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    Wheel Opinions

    I've managed to crack a Turini so while its off being repaired i've put some of my old Honda wheels on. They're Volk AV-R's and only weight 4kg a rim. I cannot believe how the drive of the car has been transformed just im not sure i'm 100% on the look. This weekend im going to re-polish the...
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    172 Cup steering rack SMI or TRW

    Can anyone help, my car is a 53 plate 172 Cup and need a new rack end so i can get it tracked. Been offered the choice of the two types of rack. Thanks
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    Slluggish and low limiter

    I think i know what the issue is from a few searches and previous experience with cars but im a Honda man and new to Renaults so i thought I better check. I've had the car two weeks and the first week the weather was awful so it got no stick but now its got a bit milder i thought its time to...
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    I think i've bought a cup...

    After having enough with my old Honda and it coming time to break it I have got myself a 172 cup lined to buy after being badgered by jamest87 that a clio is the way forward. I am breaking my CRX if anyone has any Honda friends that may be interested in any parts, it is a bit of a weapon (a...