everything is working again, it's loading as it should and not running slow. Is this a...
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    just came across this and now wondering would this now allow you to use the logitech and other wheels, i came across it looking for an adapter to play ps2/ps3 pads on ps4.
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    5th gear whine plus diff clunking

    Got a bit of a problem with my gearbox, if i put it in reverse with hand brake on and go on and off the clutch it makes a clunking noise. If i do the same with the car on axle stands it doesn't but if i then apply the brake as well it'll make the clunky noise again. Also it whines in 5th quite...
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    Just came across their channel on youtube, looks like they make some cracking stuff! This F40 one is worth a watch if you have a spare 17 minutes
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    Subframe Bolt size

    anyone know what size the front o/s subframe bolt is? i know the head is a 16mm but not sure what the thread is, thread has completely stripped on mine
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    205 t16

    just sold at RM Auctions for 140k! man i'd kill for one of those been some awesome cars!
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    Hunter Alignment, What to ask for?

    Never had this done before but mine desperately needs it's tracking done so i might as well get it done properly... What should i ask for in terms of how much camber ect?
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    Oil pick up pipe

    what size torx bit holds this on, there's two of them i think. Mines covered in silicone so need to remove it and clear it out or maybe replace it. No idea how it hasn't caused and further damage.
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    sump bolt size

    what size are the bolts that hold the sump on? there's 21 of them i think. I don't fancy reusing mine, 2 of them have rounded off so going to need to cut the head off them on monday. I take it i don't use half a ton of silicone like someone else has on mine just the oem gasket?
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    Gearbox breather pipe

    can i use a long bit of tubing or do i have to use a breather pipe if so where can i get one from?
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    Clutch bolt size?

    missing a bolt on my clutch it's a valeo one, anyone know what size they are?
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    Ktec stuf conversion nuts

    i've managed to round one of the nuts off, anyone know where i can get another set (just the nuts) that'll work fine? not sure on what size i'll need so if anyone knows or a link to some that'll be great this is the kit i got
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    Van insurance

    was looking at getting a van but the cheapest quote i got was £2100, are vans really that expensive to insure? i'm 22 with 1 Year NCB (i have 3 but in use on another policy) anyone able recommend some van insurance companies?
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    Is this the right clutch cable? is that the right one for a 172 cup? seems a bit expensive thought they were around £25-£30
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    Thrust bearing

    Can these be bought separate? Mine has done about 200 miles and one of the clips have snapped. It's a valeo clutch
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    clutch problem

    driving a long everything was fine then all of a sudden it wouldn't go in any gear i eventually got it into 5th and got it home, popped the bonnet had a quick look around got someone to push the clutch in and i noticed the fork wasn't moving that much. With the clutch pedal not pressed in i can...
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    Brake load sensing valve inoperative

    172 cup failed it's mot on Brake load sensing valve inoperative, what do they mean by this?
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    New Key 172 CUP

    how much am i looking for a new key? i've only got one and it's playing up at the moment, i have to squeeze it in a certain place otherwise the immobiliser will just keep flashing fast.
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    Cleaned the interior today

    Gave the interior a clean today (well over due), gutted i didn't take any before photos. It was caked in s**t and i also spilt oil over the back seat and manage to get some on the passenger seat back in the summer. Smells lovely in there now, pretty happy with how it's come up. This seat had...
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    PH2 V6 anyones on here? looks lovely, would love a v6 but A) i can't afford one and B) i don't think i'd want one without having a garage to keep it in.
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    Track Rod End

    got the passenger side off and fitted a new one, came to the drivers side and i've undone the 21mm nut but the track rod end just wont budge. any other way other than a bit of heat?
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    F Type Coupe

    the chris harris thread has seem to disappeared? Sit back turn your sound right up, so much want for this car. Sounds and looks absolutely stunning.
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    Another Immobiliser problem

    Before i changed my gearbox the immobiliser light would sometimes flash fast but not often, i've now changed me gearbox went to start it and the light will either flash fast or stay solid every time now. I've pulled out all the fuses and put them back in, i've checked the white and purple...
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    Renault type d coolant

    Can't see anywhere on the container but do you need to mix it or just pour it straight in?
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    Few questions

    i'm missing a bolt going into the starter motor (bottom one) where can i get one from? Whats this for? Bit of a long shot here but i have a few bolts left from changing my gearbox and can't figure out where they've come from last one, where can i get a fitting kit for my exhaust...
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    Where does this go?

    poor photo but Where does this go, is it an earth that goes onto the gearbox? also about to fill up the gearbox can i do it through the top or does it have to be at the front half way down?
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    Front suspension

    Struggling to line up the passenger side suspension to the hub. Anyone able to link me to a guide or quickly tell me what to do. I've put the suspension on and bolted it up from the top, now I'm just struggling to line it up with the hub. Any help would be great
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    Whats this? (came with my clutch kit)

    this came with my clutch kit, finding the box a bit to go back on so i'll check that it's all aligned tomorrow but weren't sure if i need to use this?
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    is this the right clutch? is this the right one for a 172 cup?